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Are you interested in befriending Willy in Stardew Valley? If you are, here’s a guide to help you gain his trust quickly. We’ve collected all of his best appreciated and hated gifts in Stardew Valley.

A player in Willy's Shop in Stardew Valley.
How do you get to know him more?

During your first days in Pelican Town, you must’ve received a letter from Willy- the village’s Fisherman. If you wish to know him better, you can converse with him or give him his well-loved or liked gifts in Stardew Valley. Here’s a guide to learning the best presents for this villager!

Important Questions

Who is Willy? 

Willy’s a Fisherman in the south of Pelican Town by the Beach. You may visit his Fish Shop to get bait and fishing supplies from Monday to Friday and Sunday, except for Saturday. Interestingly, it’s a part of his regular schedule to unwind whenever the weather’s great.

What does Willy Like in Stardew Valley?

Willy's response to receiving a gift he loves in Stardew Valley.
Make him smile!

Like other villagers, you may increase your friendship with him by offering something he likes or loves. Gaining enough Friendship Hearts trigger Willy’s heart events. Make sure not to forget his birthday every Summer 24 and give him his well-loved gift. It hastens the process of earning points with him.

Here are some items that you can offer:

CatfishGold Bar
Iridium barLingcod
MeadTiger Trout
OctopusBaked Fish
PumpkinCarp Surprise
Sea CucumberChowder
SturgeonCrab Cakes
Crispy Brass
Fish Stew
Fried Calamari
Fried Eel
Lobster Bisque
Salmon Dinner
Seafoam Pudding
Trout Soup

Apart from these gifts, you can also check out the Universal Loves since he also adores them. But in terms of the Universal Likes, don’t give him the Life Elixir or any other non-seafood Cooked Dishes.

Moreover, Willy feels neutral towards some gifts. He neither loves it nor hates it, but you’ll earn +20 Friendship Points by giving him these things:

All Universal Neutrals
All Eggs except for Void Egg.
All FIsh aside from:
• Carp
• Catfish
• Lingcod
• Octopus
• Sea Cucumber
• Snail
• Sturgeon
• Tiger Trout
All Fruit except for Fruit Tree Fruits and Salmonberry
All Milk
Dish O’ The Sea
Maki Roll

What does Willy Dislike in Stardew Valley?

Willy's response to a gift he doesn't like in Stardew Valley.
Oops, wrong gift.

Be wary of giving him these items as they may upset him and lessen your friendship with him. Giving him these things may reduce your score by 20 (Dislikes) to 40 (Hates) points. Here are the goods you should avoid offering him:

All Universal Dislikes excluding:
Gold Bar
Iron Bar
All Universal Hates except Seafoam Pudding.
All Cooked Dishes:
• Baked Fish
• Bread
• Carp Surprise
• Chowder
• Crab Cakes
• Crispy Bass
• Dish O’ The Sea
• Fish Stew
• Fish Taco
• Fried Calamari
• Fried Eel, Fried Egg
• Lobster Bisque
• Maki Roll
• Salmon Dinner
• Sashimi
• Seafoam Pudding
• Strange Bun
• Trout Soup
Common Mushroom
Life Elixir
Mama Cap
Purple Mushroom
Snow Yam
Wild Horseradish
Winter Root

What Movies does Willy Like?

A player holding a movie ticket in Stardew Valley.
What movie should you watch together?

You can also invite him to join you for a movie. He doesn’t have anything he loves, but you can buy him tickets for these films since he likes them:

  • It Howls In The Rain.
  • Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture.
  • Mysterium.
  • Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World.
  •  The Brave Little Sapling.
  •  The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch.
  • The Zuzu City Express.
  • Wumbus.

Buying these snacks from the Movie Theater would also please him:

Salmon BurgerChocolate PopcornEverything Else
Stardrop SorbetFries
Ice Cream Sandwich
Jasmine Tea
Personal Pizza
Salted Peanuts
Star Cookie
Truffle Popcorn


What does Willy Give You in Stardew Valley?

He’s a not-so generous fellow in Pelican Town. But upon reaching three Friendship Hearts with him, you’ll receive the Chowder Recipe via Mail. Getting to six hearts with him won’t give you anything in particular, but it does unlock the Crab Cake dish offered at Gus’ for 550g.

Moreover, you’ll receive the Fish Stew recipe at seven hearts. While you’ll get another recipe for the Lobster Bisque once you gain nine hearts.

These cooked dishes help you reach max energy and also get helpful buffs!

Can You Marry Willy Stardew Valley?

No, you can’t marry him in the game. Earning hearts with him only lets you be great friends with him. However, it doesn’t make you eligible to marry him since he’s a non-marriage candidate.

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