How to Make a Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley (Full Guide 2022)

Maple Syrup is among the most popular trio of Tapper products. How do you get it in Stardew Valley, and what can you do with it? Read this complete guide to learn more!

The player holding a Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley.
The sweetest liquid in Stardew Valley.

For many beginners, a Tree is worth more than Iridium Bar or Diamond. It’s because pieces of wood are the first of many you’ll need for a progressive Stardew Valley farm. However, tree tapping may be an unfamiliar mechanic that we’ll simplify.

You’ll get three items from tapped trees: Pine Tar, Oak Resin, and Maple Syrup. You won’t need the first two for now as their value is slightly questionable. But Maple Syrup has all the uses you think of. 

This guide will teach you how to get the edible tree sap. We’ll run across every process necessary to obtain one or even more!

Important Questions

What is a Maple Syrup?

This thick and sweet liquid is a type of consumable Artisan Good. They’re available to tap on Maple Trees that are always on your farm regardless of the layout. 

A vial of the sweet Artisan Good costs 200g. However, you’ll receive 250g if you have the Tapper profession.

How to Get a Maple Syrup?

First, you’ll need to reach Level 3 in Foraging. You can climb upward by chopping down trees, collecting wild fruits and vegetables, and many more. Afterward, you can craft a Tapper for Copper Bar (2) and Wood (40).

Spotting a Maple Tree should be easy as they look like Oak Trees but with bigger leaves. Place a Tapper, wait for nine days, and you’ll receive a Maple Syrup afterward.

Heavy Tappers offer a faster process, resulting in only four days versus its regular counterpart. However, the Artisan Tool is a late-game item, with its crafting recipe costing Qi Gems (20). You must unlock Ginger Island and Qi’s Walnut Room and do missions before you can combine Hardwood (30) and Radioactive Bar (1) to make one.

Here are alternative ways to get the artisan item:

  • Traveling Cart – costs 600g to 1,000g.
  • Wood Chipper – a 0.66% chance of obtaining one after placing a Hardwood into the Wood Chipper.

Facts and Trivia


Maple Syrup is a major component in crafting a Bee House. Since the sugary artisan item attracts Bees, it’ll make Apiary farming possible. Here’s the crafting recipe with all the important information:

ItemIngredientsCrafting Source
Bee HouseCoal (8), Iron Bar (1), Maple Syrup (1), Wood (40)Level 3 Farming


The player holding a Maple Bar in Stardew Valley.
It’s extra sweet.

After tapping trees from your homestead and being confident about preparing meals, consider getting the 2nd upgrade from Robin. It unlocks the Kitchen so you can cook this dessert without leaving your house:

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth  with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Maple BarMaple Syrup (1), Sugar (1), Wheat Flour (1)+225+405+101+182+1 Farming, Fishing, and Mining (16m and 47s)+2 Farming, Fishing, and Mining (25m and 11s)300g400gThe Queen of Sauce, Year 2 Summer 14.


In-game screen of the Sewing Machine and Dye Pots.
That’s a weird headwear.

A piece of Cloth and Maple Bar in the spool of the Sewing Machine will create a Dirt Shirt. It’s not the most attractive apparel, but still something worth collecting. Placing the same artisan product in the Dye Pots will make Orange Dye.


Refrain from giving Maple Syrup to Maru – she hates it. There are other options available if you wish to befriend the young scientist. No one loves the item either, but everyone in Pelican Town likes it.


You may need the item for each quest, both main and side:

  • Strange Note. One is necessary from your inventory but must be triggered by reading Secret Note #23.
  • Fish Pond quest. Most common fishes will request the item for capacity expansion.


Two jars of Maple Syrup will be used if you’re helping the Junimos from the Community Center. One is for the Chef’s Bundle (Bulletin Board) and the other for the Exotic Foraging Bundle (Crafts Room).

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