Iridium Bar: Crafting, Benefits, and More

There are many valuable resources in Stardew Valley, and one of them is the Iridium Bar. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a guide that’ll teach you everything you need to know about it!

A player holding an Iridium Bar in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what an Iridium Bar looks like in Stardew Valley.

After dealing with dangerous monsters from the Skull Cavern, you may have got an Iridium Bar. These bars aren’t just ordinary items that you’ll get anywhere. Interestingly, you can sell it for a great price and even craft useful items.

In this guide, you’ll learn where you can get it and how you can efficiently use it on your farm in Stardew Valley!

What’s an Iridium Bar?

You can get an Iridium Bar by smelting five pieces of Iridium Ore with one coal in a furnace. You’ll also get it by defeating the following mobs from the Skull Cavern:

If you don’t want to battle against these monsters, you can visit the Treasure Rooms since you’ll sometimes find two to three items.

Moreover, it’s also possible to acquire it from your Slime Hutch if your slimes produce the purple ones.

Another method to get it is by purchasing it in the Traveling Cart for 3,000g to 5,000g, which can be too expensive. But some villagers like Clint are generous. You’ll receive one bar from him as a gift during the Feast of the Winter Star.


Vending Iridium Bars give you 1000g, but with the Blacksmith Profession, its price goes to 1,500g since it adds 50% more to its sell price. You can also trade 10 bars with the Desert Trader from the Calico Desert and get the Warp Totem: Desert recipe.

However, before trading or selling it, you might want to make your farming duties easier by upgrading your tools.

Tool Upgrades

Violet tools in a player's inventory in Stardew Valley.
Iridium Tools make everything easier!

Enhancing your tools makes farming more manageable and fun. You won’t need to hoe areas one-by-one. Instead, you can power it up in just a few seconds and finish the task. To get this benefit, you’ll need Clint’s service, which costs 25,000g and 5 Iridium Bars each.

You may also upgrade the trash can, which only requires 12,500g and the same amount of bars. They may sound a bit pricey, but here are the advantages of improving them:

Iridium ToolsEffect
HoeThe maximum area of effect increased by 6×3 tiles.
PickaxeBreak rocks in Skull Cavern with one hit.
Axe● Break fully grown trees in two hits.
● Destroy small tree stumps with one click.
● Eliminate trees in Stages 4 and below with one blow.
Watering Can● Volume increased by 100 charges.
● It can water an area of 6×3 tiles in one go.
Trash CanRetrieves the monetary value of your discarded items by 60%


If you’re already satisfied with your tools, you can make items that’ll help you in farming, mining and marriage, and more.

Here’s the list of accessories and equipment that you can make with Iridium Bars (IB):

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourcePrice
Iridium Sprinkler1 IB
1 Gold Bar
1 Battery Pack
Farming Level 91000g
Iridium Band 5 IB
50 Void Essence
50 Solar Essence
Combat Level 91000g
Crystalarium2 IB
99 Stones
5 Gold Bar
1 Battery Pack
Mining Level 9Not Sellable
Slime Incubator2 IB
100 Slimes
Combat Level 8Not Sellable
Wedding Ring5 Iridium Bars
1 Prismatic Shard
Traveling Cart (500g)1000g
Deluxe Fertilizer1 IB
40 Sap
Mr. Qi (20 Qi Gems)70g
Hopper5 IB
10 Hardwood
1 Radioactive Bar
Mr. Qi (50 Qi Gems)Not Sellable


An orange-haired woman and puple-haired man in Stardew Valley.

Get impressive buildings from these NPCs!

To maximize the space of your farmland, you can add more infrastructure using Iridium Bars. The list below shows everything you’ll need to build each building:

Slime HutchA place to raise and breed 20 Slimes.1 IB 
500 Stones
10 Refined Quartz
Earth ObeliskTransports you to the Mountains10 IB
10 Earth Crystals
Water ObeliskTeleports you to the Beach5 IB
10 Clams
10 Corals
Desert ObeliskBrings you to the Desert20 IB
10 Coconuts
10 Cactus Fruits
Island ObeliskSends you to Ginger Island10 IB
10 Dragon Tooth
10 Banana


If Clint, Krobus, Maru, and Willy receive an Iridium Bar as a gift, they’ll appreciate it. But most NPCs would dislike it, especially Sam because he hates it.


A player wearing a shine iridium breast plate in Stardew Valley.
Add more style to your armor with an Iridium Breastplate.

You can make an Iridium Breastplate with it and even use it as a purple dye for dyeable shirts and pots.

Bundles and Quests

You can use it to complete the Remixed Dye Bundle from the Bulletin Board. While you can also use it to finish the following quests:

  • Staff Power Quest on the 5th of Winter (Year 2).
    • Reward: 5,000g and 1 Friendship Heart with the Wizard.
  • Fish Pond Quest to increase the capacity of the pond from seven to ten.
  • Repair Willy’s anchor with 5 Iridium Bars.

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