7 Hidden Paths You Didn’t Know In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley isn’t limited to farming, fishing, mining, and foraging; you may also explore and discover new areas! If you’re looking for hidden paths, look no further than this handy guide.

The player shows the path leading to the secret woods
The player looking over the blocked path to the Secret Woods

With so much to see and do, Stardew players may have missed some important easter eggs or key destinations. Opening the map reveals some unexplored areas, whereas quest-related places may be a little tricky to find. In this guide, you’ll know how to access hidden paths and what’s in it for you. 

Secret Paths

Finding the Secret Woods may be challenging for beginners. If you want to visit this region, head west above the Wizard’s tower in the Cindersap forest. You’ll see a massive log blocking the pathway, and axing it down requires upgrading your steel ax, which is easy with Clint’s help. All you need is gold, copper, and iron bars on hand.  

The player demonstrates a hack to access the paths and the secret woods without removing the massive log.
You can use the chair trick if you’re desperate to visit the Secret Woods. Place the chair behind the log and sit on it, do the same when leaving.

There’s another path in the Secret Woods, but it’s hidden. You can easily spot this section if you use the zoom-out feature. This area comes with two hardwood stumps which you can chop daily, making it an excellent source of hardwood logs.

Path Near The Railroad

This trail becomes accessible after the earthquake clears the blocked passageway during the 3rd of summer. It’s a one-time event that opens additional areas to explore, such as the Spa and the Railroad.

Every now and then, a train will pass through the railroad. It’ll often drop coals, stones, and pieces of wood.

On the other hand, the spa is an excellent place to freshen up and recover your energy and health quickly. Good news: It never closes!

Beach Path

The Beach is in the South of Pelican town. On the way to its east side, you’ll come across a broken bridge that’ll require 300 pieces of wood to fix.

Repairing it gives access to the tide pool, a primary place to forage corals and sea urchins. For starters, it’s advisable to forage and sell them, as they’ll help meet your gold requirements. Make sure you have adequate space in your inventory to keep as many items as you can.


The player holding a coral foraged from the tide pools.
The player holding a coral forage after completing the wooden footbridge.

You can harvest 300g worth of tidepool forage and, on lucky days, much more. Making a habit of visiting this location will bring you earnings!

Blocked Path

The Railroad has a summit in the Northwestern section, but a big boulder blocks the stairway.

Unlocking this path will require 100% perfection, which is tedious to grind. Hence, I don’t recommend dedicating all your time just to gain entry.

The player standing in the blocked path headed towards the summit in the railroad.
The player standing in the blocked path to the Summit

But once you have access to it, sitting on the bench at the summit’s edge results in a special cutscene where your spouse sits beside you. And if you’re single, the spot gets occupied by Lewis or Morris, depending on which route you choose.

Stone Clearing path

This area is available only during the annual flower dance. It takes place on the western edge of the Cindersap forest, across the bridge from the Wizard’s tower, and happens every 24th of spring.

The player stands idly in the top left corner, watching the flower dance.
The player standing on the corner while the NPCs dance with their respective partners

While standing at the corner may be discouraging, you can still have a dance partner as long as you acquire four hearts before Spring. This way, you can anticipate upcoming festivals with excitement!

Hidden Paths In Ginger Island

You can explore a lot of things when you’re on Ginger Island. And one of the hardest parts is finding walnuts, as it would require dedication and a lot of exploration. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the zoom-out feature to get a better view of the paths. 

Here are some areas to find walnuts:

  • Near the volcano
  • Northern entrance at the Curved Palm Tree
  • North of the walnut room
  • North-West hidden foliage
  • Near the West cliff

Above all, one of the trickiest is the Walnut West Hidden Foliage. You’ll have to do some serious wiggling to find the walnut at the end. If you’re having trouble, you can wear a glow ring, swing your sword, or cast the fishing rod to determine your location. 


Are you in a hurry to get to the local mines? Fortunately, there’s a path behind the clinic and shop that you can use to head to the mines! There’s not much to expect, but it’s a practical shortcut.

The player shows a hidden shortcut behind the clinic and Pierre's general store.
Fun Fact: You can also use this path to get the egg beside the clinic during the Easter game hunt.

There are many detours in-game, and getting them is costly. First, you’ll need to buy Pam a house before accessing the secondary upgrade worth 300,000g at Robin’s Carpenter Shop. 

Purchasing this upgrade allows you to access shortcuts to reach areas more quickly. However, if you don’t wish to travel on foot, you can use a warp totem instead.

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