All Stardew Valley Achievements and How to Complete Them

Are you looking forward to a 100% Stardew Valley achievements completion on Steam? You can finish each of them without spending thousands of hours playing versus veterans. Read this complete and comprehensive guide to know more!

Steam and in-game Stardew Valley achievements
Achievements in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is more than exploration and transition from modern life into a countryside one. Aside from planting crops and growing the farm, you can feel more thrilling action by completing a set of milestones. And the best part: you’ll get awesome rewards and bragging rights.

If you’re playing the game on Steam, there are 40 achievements to finish. The difficulty will differ from each task but will be enjoyable if you love this pixelated masterpiece. However, the downside of completing every achievement lies in your strategies, and failing to plan may lead to endless confusion.

From A-Z, we’ve listed every in-game and Steam goal that you can start. We’ll include the best tips to progress faster while maintaining your happiness and enthusiasm with Stardew Valley!

1. A Big Help

The player wearing a Chicken Mask as a reward after finishing 40 Help Wanted requests.
Helping people is one of the most rewarding and wholesome things to do in Stardew Valley.

Some villagers in the town might need a reliable helping hand for small tasks. You can start doing side quests by collecting or delivering items in exchange for gold and friendship! Make sure to finish it before the time frame ends.

If you complete 40 of them, Lewis will send you 2500g and unlock the Chicken Mask from the Hat Mouse. Tip: Visit the “Help Wanted” board every day!

2. A Complete Collection

The player standing on the completed Museum with the achievement.
Getting all donations is quite grindy!

Gunther’s Local Museum and Library are large enough to fit valuable relics and minerals from Stardew Valley. However, you’ll need to fill all 95 donation spaces to complete the achievement. Here’s a complete list of all minerals and artifacts you can start finding:

ArtifactsGems and Minerals
Amphibian FossilEarth Crystal
AnchorFire Quartz
Ancient DollFrozen Tear
Ancient DrumQuartz
Ancient SeedAmethyst
Ancient SwordAquamarine
Bone FluteEmerald
Chewing StickJade
Chicken StatuePrismatic Shard
Chipped AmphoraRuby
Dinosaur EggTopaz
Dried StarfishAerinite
Dwarf GadgetAlamite
Dwarf Scroll IBaryte
Dwarf Scroll IIBasalt
Dwarf Scroll IIIBixite
Dwarf Scroll IVCalcite
Dwarvish HelmCelestine
Elvish JewelryDolomite
Glass ShardsEsperite
Golden MaskFairy Stone
Golden RelicFire Opal
Nautilus FossilFluorapatite
Ornamental FanGeminite
Palm FossilGhost Crystal
Prehistoric AxeGranite
Prehistoric RibHelvite
Prehistoric ScapulaHermatite
Prehistoric SkullJagoite
Prehistoric TibiaJamborite
Prehistoric ToolJasper
Rare DiscKyanite
Rusty CogLemon Stone
Rusty SpoonLimestone
Rusty SpurLunarite
Skeletal HandMalachite
Skeletal TailMarble
Strange Doll (Green)Mudstone
Strange Doll (Yellow)Nekoite
 Ocean Stone
 Petrified Slime
 Star Shards
 Thunder Egg

Artifacts hide beneath Artifact Spots or cracked open from geodes. You can also fish them from treasure chests. 

On the other hand, getting gems is easy since you can find them from nodes. You can find ordinary minerals in caves, but it’s nothing in numbers versus geodes. Finishing this achievement will need lots of breakable rocks, so use bombs!

After completion, you’ll unlock a Cowboy Hat.

3. A New Friend

The player wearing a Polka Bow and Pam befriending the character.
Fun Fact: You can give Parsnips to befriend Pam even on Year 1 Spring!

Reaching a five-heart friendship with any NPC is your goal to complete “A New Friend”. Giving Pam a Parsnip or Beer is the best option as both items are accessible for a cheap cost, even if you’re starting.

For the special reward, you may now buy a Butterfly Bow from the Abandoned House.

4. Artisan

Thirty craftables in a chest in Stardew Valley.
Don’t forget to select fewer resource-demanding items to get the achievement!

It’s challenging to unlock crafting recipes in Stardew Valley, but if you’re scaling and using resources for making 30 different items, you’ll get the Artisan achievement.

If you’re a beginner, consider crafting less resource-demanding items. You’ll unlock the Trucker Hat after completion.

5. Best Friends

The player talking to Pam and wearing a Mouse Ears.
Despite being alcoholic, Pam is one of the friendliest in Pelican Town.

In this task, you’ll need to get a 10-heart friendship with someone. Try Pam and keep giving her gifts twice every week if you don’t have one yet. 

As a reward, you’ll unlock the Mouse Ears for 1000g.

6. Cliques

Gus, Abigail, and Pierre smiling while Marnie giving a worried look.
Extra Tip: Almost every villager in Stardew Valley will give something in return with the correct item.

The Cliques achievement is all about befriending four people at a 5-heart level. It’d be easy after knowing every villager’s favorites, and once successful, you’ll unlock the Tiara.

7. Cook

A chest of ten different cooked items with the player wearing a Delicate Bow as an achievement unlockable.
Preparing ten dishes unlocks a nice Delicate Bow for your horse or spouse.

Preparing meals in Stardew Valley is less demanding if you hoard seasonal crops and forages. Moreover, you can use them to finish this one of the simplest in-game achievements in less than a month (season). But to do this, you’ll need a kitchen from an upgraded farmhouse or a Cookout Kit.

Also, you need to watch the Queen of Sauce on your TV to get recipes or befriend every NPC.

Delicate Bow will be available for purchase after you cook ten different recipes!

8. Cowpoke

Earning 50000g is not exciting, but you’ll get a Lucky Bow.

With this straightforward achievement, you need to amass 50000g to unlock a Lucky Bow.

9. Craft Master

Every crafting items in Stardew Valley.
Here are almost every craftable item in Stardew Valley.

As new Stardew Valley updates roll, the Craft Master progress will reset because of new items. It’s time to complete every in-game craftable to unlock a purchasable Gnome’s Cap and save you from hassle! Here’s a helpful table of items, sources, and crafting ingredients:

Ancient SeedsReward from Gunther after donating Ancient Seeds to the Museum• Ancient Seed (1)
Bait (5)Fishing 2• Bug Meat (1)
Barbed HookFishing 8• Copper Bar (1)
• Iron Bar (1)
• Gold bar (1)
Barrel Brazier800g from Robin’s• Wood (50)
• Solar Essence (1)
• Coal (1)
Basic FertilizerFarming 1• Sap (2)
Basic Retaining SoilFarming 4• Stone (2)
Beach Warp TotemForaging 6• Hardwood (1)
• Coral (2)
• Fiber (10)
Bee HouseFarming 3• Wood (40)
• Coal (8)
• Iron Bar (1)
• Maple Syrup (1)
BombMining 6Iron Ore (4)Coal (1)
Bone MillGunther’s reward for completing a Special Order• Bone Fragment (10)
• Clay (3)
• Stone (20)
Brick Floor (5)500g from Robin’s• Clay (2)
• Stone (5)
Bug SteakCombat 1• Bug Meat (10)
CampfireStarter• Stone (10)
• Wood (10)
• Fiber (10)
Carved Brazier2000g from Robin’s• Hardwood (10)
• Coal (1)
CaskCellar Upgrade• Wood (20)
• Hardwood (1)
Charcoal KilnForaging 4• Wood (20)
• Copper Bar (2)
Cheese PressFarming 6• Wood (45)
• Stone (45)
• Hardwood (10)
• Copper Bar (1)
Cherry BombMining 1• Copper Ore (4)
• Coal (1)
ChestStarter• Wood (50)
Cobblestone PathStarter• Stone (1)
Cookout KitForaging 9• Wood (15)
• Fiber (10)
• Coal (3)
Cork BobberFishing 7• Wood (10)
• Hardwood (5)
• Slime (10)
Crab PotFishing 3• Wood (40) (25 with Trapper)Iron Bar (3) (Two Copper Bars with Trapper) 
Crystal Floor (5)500g from Krobus• Refined Quartz (1)
Crystal Path (5)200g from Robin’s• Refined Quartz (1)
CrystalariumMining 9• Stone (99)
• Gold Bar (5)
• Iridium Bar (2)
• Battery Pack (1)
Dark SignKrobus will mail the recipe after reaching three hearts• Bat Wing (5)
• Bone Fragment (5)
Deluxe Fertilizer (5)20 Gems from Qi’s Walnut Room• Iridium Bar (1)
• Sap (40)
Deluxe Retaining Soil50 Cinder Shards from the Island Trader• Stone (5)
• Fiber (3)
• Clay (1)
Deluxe ScarecrowMailed after collecting all eight rarecrows• Wood (50)
• Fiber (40)
• Iridium Ore (1)
Deluxe Speed-Gro (5)Farming 8• Oak Resin (1)
• Coral (1)
Desert Warp Totem10 Iridium Bards from the Desert Trader• Hardwood (2)
• Coconut (1)
• Iridium Ore (4)
Dressed SpinnerFishing 8• Iron Bar (2)
• Cloth (1)
Drum BlockRobin’s 6-heart cutscene• Stone (10)
• Copper Ore (2)
• Fiber (20)
Explosive Ammo (5)Combat 8• Iron bar (1)
• Coal (2)
Fairy DustBirdy’s Quest reward• Diamond (1)
• Fairy Rose (1)
Farm ComputerDemetrius’ reward for completing a Special Order• Dwarf Gadget (1)
• Battery Pack (1)
• Refined Quartz (10)
Farm Warp TotemForaging 8• Hardwood (1)
• Honey (1)
• Fiber (20)
Fiber SeedsLinus’ reward after completing a Special Order• Mixed Seeds (1)
• Sap (5)
• Clay (1)
Field SnackForaging 1• Acorn (1)
• Maple Seed (1)
• Pine Cone (1)
Flute BlockRobin’s 6-heart cutscene• Wood (10)
• Copper Ore (2)
• Fiber (20)
FurnaceClint cutscene the day after collecting your first Copper Ore• Copper Ore (20)
• Stone (25)
Garden PotEvelyn will visit the player after completing the Greenhouse• Clay (1)
• Stone (10)
• Refined Quartz (1)
GateStarter• Wood (10)
Geode CrusherClint’s reward for completing a Special Order• Gold Bar (2)
• Stone (50)
• Diamond (1)
Glowstone RingMining 4• Solar Essence (5)
• Iron Bar (5)
Gold Brazier1000g from Robin’s• Gold Bar (1)
• Coal (1)
• Fiber (5)
Grass Starter1000g from Pierre’s• Fiber (10)
Gravel PathStarter• Stone (1)
Hardwood FenceFarming 6• Hardwood (1)
Heavy Tapper20 Gems from Qi’s Walnut Room• Hardwood (30)
• Radioactive Bar (1)
Hopper50 Gems from Qi’s Walnut Room• Hardwood (10)
• Iridium Bar (1)
• Radioactive Bar (1)
Hyper Speed-Gro30 Gems from Qi’s Walnut Room• Radioactive Ore (1)
• Bone Fragment (3)
• Solar Essence (1)
Iridium BandCombat 9• Iridium Bar (5)
• Solar Essence (50)
• Void Essence (50)
Iridium SprinklerFarming 9• Gold Bar (1)
• Iridium Bar (1)
• Battery Pack (1)
Iron FenceFarming 4• Iron Bar (1)
Iron Lamp-post1000g from Robin’s• Iron Bar (1)
• Battery Pack (1)
Island Warp Totem10000g from the Volcano Dwarf• Hardwood (5)
• Dragon Tooth (1)
• Ginger (1)
Jack-O-Lantern2000g from Pierre’s Stand at Spirit’s Eve fest• Pumpkin (1)
• Torch (1)
KegFarming 8• Wood (30)
• Copper Bar (1)
• Iron Bar (1)
• Oak Resin (1)
Life ElixirCombat 2• Red Mushroom (1)
• Purple Mushroom (1)
• Morel (1)
• Chanterelle (1)
Lightning RodForaging 6• Iron Bar (1)
• Refined Quartz (1)
• Bat Wing (5)
LoomFarming 7• Wood (60)
• Fiber (30)
• Pine Tar (1)
Magic Bait20 Gems from Qi’s Walnut Room• Radioactive Ore (1)
• Bug Meat (3)
Magnet (3)Fishing 9• Iron Bar (1)
Marble Brazier5000g from Robin’s• Marble (1)
• Aquamarine (1)
• Stone (100)
Mayonnaise MachineFarming 2• Wood (15)
• Stone (15)
• Earth Crystal (1)
• Copper Bar (1)
Mega BombMining 8• Gold Ore (4)
• Solar Essence (1)
• Void Essence (1)
Mini-JukeboxGus’ 5-heart cutscene• Iron Bar (2)
• Battery Pack (1)
Mini-ObeliskWizard’s reward for completing a Special Order• Hardwood (30)
• Solar Essence (20)
• Gold Bar (3)
Monster MuskWizard’s reward from completing a Special Order.• Bat Wing (30)
• Slime (30)
Mountains Warp TotemForaging 7• Hardwood (1)
• Iron Bar (1)
• Stone (25)
Oil MakerFarming 8• Slime (50)
• Hardwood (20)
• Gold Bar (1)
Oil of GarlicCombat 6• Garlic (10)
• Oil (1)
Ostrich IncubatorCompleting all Island Field Office Collection• Bone Fragment (50)
• Hardwood (50)
• Cinder Shard (20)
Preserves JarFarming 4• Wood (50)
• Stone (40)
• Coal (8)
Quality BobberWilly’s reward after completing a Special Order• Copper Bar (1)
• Sap (20)
• Solar Essence (5)
Quality FertilizerFarming 9• Sap (2)
• Any Fish (1)
Quality Retaining Soil (2)Farming 7• Stone (3)
• Clay (1)
Quality SprinklerFarming 6• Iron Bar (1)
• Gold Bar (1)
• Refined Quartz (1)
Rain TotemForaging 9• Hardwood (1)
• Truffle Oil (1)
• Pine Tar (5)
Recycling MachineFishing 4• Wood (25)
• Stone (25)
• Iron Bar (1)
Ring of YobaCombat 7• Gold Bar (5)
• Iron Bar (5)
• Diamond (1)
Rustic Plank Floor200g from Robin’s• Wood (1)
ScarecrowFarming 1• Wood (50)
• Coal (1)
• Fiber (20)
Seed MakerFarming 9• Wood (25)
• Coal (10)
• Gold bar (1)
Skull Brazier5000g from Robin’s• Bone Fragment (10)
Slime Egg-PressCombat 6• Coral (25)
• Fire Quartz (1)
• Battery Pack (1)
Slime IncubatorCombat 8• Iridium Bar (2)
• Slime (100)
Solar PanelCaroline’s reward for completing a Special Order• Refined Quartz (10)
• Iron Bar (5)
• Gold Bar (5)
Speed-Gro (5)Farming 3• Pine Tar (1)
• Clam (1)
SpinnerFishing 6• Iron Bar (2)
SprinklerFarming 2• Copper Bar (1)
• Iron Bar (1)
StaircaseMining 2• Stone (99)
Stepping Stone Path100g from Robin’s• Stone (1)
Stone Brazier400g from Robin’s• Stone (10)
• Coal (1)
• Fiber (5)
Stone ChestRobin’s reward for completing a Special Order• Stone (50)
Stone FenceFarming 2• Stone (2)
Stone Floor100g from Robin’s• Stone (1)
Stone SignStarter• Stone (25)
Stone Walkway Floor200g from Robin’s• Stone (1)
Straw Floor200g from Robin’s• Wood (1)
• Fiber (1)
Stump Brazier800g from Robin’s• Hardwood (5)
• Coal (1)
Sturdy RingCombat 1• Sturdy Ring
TapperForaging 3• Wood (40)
• Copper Bar (2)
Tea SaplingCaroline will mail the recipe after her 2-heart event• Any Wild Seeds (2)
• Fiber (5)
• Wood (5)
Thorns RingCombat 7• Bone Fragment (50)
• Stone (50)
• Gold Bar (1)
TorchStarter• Wood (1)
• Sap (2)
Transmute (Gold)Mining 7• Iron Bar (2)
Transmute (Iron)Mining 4• Copper Bar (3)
Trap BobberFishing 6• Copper Bar (1)
• Sap (10)
Treasure HunterFishing 7• Gold Bar (2)
Tree FertilizerForaging 7• Fiber (5)
• Stone (5)
Tub o’ Flowers2000g from Pierre’s Stand at the Flower Dance• Wood (15)
• Tulip Bulb (1)
• Jazz Seeds (1)
• Poppy Seeds (1)
• Spangle Seeds (1)
Warrior RingCombat 4• Iron Bar (10)
• Coal (25)
• Frozen Tear (10)
Weathered Floor500g from Dwarf• Wood (1)
Wedding Ring500g from the Traveling Cart• Iridium Bar (5)
• Prismatic Shard (1)
Wicked Statue1000g from Krobus’ Shop• Stone (25)
• Coal (5)
Wild BaitStraight from Linus’ 4-heart cutscene• Fiber (10)
• Bug Meat (5)
• Slime (5)
Wild Fall SeedsForaging 6• Common Mushroom (1)
• Wild Plum (1)
• Hazelnut (1)
• Blackberry (1)
Wild Spring SeedsForaging 1• Wild Horseradish (1)
• Daffodil (1)
• Leek (1)
• Dandelion (1)
Wild Summer SeedsForaging 4• Spice Berry (1)
• Grape (1)
• Sweet Pea (1)
Wild Winter SeedsForaging 7• Winter Root (1)
• Crystal Fruit (1)
• Snow Yam (1)
• Crocus (1)
Wood FenceStarter• Wood (2)
Wood Floor100g from Robin’s• Wood (1)
Wood Lamp-post500g from Robin’s• Wood (50)
• Battery Pack (1)
Wood PathStarter• Wood (1)
Wood SignStarter• Wood (25)
Wooden Brazier250g from Robin’s• Wood (10)
• Coal (1)
• Fiber (5)
Worm BinFishing 8• Hardwood (25)
• Gold Bar (1)
• Iron Bar (1)
• Fiber (50)

Note: The Wedding Ring is available only on Multiplayer, so crafting it is optional.

10. D.I.Y.

The player with the DIY achievement and wearing a Daisy.
Ten items to craft? Doable and easy enough for the early game.

Unlike the Craft Master, you’ll only have to craft 15 different items with D.I.Y. It’s doable in the first season, making its counterpart one of the most challenging achievements. In return, you’ll get Daisy for 1000g.

11. Fector’s Challenge

In Stardrop Saloon, consider trying a Western-themed 2D shooter which unlocks a hidden Steam achievement upon completion.

Journey of the Prairie King is one of two hardcore arcade games in Stardew Valley. It could be fun, but there’s an achievement for keeping alive until you defeat Fector – the final boss. Speaking of which, ConcernedApe will never adjust the mini-game’s difficulty since it’ll be unfair for players who spent hours practicing.

With the arcade game harder than Junimo Kart, you won’t finish it in one sitting. However, you can follow these tips to increase your odds of getting the Fector’s Challenge achievement:

Don’t Collect Extra Lives

There’s no sense collecting extra life if you’re trying to get a perfect, zero-death walkthrough. Instead, you may want to loot other valuable drops from enemies.

Make Strategic Choices

Between Coffee and Shotgun, which will you use? Should you blast your way with a weapon upgrade or flee while killing all enemies? How about inventory rooms for quick convenience?

Every choice in Journey of the Prairie King matters as it dictates whether or not you’ll survive waves. Assess your gameplay situation fast before your enemies get you. The same goes for spending game-changing credits for upgrades.

Stay at the Center

Enemies come from almost every direction. Try to remain calm while shooting them at the map’s center. Better play safe than aggressive, or you’ll lose the chance.

Take Cover!

Fences and stones exist for a reason, which means a situation between life and death. While you can hug walls much as possible, you can also eliminate your enemies little by little. 

Take Advantage of Diagonals

Most mobs in Journey of the Prairie King move either vertically or horizontally. Try moving in diagonals as your advantage, but eliminate monsters copying your movement pattern for safety.

Coins Matter

As enemies become progressively stronger, you’ll always need extra firepower for survival. Slaying opponents may sometimes drop coins you can collect. However, please don’t sacrifice your head for it, or your chances of completing Fector’s Challenge might go away!

12. Fisherman

A chest with 15 different fishes and the player wearing a Sou'wester.
Fifteen slimy fishes are the stepping stones to impress Willy.

If you love catching fish and have the time, it’s possible to complete this task within a season! There are 11 available varieties during Spring, but you can reel in four more from the Mines and Calico Desert. However, it’ll be a tougher challenge as unlocking two different areas needs planning.

Nonetheless, you’ll get the Sou’wester as a reward.

13. Full House

The player tucked in bed with the attractive and appealing interior.
A sweet, happy home is large enough for a family of four.

With this achievement, the goal is simple: marry someone and have two kids. Planning to speed it up? Check this gift guide, sleep earlier than your spouse, and always agree to have a baby. Make sure to upgrade your house as well for your offspring’s rest.

14. Full Shipment

In-game collections tab in the Main Menu on Stardew Valley.
While shipping is the most tedious in-game, there’s a nice reward for the achievement.

There are countless items in Stardew Valley that you’ll have to ship each of them at one point. It’s Full Shipment – one of the hardest achievements to add to your Steam profile. Completing it during your first year is impossible. However, if you’re speedrunning the game, consider this helpful table of items for guidance:

Animal ProductsArtisan GoodsCropsForaged ItemsMonster LootResources
Brown EggAged RoeAmaranthBlackberryBat WingBattery Pack
Cow MilkBeerAncient FruitCave CarrotBug MeatBone Fragment
Duck EggCaviarAppleChanterelleSlimeCinder Shard
Duck FeatherCheeseApricotClamSolar EssenceClay
Goat MilkClothArtichokeCommon MushroomVoid EssenceCoal
Large Brown EggDinosaur MayonnaiseBananaCoral Copper Bar
Large Cow MilkDuck MayonnaiseBeetDaffodil Copper Ore
Large Goat MilkGoat CheeseBlue JazzDandelion Fiber
Large White EggGreen TeaBlueberryFiddlehead Fern Gold Bar
Ostrich EggHoneyBok ChoyGinger Gold Ore
Rabbit’s FootJellyCactus FruitGinger Hardwood
RoeJuiceCauliflowerHazelnut Iridium Bar
Squid InkMaple SyrupCherryHolly Iridium Ore
Void EggMayonnaiseCoconutLeek Iron Bar
White EggMeadCoffee BeanMagma Cap Iron Ore
WoolOak ResinCornMorel Radioactive Bar
 Pale AleCranberriesNautilus Shell Radioactive Ore
 PicklesEggplantRainbow Shell Refined Quartz
 Pine TarFairy RoseSea Urchin Sap
 Truffle OilGarlicSpice Berry Stone
 Void MayonnaiseGrapeSpring Onion Wood
 WineGreen BeanSweet Pea  
  Hot PepperWild Horseradish  
  KaleWild Plum  
  Red Cabbage   
  Summer Spangle   
  Taro Root   
  Tea Leaves   
  Unmilled Rice   

15. Gofer

The player standing at the Town Square with the Polka Bow from the Gofer achievement.
Ten tasks are enough for a nice Polka Bow.

As easy as helping ten item delivery requests, you’ll unlock the Polka Bow with 500g from the Mayor’s gratitude.

16. Gourmet Chef

Every cooked food item in Stardew Valley.
Unfortunately, unlocking every cooking recipe in Stardew Valley takes exploration and relationship-building.

To cook in Stardew Valley, you’ll need a Kitchen or Cookout Kit. Moreover, you should consistently watch the Queen of Sauce and befriend villagers for dish recipes. Here are 80 total in-game recipes, sources, and ingredients:

Food ItemSource(s)Ingredients
Algae Soup• Mail from Clint at three hearts• Green Algae (4)
Artichoke Dip• TV, Year 1, Fall 28• Artichoke (1)
• Milk (1)
Autumn’s Bounty• Mail from Demetrius at seven hearts• Yam (1)
• Pumpkin (1)
Baked Fish• TV, Year 1, Summer 7• Sunfish (1)
• Bream (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
Banana Pudding• 30 Bone Fragments from the Island Trader• Banana (1)
• Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
Bean Hotpot• Mail from Clint at seven hearts• Green Bean (2)
Blackberry Cobbler• TV, Year 2, Fall 14• Blackberry (2)
• Sugar (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
Blueberry Tart• Mail from Pierre at three hearts• Blueberry (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)Egg (1)
Bread• TV, Year 1, Summer 28
• 100g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Wheat Flour (1)
Bruschetta• TV, Year 2, Winter 21• Bread (1)
• Oil (1)
• Tomato (1)
Carp Surprise• TV, Year 2, Summer 7• Carp (4)
Cheese Cauliflower• Mail from Pam at three hearts• Cauliflower (1)
• Cheese (1)
Chocolate Cake• TV, Year 1, Winter 14• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Egg (1)
Chowder• Mail from Willy at three hearts• Clam (1)
• Milk (1)
Coleslaw• TV, Year 1, Spring 14• Red Cabbage (1)
• Vinegar (1)
• Mayonnaise (1)
Complete Breakfast• TV, Year 2, Spring 21• Fried Egg (1)
• Milk (1)
• Hashbrowns (1)
• Pancake (1)
Cookie• Evelyn’s 4-heart cutscene• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Egg (1)
Crab Cakes• TV, Year 2, Fall 21• Crab (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Egg (1)
• Oil (1)
Cranberry Candy• TV, Year 1, Winter 28• Cranberries (1)
• Apple (1)
• Sugar (1)
Cranberry Sauce• Mail from Gus at seven hearts• Cranberries (1)
• Sugar (1)
Crispy Bass• Mail from Kent at three hearts• Largemouth Bass (1)
• Wheat (1)
• Oil (1)
Dish O’ The Sea• Level 3 Fishing• Sardine (2)
• Hashbrowns (1)
Eggplant Parmesan• Mail from Lewis at seven hearts• Eggplant (1)
• Tomato (1)
Escargot• Mail from Willy at five hearts• Snail (1)
• Garlic (1)
Farmer’s Lunch• Level 3 Farming• Omelet (1)
• Parsnip (1)
Fiddlehead Risotto• TV, Year 2, Fall 28• Oil (1)
• Fiddlehead Fern (1)
• Garlic (1)
Fish Stew• Mail from Willy at seven hearts• Crayfish (1)
• Mussel (1)
• Periwinkle (1)
• Tomato (1)
Fish Taco• Mail from Linus at seven hearts• Tuna (1)
• Tortilla (1)
• Red Cabbage (1)
• Mayonnaise (1)
Fried Calamari• Mail from Jodi at three hearts• Squid (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Oil (1)
Fried Eel• Mail from George at three hearts• Eel (1)
• Oil (1)
Fried Egg• Farmhouse Upgrade• Any Egg (1)
Fried Mushroom• Mail from Demetrius at three hearts• Common Mushroom (1)
• Morel (1)
• Oil (1)
Fruit Salad• TV, Year 2, Fall 7• Blueberry (1)
• Melon (1)
• Apricot (1)
Ginger Ale• 1000g from the Dungeon Dwarf’s shop• Ginger (3)
• Sugar (1)
Glazed Yams• TV, Year 1, Fall 21• Yam (1)
• Sugar (1)
Hashbrowns• TV, Year 2, Spring 14
• 50g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Potato (1)
• Oil (1)
Ice Cream• Mail from Jodi at seven hearts• Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
Lobster Bisque• Mail from Willy at nine hearts
• TV, Year 2, Winter 14
• Lobster (1)
• Milk (1)
Lucky Lunch• TV, Year 2, Spring 28• Sea Cucumber (1)
• Tortilla (1)
• Blue Jazz (1)
Maki Roll• TV, Year 1, Summer 21
• 300g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Any Fish (1)
• Seaweed (1)
• Rice (1)
Mango Sticky Rice• Mail from Leo at seven hearts• Mango (1)
• Coconut (1)
• Rice (1)
Maple Bar• TV, Year 2, Summer 14• Maple Syrup (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
Miner’s Treat• Level 3 Mining• Cave Carrot (2)
• Sugar (1)
• Milk (1)
Omelet• TV, Year 1 Spring
• 100g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Any Egg (1)
• Any Milk (1)
Pale Broth• Mail from Marnie at three hearts• White Algae (2)
Pancakes• TV, Year 1, Summer 14
• 100g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Egg (1)
Parsnip Soup• Mail from Caroline at three hearts• Parsnip (1)
• Milk (1)
• Vinegar (1)
Pepper Poppers• Mail from Shane at three hearts• Hot Pepper (1)
• Cheese (1)
Pink Cake• TV, Year 2, Summer 21• Melon (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Egg (1)
Pizza• TV, Year 2, Spring 7
• 150g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Tomato (1)
• Cheese (1)
Plum Pudding• TV, Year 1, Winter 7• Wild Plum (2)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
Poi• Mail from Leo at three hearts• Taro Root (4)
Poppyseed Muffin• TV, Year 2, Winter 7• Poppy (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
Pumpkin Pie• TV, Year 1, Winter 21• Pumpkin (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
Pumpkin Soup• Mail from Robin at seven hearts• Pumpkin (1)
• Milk (1)
Radish Salad• TV, Year 1, Spring 21• Oil (1)
• Vinegar (1)
• Radish (1)
Red Plate• Mail from Emily at seven hearts• Red Cabbage (1)
• Radish (1)
Rhubarb Pie• Mail from Marnie at seven hearts• Rhubarb (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Sugar (1)
Rice Pudding• Mail from Evelyn at seven hearts• Milk (1)
• Sugar (1)
• Rice (1)
Roasted Hazelnuts• TV, Year 2, Summer 28• Hazelnut (3)
Roots Platter• Level 3 Combat• Cave Carrot (1)
• Winter Root (1)
Salad• Mail from Emily at three hearts• Leek (1)
• Dandelion (1)
• Vinegar (1)
Salmon Dinner• Mail from Gus at three hearts• Salmon (1)
• Amaranth (1)
• Kale (1)
Sashimi• Mail from Linus at three hearts• Any Fish (1)
Seafoam Pudding• Level 9 Fishing• Flounder (1)
• Midnight Carp (1)
• Squid Ink (1)
Shrimp Cocktail• TV, Year 2, Winter 28• Tomato (1)
• Shrimp (1)
• Wild Horseradish (1)
Spaghetti• Mail from Lewis at three hearts• Wheat Flour (1)
• Tomato (1)
Spicy Eel• Mail from George at seven hearts• Eel (1)
• Hot Pepper (1)
Squid Ink Ravioli• Level 9 Combat• Squid Ink (1)
• Wheat Flour (1)
• Tomato (1)
Stir Fry• TV, Year 1, Spring 7• Cave Carrot (1)
• Common Mushroom (1)
• Kale (1)
• Oil (1)
Strange Bun• Mail from Shane at seven hearts• Wheat Flour (1)
• Periwinkle (1)
• Void Mayonnaise (1)
Stuffing• Mail from Pam at seven hearts• Bread (1)
• Cranberries (1)
• Hazelnut (1)
Super Meal• Mail from Kent at seven hearts• Bok Choy (1)
• Cranberries (1)
• Artichoke (1)
Survival Burger• Level 2 Foraging• Bread (1)
• Cave Carrot (1)
• Eggplant (1)
Tom Kha Soup• Mail from Sandy at seven hearts• Coconut (1)
• Shrimp (1)
• Common Mushroom (1)
Tortilla• TV, Year 1, Fall 7
• 100g from the Stardrop Saloon
• Corn (1)
Triple Shot Espresso• 5000g from the Stardrop Saloon• Coffee (3)
Tropical Curry• 2000g from the Ginger Island Resort• Coconut (1)
• Pineapple (1)
• Hot Pepper (1)
Trout Soup• TV, Year 1, Fall 14• Rainbow Trout (1)
• Green Algae (1)
Vegetable Medley• Mail from Caroline at seven hearts• Tomato (1)
• Beet (1)

Completing this difficult achievement will unlock two purchasable items: Archer’s Cap and Chef Hat.

17. Greenhorn 

Once you earn your first 15000g, you’ll unlock the achievement and a Good Ol’ Cap.

18. Homesteader

The player earning 150000g and getting a Cool Cap reward for 1000g at the Abandoned House.
150000g and a Cool Cap? Sleek combination.

This challenge is easy: gather 150000g in total, and you’ll find yourself a Cool Cap for 1000g.

19. Joja Co. Member of the Year

The player celebrating the conversion of old Community Center into a Joja Warehouse.
What if JojaMart isn’t evil at all?

When doing fixes around Pelican Town, you can choose between Community Center Bundles or the JojaMart Community Development Form. Most Stardew Valley players prefer helping Junimos over Morris because of the storyline. However, there’s an achievement in siding with the company but for a price.

Becoming a member needs an upfront 5000g payment to access the form. After that, you’ll get the following repairs with their prices:

Bus Stop40000g
Quarry Bridge25000g

Since the development form needs a huge sum, consider farming Starfruits after unlocking the Bus Stop. Moreover, you can start profiting from Fairy Rose Honey for 680g. Bee Houses produce the sweet syrup every four days, and the profit you’ll get makes a difference.

20. Legend

The player earning 10M gold and standing at the Town Square with a Sombrero.
If it’s for one of the grindiest achievements, Legend is for you!

Earning 10000000g in Stardew Valley is not an easy achievement to reach. What does it take to achieve that sum in one year? Aging wines, selling diamonds, taking advantage of Starfruits and Pineapples, and farming honey.

Grinding hard for those numbers will take years! However, you can start automating by using Iridium Sprinklers and Junimo Huts. Make sure to include nozzles and enrichers to have a bigger sprinkling radius. But the most optimal farmland layout is the Standard one. Otherwise, you’ll have to use non-plant methods to earn.

Your reward: a badass Sombrero.

21. Living Large

The player hanging out on TV with the second farmhouse upgrade.
Robin includes a crib and two child-sized beds for a straightforward achievement as preparation for marriage.

The Living Large milestone will appear after completing the 2nd farmhouse upgrade. It’ll cost you 50000g and 150 pieces of Hardwood before Robin starts construction. 

If you can get Hardwood quickly from the Secret Woods, it might be grindy. Consider adding the Lumberjack profession for an extra drop from chopping regular trees.

Completing this task will unlock the Hunter’s Cap.

22. Local Legend

The player celebrating at the completion of the Community Center with the Stardew Trophy and Local Legend achievement as prices.
Most Stardew Valley players think this is the canon and best ending from Pierre vs. Morris’ store competition.

Here’s an understatement: restoring the Community Center to its former glory is easier than turning it into a Joja Warehouse. Most players are afraid of dumping gold to Morris, missing the convenience. However, it’s understandable for some to take the challenge.

In this achievement, you need to deliver specific items in a ‘bundle’, and you’ll get generous gifts in exchange. The reward is an attractive Stardew Hero Trophy, but let’s get into the bundles first. These are:

23. Master Angler

A complete collection of (almost) every fish in Stardew Valley all in at stone chests.
Note: You’ll need Algae to complete Master Angler. Hilarious, right?

Multiple locations, 83 different fishes – can you catch them all? If it’s reeling in each of them, talk about the hardest in-game achievement. When fishing, you’ll need the skills (in Stardew Valley and real world), luck, and patience. Completing this achievement in a year is impossible, but we can speed up things.

But first, make sure to have the best equipment before going to the waters. Bring baits, dressed spinners, and trap bobbers for the best result. You may also decide what tackles to use depending on your goal.

Don’t forget to memorize their behavior in the mini-game. These are:

  • Smooth – less sudden movements, easiest to catch.
  • Sinker – quickly accelerates below the fishing bar.
  • Floater – quickly accelerates above the fishing bar.
  • Dart – a mix of sinker and floater making them more difficult to catch.
  • Mixed – uses all behaviors throughout the catch.

Here’s a table of references for all fishes in Stardew Valley, where to catch them, and when they’re available:

Albacore60Mixed• Ocean• Fall and Winter (with different time)6am – 11 am6pm – 2amAny
Anchovy30Dart• Ocean• Spring and FallAnytimeAny
Angler85Smooth• JojaMart North on the wooden plank bridge• FallAnytimeAny
Blobfish75Floater• Night Submarine• WinterAnytimeAny
Blue Discus60Dart• Island Pond and Rivers• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Bream35Smooth• Town and Forest River• All Seasons6pm – 2amAny
Bullhead46Smooth• Mountain Lake• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Carp15Mixed• Mountain Lake, Secret Woods, Pond, Sewers• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Catfish75Mixed• Town and Forest River, Secret Woods Pond, Witch’s Swamp• Spring and Fall
• Spring and Summer in Secret Woods Pond
6am – 12amRainy
Chub35Dart• Forest River and Mountain Lake• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Crimsonfish95Mixed• East Beach Pier• SummerAnytimeAny
Dorado78Mixed• Forest River• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Eel70Smooth• Ocean• Spring and Fall4pm – 2amRainy
Flounder50Sinker• Pelican Town, Ocean, Ginger Island Ocean• Spring and Summer • Island – all seasons6am – 8pmAny
Ghostfish50Mixed• Drop from Ghosts (Level 20-60 Mines)• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Glacierfish100Mixed• South of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest• WinterAnytimeAny
Halibut50Sinker• Ocean• Spring, Summer, and Winter (with different time)6am – 11am7pm – 2amAny
Herring25Dart• Ocean• Spring and WinterAnytimeAny
Ice Pip85Dart• Level 60 Mines• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Largemouth Bass50Mixed• Mountain Lake• All Seasons6am – 7pmAny
Lava Eel90Mixed• Level 100 Mines, Volcano Caldera• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Legend110Mixed• Mountain Lake near the log• SpringAnytimeRainy
Lingcod85Mixed• Town and Forest River and Mountain Lake• WinterAnytimeAny
Lionfish50Smooth• Island Ocean• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Midnight Carp55Mixed• Mountain Lake, Forest Pond, Island Pond, and River• Fall and Winter
• Island – all seasons
10pm – 2amAny
Midnight Squid55Sinker• Night Submarine• WinterAnytimeAny
Mutant Carp80Dart• Sewers• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Octopus95Sinker• Ocean• Summer6am – 1pmAny
Perch45Smooth• Town and Forest River, Forest Pond, Mountain Lake• WinterAnytimeAny
Pike60Dart• Town and Forest River
• Forest Pond
• Summer and WinterAnytimeAny
Pufferfish80Floater• Pelican Town Ocean and Ginger Island Ocean• Summer
• Island – all seasons
12pm – 4pmSunny
Rainbow Trout45Mixed• Town and Forest River andMountain Lake• Summer6am – 7pmSunny
Red Mullet55Smooth• Ocean• Summer and Winter6am – 7pmAny
Red Snapper40Mixed• Ocean• Summer and Fall
• Winter with Rain Totem
6am – 7pmRainy
Salmon50Mixed• Town and Forest River• Fall6am – 7pmAny
Sandfish65Mixed• The Desert• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Sardine30Dart• Ocean• Spring, Fall, and Winter6am – 7pmAny
Scorpion Carp90Dart• The Desert• All Seasons6am – 8pmAny
Sea Cucumber40Sinker• Ocean• Fall and Winter6am – 7pmAny
Shad45Smooth• Town and Forest River• Spring, Summer, and Fall9am – 2amRainy
Slimejack55Dart• Mutant Bug Lair• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Smallmouth Bass28Mixed• Town River and Forest Pond• Spring and FallAnytimeAny
Spook Fish60Dart• Night Submarine• WinterAnytimeAny
Squid75Sinker• Ocean• Winter6pm – 2amAny
Stingray80Sinker• Pirate Cover• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Stonefish65Sinker• Level 20 Mines• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Sturgeon78Mixed• Mountain Lake• Summer and Winter6am – 7pmAny
Sunfish30Mixed• Town and Forest River• Spring and Summer6am – 7pmSunny and Windy
Super Cucumber80Sinker• Pelican Town Ocean and Ginger Island Ocean• Summer and Fall
• Island – all seasons
6pm – 2amAny
Tiger Trout60Dart• Town and Forest River• Fall and Winter6am – 7pmAny
Tilapia50Mixed• Ocean and Island Rivers• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Tuna70Smooth• Pelican Town Ocean and Ginger Island Ocean• Summer and Winter
• Island – all seasons
6am – 7pmAny
Void Salmon80Mixed• Witch’s Swamp• All SeasonsAnytimeAny
Walleye45Smooth• Town and Forest River and Mountain Lake• Fall
• Winter with Rain Totem
12pm – 2amRainy
Woodskip50Mixed• Secret Woods Pond and Forest Farm• All SeasonsAnytimeAny

Aside from normal and legendaries, catching Seaweed and Green and White Algae counts to the achievement progress. Also, crabpotting is a major factor, so here’s a complete table on luring the rest and where to place the pots:


Completing the Master Angler will unlock the Eye Patch. You’ll also receive a Stardrop from Willy!

24. Master of the Five Ways

An in-game screen of the player's skills.
Reaching Level 10 in every skill on Stardew Valley will take seasons.

Whether you’re farming, fishing, mining, foraging, or fighting monsters, you earn experience points. It’s not visible in-game, but you’ll see a level-up prompt once you progress, every time you wake up.

The trick is simple: don’t stop grinding. If you unlock something new, use that advantage to gain more EXP! For example, if you see gold nodes inside the Mines – don’t hesitate to break them. It’ll give you more mining EXP versus lower-tier ores. The logic also applies to all Stardew Valley skills.

25. Millionaire

The player wearing a Bowler Hat and amassing a million gold, but sleeping.
It’s easy to sleep without financial worries when you’re earning a million gold every day.

As another ‘earning gold’ achievement in Stardew Valley, focus on automation and efficiency (with Sprinklers and Junimo Huts). You’ll unlock the Millionaire along with a Bowler Hat after amassing a hefty 1000000g in total.

26. Monoculture

The player farming Coffee Beans and wearing a Cowgal Hat.
Quick fact: Coffee Beans are the most efficient way to finish the Monoculture achievement.

Many beginning or intermediate players lose the momentum of completing Monoculture. It might be confusing, but it’s as simple as shipping 300 of one crop.

Avoid donating your most valuable hard work. Instead, focus on crops with extra yields and only need one seed throughout the season. Plants such as Blueberries, Cranberries, or Tomato will do for starters. However, it’s best to reproduce Coffee plants as their drops are four or more beans.

For the reward, you’ll get a Cowgal Hat.

27. Mother Catch

The player fishing 100 catches and wearing a Watermelon Band.
If you’re willing to trade your time and effort for a hundred catches, it’s time.

Here’s an easier fishing achievement to finish where it doesn’t matter if you catch 100 Sardines or Halibut. It’ll count if it’s fresh and slimy, and you’ll unlock the Watermelon Band.

28. Moving Up

The player at a bigger house.
A farming life that seems like a yesterday of endless computer work for Joja Corporation.

Buying the first farmhouse upgrade from Robin at 10000g and 450 pieces of wood will unlock the Moving Up achievement. Tropiclip will also be available for purchase at the Abandoned House!

29. Mystery of the Stardrops

The player eating a Stardrop in the Secret Woods and Sewers.
There are different and unique ways to obtain Stardrops around the game.

Stardrops are the rarest item in Stardew Valley for a reason. Consuming it will add 34 to your maximum energy bar, and getting all will double the initial 270 value. However, the hardest part is finding every Stardrop since it’s scattered across the game.

In total, you can find seven of the rare fruit, and here’s how:

Stardew Valley Fair

A vendor sells a Stardrop for 2000 Star Tokens at the Town Square entrance. You’ll need to spend time playing slingshots or fishing to get a decent reward. Moreover, you can obtain 1000 tokens for placing first in the Fair.

You may gamble at the Spinning Wheel and pick green for a higher winning probability if you’re feeling lucky!

Level 100 Mines

Descending below the ground takes time and equipment. Upgrade your tools first and find a better weapon to traverse faster. Along the way, you’ll need to restore health and energy so bring food items. Staircases are optional, but bombs are the best option for finding stairs.

Spouse Relationship

Even after marriage, you’ll need to retain a decent heart level with your partner. At 12.5, your husband/wife will give you a Stardrop. This cutscene will also trigger with Krobus as a roommate.

Krobus’ Shop

Speaking of the friendly shadow person, Krobus will sell the mysterious fruit for 20000g in the Sewers.

Old Master Cannoli

See the statue near the Pond? That’s Old Master Cannoli. Offering him a Sweet Gem Berry will reward you with a Stardrop.

Catch Every Fish

After completing the Master Angler achievement, Willy will send you a letter with a Stardrop.

Museum Donations

In exchange for 95 items, Gunther will reward you with the final piece to complete the Mystery of the Stardrops.

30. Networking

Jas, Shane, Kent, Penny, Vincent, Leah, Sam, Jodi, Elliott, and Evelyn in one frame.
Short on gifts? Give these people some Diamonds and extra rare loots!

Getting the Networking achievement is as easy as reaching five hearts with ten people. You’ll unlock the Santa Hat upon completion.

31. Ol’ Mariner

If you think you’ve caught all fishes in a body of water, consider moving to other locations or waiting for new seasons.

Another repetitive achievement with a simple task: catch 24 different fishes. Official Cap will be added to the Hat Mouse’s inventory after successful completion.

32. Polyculture

The player with a Cowpoke Hat and an in-game chest with different crops to ship.
Take note of these crops as they’re essential for the Polyculture achievement.

In this milestone, you’ll need to ship at least 15 of all seasonal crops in Stardew Valley. Placing Ancient Fruits, Sweet Gem Berries, and Flowers aren’t necessary, but here’s a complete list to get the achievement:

  • Amaranth
  • Artichoke
  • Beet
  • Blueberry
  • Bok Choy
  • Cauliflower
  • Coffee Bean
  • Corn
  • Cranberries
  • Eggplant
  • Garlic
  • Grape
  • Green Bean
  • Hops
  • Hot Pepper
  • Kale
  • Melon
  • Parsnip
  • Potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Radish
  • Red Cabbage
  • Rhubarb
  • Starfruit
  • Strawberry
  • Tomato
  • Wheat
  • Yam

For an extra accessory, you’ll unlock a Cowpoke Hat.

33. Popular

An in-game prompt of the character's friends list in Stardew Valley.
The list goes on for friendship and closeness in Stardew Valley.

Befriending 20 people with five hearts will take a while, so know their loved gifts. If the task is complete before Winter, you’ll get Earmuffs from the Hat Mouse for 1000g.

34. Prairie King

The ending of the arcade game 'Journey of the Prairie King'.
Here’s a spoiler ending if you belong to many players who can’t beat Journey of the Prairie King!

Like Fector’s Challenge, you’ll get an achievement for completing Journey of the Prairie King with less difficulty. That’s because you’ll have to reach the sweet ending, and it doesn’t matter how many times you die.

You can apply the same tips. However, collect as many extra lives as possible! Also, move while shooting to avoid enemies and bullets.

35. Protector of the Valley

The pirate player slashing a Shadow Brute.
As someone capable of traveling inside the Mines, it’s your responsibility to reduce monsters (with a decent price).

Aside from growing crops and caring for farm animals, challenging yourself below the ground can spice your gameplay. There are monsters on Skull Cavern, Mines, and even the Quarry! That’s why Gil and Marlon will offer attractive rewards for defeating enemies of all types.

Consider focusing on upgrades and getting a better weapon first if you’re a Stardew Valley beginner. Committing to the Protector of the Valley achievement will take in-game years before completion. However, you can still make progress as you encounter these monsters while mining:


Almost every floor in the Mines has a swarm of bats like Skull Cavern. They’re weak but may overwhelm you when they travel in packs. However, you can use swords and hammers for a better chance of not losing any HP.

Slaying 200 of them will give you the Vampire Ring. It’ll count whether it’s normal, frost, lava, or iridium (in their dangerous state).

Cave Insects

Bugs (armored and dangerous, Grubs, and Cave Flies (dangerous and mutant) will count for slaying 125 of the creepy crawlies. You can outsmart them either by avoiding or eradicating them before they can damage you.


Duggies are the landmines in Stardew Valley, as stepping on dirt inside the Mines will provoke them. It has Dangerous and Magma variants, but you’ll only have to deal with 30 of them.

Dust Sprites

Be it a regular or advanced type, 500 Dust Sprites is enough for completion. These monsters are fragile and may die from your weapon at a single swing.

Magma Sprites

150 Magma Sprite and Sparker are hardcore but doable – just make sure to have a strong weapon. Both enemies fly like a Haunted Skull, except the Sparker type will charge forward and apply slow on contact. Best solution: don’t stop running and swinging your weapon simultaneously.


Skull Cavern is home to Mummies, and you’ll need 100 of them to get the Arcane Hat. Since they can regenerate after breaking down, bring bombs to confirm the kill. Otherwise, you can enchant your weapon with Crusader to avoid the monster’s revival.

Pepper Rex

This monster attacks like a flamethrower while overwhelming the player. Fortunately, the target kill count is 50, and defeating them takes switching between positions as you avoid their fiery breath.

Rock Crabs

Like Bats, Rock Crabs swarm all Mines and Skull Cavern floors. They look like normal breakable stones or nodes until they move. Any variant will count towards the target 60, but make sure to use bombs to save time!


Whether it’s the standard or royal version, Serpents are notorious for defeating beginners. Take a step back and get a strong weapon before killing 250 of them. Otherwise, it’ll be a flight response, or you won’t make it. 


Despite their cuteness, slimes are hostile and will attack you. One of the monster eradication goals is defeating 1000 of the creatures. You can find them in any cave, except Big Slimes, and those raised in Hutches won’t count.


Another monster to target are Skeletons (50 kill count) regardless of the type. They’re fragile as their bones but dangerous as an edge of the Cutlass. Keep moving while striking to survive every encounter!

Void Spirits

Aside from Krobus, Shadow People thrive below the Mines of Pelican Town. On average, they have Shamans and Brutes (dangerous) and Snipers at the cave’s deadlier state.

Which weapon to use? It’ll always be swords and hammers to keep a safe distance from them. Get 150 Void Spirits for a nasty Savage Ring.

36. Singular Talent

The player reaching level 10 in farming.
You can benefit from a specific skill depending on the farmland layout.

The most practical way of getting this achievement depends on your hobby and farm layout. Using the standard farm, growing Melons, Cauliflowers, and Pumpkins will give the most XP.

37. Sous Chef

From this list of all available recipes in Stardew Valley, select 25 easiest meals for faster progress. You’ll unlock the Plum Chapeau as a reward.

38. The Beloved Farmer

Pam, Demetrius, Robin, Linus, George, Pierre, Evelyn, and Gus in one frame.
Non-marriage villagers are the best for having a 10-heart friendship!

This achievement requires you to have ten hearts with eight different NPCs. Follow this gifting guide to increase affinity and unlock Cat Ears.

39. The Bottom

The player reaching Level 120 in Mines and getting a Skull Key for the achievement.
The 120th floor in the Mines leads to another crazy Cavern.

If you’re a beginning Stardew Valley player, reaching the Mines’ bottom is quite the achievement. However, you’ll need to consider the following tips for an earlier success:

  • Mine on super lucky days
  • Increase your luck with food items
  • Bring bombs
  • Consume Oil of Garlic
  • Bring staircases
  • Upgrade tools and weapons

Avoid going home at 1 o’clock if you don’t want to lose your items and progress. Also, consider buying the Return Scepter or crafting a Warp Totem: Farm if you’re speedmining. Nonetheless, a successful attempt may take a year, but you’ll unlock the Skull Key afterward.

40. Treasure Trove

The player standing at the Museum with 40 donations.
No shame if you have 40 Museum donations at the moment.

From this list, you’ll see every possible Museum donation. You’ll need 40 items to get the Treasure Trove achievement and a bonus Blue Bonnet.

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