Stardew Valley Junimos: Helpful Forest Spirits

If you haven’t yet encountered the Stardew Valley Junimos and even the name makes you feel confused, don’t worry. These forest spirits are quite mysterious for more advanced players, too, so let’s take a look at these creatures and learn more about them!

In this guide, you will learn more about their Huts, whether you should worry when they follow you, and much more!

Where Can You Find Junimos in Stardew Valley?

Since we have already established what they are, let’s look into where you can find these creatures. Well, you’ll have to head over to the Community Center.

If the Junimos are still enjoying their time in the Community Center, then it means this place is not yet fixed. Once everything is repaired, they will go back to the Forest, so no worries about that.

P.S if you want to have a Junimos Plush, head over to the bush, which is north of Pelican Town. However, this can only be done on the 28th of any Season at 12:00pm.

Why Are The Junimos Following the Players?

You might be wondering what the purpose of these creatures is and why do they follow you in the Community Center sometimes. Well, you have to interact with them after collecting various Bundles and giving them to the Junimos. Once you complete all the Bundles, you’ll get a Star towards the completion of the Community Center. 

Why do the creatures follow you? Well, once the star is placed, these forest creatures will follow you around until you leave for no reason at all. So, no need to be worried about it!

The Stardew Valley Junimos Hut

If you’re in a mood to build something or simply spend some money, here is another chance! You can buy a Hut for the Junimos from the Wizard and place the Hut somewhere on your Farm. This way, the Junimos will live on your land.

The building cost for this is 20k Gold, and you will need 200 Stone, 9 Starfruit, and 100 Fiber as building materials. This is not very cheap, but it’s honestly quite a good addition to your farm if you’re looking for more buildings.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Once you place the Hut, the Junimos will start automatically harvesting crops that are near the Hut. This way, you can simply gather the crops from them whenever you want. If you’re looking for more alternatives to save some time, this might be the right option for you.

If you’re wondering whether the Junimos Huts are worth it, definitely try it out to save some energy! Just don’t forget to check the layout of your farm before placing this building somewhere. You probably want this to be as close to the crops as possible!

There you have it! Now, you probably can’t wait to meet the forest creatures, whether by fixing the Community Center or inviting the Junimos to live on your land. They are definitely a lovely part of the game, so don’t be afraid if you see them around!

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