Where to find the Mayor’s shorts in Stardew Valley

You gotta love it when JRPGs and RPGs are doing these kinds of quests to you. Like, who the hell will want to look for a lost mayor’s shorts in Stardew Valley? Well, it’s obvious you and me.

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Stardew Valley is being managed and held by Mayor Lewis, one of the NPCs in the game. He’s a pretty decent guy. I mean, can you imagine being a mayor for 20 years in Stardew Valley? This guy doesn’t need any imagination.

So, as you might’ve known already. This guy, our beloved mayor, has lost his lucky purple shorts. And it’s up to you, the player, to find it for him.

And if you’re looking for his purple shorts, then go straight up to Marnie’s room. These guys ain’t discreet enough for you to find out.

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Stardew Valley Mayor’s Shorts in Soup

It can be pretty damn weird and straight-up embarrassing to lose your shorts, your lucky shorts, and have someone look it up for you. But what if that someone you asked to fetch you your shorts, decided to just throw the shorts into the community soup. Bruh, that’s disgusting as hell.

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So, if you’re not aware of what a Luau is, it’s basically a beach party. It’s a beach party where everyone has to eat whatever you put inside the large cooking tub they have. And what kind of genius will put the mayor’s shorts in there? Well, you’re that kind of genius.

The mayor’s shorts in Stardew Valley’s Luau event is an important catalyst. It’s considered a high-quality “ingredient”, albeit disgusting as hell, but will produce a surprising reward. And hopefully, it’s not diarrhea.

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Mayor’s Shorts in the Fair

Did you know, you can put the Mayor’s shorts at Stardew Valley Fair? Well, it’s a pretty interesting thing to do.

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Now, I’ve never actually done this myself, as you can see from the screenshot. I’m not that kind of a sick person to do this, but apparently, you can do this to Mayor Lewis and get away with it.

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It’s an interesting move. Of course, anyone will be mad by the looks of it. Except probably for Marnie. But what’s good in doing this type of asshole-y move is that you’re gonna get 750-star tokens for your effort. It’s definitely worth it. It’s not like he can do anything about it.

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Well, that’s settled for Mayor Lewis and his shorts. Hopefully, you don’t feed purple soup to everyone.

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