Best Stardew Valley PS4 Guide for 2021

The cross-platform release of Stardew Valley, particularly on consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, has its pros and cons.

One of the things I like about this game is that you can now play single or multiplayer without having to compromise the cross-platform limitations. You can now gain a profit together with your friend because earning together is really fun.

However, there are certain issues that consoles are facing. One of which is the controller issues from the PS4. There seems to be a problem with the PS4 controller, especially when trying to use it for Stardew Valley. Obviously, there are certain ways to get around them and you can fix that by following the steps down below.

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Stardew Valley PS4 Controller Not Working (FIX)

Since the release of Patch 1.5, there are a lot of threads of people experiencing problems with the PS4 controller while playing the game. The problem is, it’s not really the problem of the console. It works perfectly fine on both Xbone and PS4. It’s just some compatibility issues that arise once you use a PS4 controller on the Steam version of the game.

The problem is, apparently the issue with compatibility isn’t fixed yet. However, players found a solution to quickly fix this problem.

In one thread, a player suggested the use of InputMapper. Basically, it’s a mod tool that’s useful for keybindings and mapping the default controls into your PS4 controller with less hassle. This mod doesn’t just work in Stardew Valley. You can play other games with InputMapper as a mod installed into your gaming PC.

Games such as Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, or any platformer or Souls-like indie games that are often better used with a controller can be played with this nice tool.

Another comment made by another player in the Stardew official forums is this an official instruction from ConcernedApe himself:

From Concerned Ape:
“Try going into your steam controller settings for stardew valley and selecting “Enable Steam Input”. If that doesn’t work, then try resetting to the default gamepad controller configuration by pressing the shift + tab while in-game to open the steam overlay, then selecting the controller configuration from the top right, then choosing “browse configs”, and then finally selecting the recommended/default config.”

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Stardew Valley PS4 Update and Review

Stardew Valley runs good on all consoles, although I don’t own a Switch to verify my own claim. As far as I’ve experienced, the quality of Stardew Valley on both PS4 and Xbone is still seamless and top-notch, with little to no differences compared to the PC release.

Official PlayStation 4 Trailer

Obviously, for me, it’s a lot better to play on the PC edition. But for the most part, ever since the release of 1.5, there seems to be less comparison compared to the PC and the console versions. They’re equally playable, but I prefer playing on the PC due to the mod support.

PS4 Multiplayer and Splitscreen

PS4 Multiplayer and split-screen setup are pretty much the same with all versions of the game, minus the IP address sharing that PC players have to do in order to play together.

The simple step to play Stardew Valley on PS4 multiplayer with the split screen is to host a game with the first controller. After being able to host a game, you can then use the other controller to join the server that the first controller is hosting.

If you want a more in-depth guide for Stardew Valley multiplayer options, you can check this link. And that’s about it for this guide. If you’re looking for the best guides for Stardew Valley mods, tips and tricks, hacks, and more, be sure to follow our latest posts here. Happy farming!

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