How to Setup your Split Screen in Stardew Valley

If you’re wondering how to set up your split-screen in Stardew Valley, here are some tips to help you out.

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So, first thing’s first, you need to have yourself TWO monitors. That’s right, mate. You need to actually HAVE two monitors to have your split-screen setup. It can be any monitor, but just don’t pick any monitor with less than a 60-hertz refresh rate. You can always check out the best monitors for Stardew Valley or gaming in general, really.

Check out our guide for cross-platforming split-screen gaming.

Stardew Valley Split Screen PC Setup

If you want to set up your farming PC, then there’s an easy way to get around it. First, you need a PC that can run Stardew Valley and probably games higher than your regular grandpa setup.

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Buy a gaming rig, get two monitors, and set it up. Once you’re done, go install Stardew Valley by buying it on Steam or getting the GOG version.

The new 1.54 update will allow you to build a farm with a cabin installed, which is a good addition to the game. To get into the split-screen mode, go look for Advanced Options. There you can set up your character and farm type. The enabled split-screen co-op options are in the same menu.

You need to toggle the multiplayer, by the way. Learn more about multiplayer by clicking here.

Split Screen Switch Setup

The split-screen option might be a little too difficult to check out for now. Switch’s limited screen resolution prevents you from having optimal gameplay while on the handheld.

It might be possible to do that on a Switch version while it is ported on a larger screen for a better gaming experience. Although I’ve yet to hear something about split-screen Switch gaming. I don’t know, you might as well try it out for yourself.

Or you can check out our Nintendo Switch guide for the game itself.

Split Screen PS4 Setup

The Split Screen setup for PS4 is rather easy. You just need to click on Co-op in the Main Menu. Select Split Screen.

You can either Host a farm or Join an existing one. Once done, go outside your house (in the game) and turn on the other controller.

A dialogue box will prompt you to press circle (O) and join your “server”. Check out this video if you want to learn how.

1.54 Update: Split Screen and more!

There are several features that were mentioned in the 1.54 update, including decent multiplayer and split-screen options, several bug fixes, new additions, and more! You can check out the full breakdown here.

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