Stardew Valley MultiPlayer Switch Guide

Everything’s more fun when shared. This is why you should go ahead and experience Stardew Valley multiplayer mode with a group of your best friends. Learn how to set up a multiplayer mode and get the most out of this experience.

Stardew Valley MultiPlayer Switch and PC

Multiplayer game mode is available for PC (Linux/Mac/Windows) and console (PS4/Switch/Xbox One) and up to 4 players can explore the world of Stardew Valley. Although, with the unlimited players mod, you can remove cabin, player and network limit. When you open the game, you will get the option to join through LAN or by sending an invite code to play with your friends via IP address. 

You can invite friends to join you on the existing farm by telling Robin in the save file. Or, you can start from scratch and become a host of the game, while your friends will become farmhands.

Stardew Valley MultiPlayer Switch: Where to begin?

Go to the multiplayer section (Co-Op) in the menu. 

  • Click the Host tab
  • Click Host New Farm
  • Add Cabin for each player
  • Set a profit margin
  • Decide whether players share a wallet or not

Once this is completed, you will enter the world of Stardew Valley alongside your friends. However, all of you can experience this world independently and do as you please. Although you want to make sure that each of you knows how the money is spent and when it is time to go to bed.

How to start a Split-Screen mode?

  • Save your game as usual
  • Build a cabin for each player in a single-player mode
  • Connect a controller to your device (PC or console) for each player
  • Open the in-game menu
  • Click Options tab
  • Choose Start Local Co-Op
  • Each player should click start on the connected controller

Stardew Valley MultiPlayer Switch: How to join?

Things vary a bit, depending on the device you are using. If you want to join Stardew Valley from PC, then you can do it in several different ways:

  • Steam 
  • GOG Galaxy 
  • Split-screen mode
  • IP address

For console users, things are a bit different. You can join remotely via subscription or play in a split-screen mode.

How does the co-op work?

The host of the game can access both single-player and multiplayer mode at any time. But, the situation is a bit different for farmhands. When the host isn’t online or the farm isn’t open to other players, then farmhands are not able to play.

The farm ownership can’t be transferred to other players without modding.

In case all of you share a budget, be aware of a couple of things. All players can spend the money, so you better work things out beforehand, to avoid any unnecessary or even double purchases. 

Also, you should know that all players should go to bed before a new day can begin.

Marriage, Luck, and Experiences

When it comes to marriage, you and your fellow players can marry each other, or go after regular characters in the game. However, keep in mind that two players can’t be married to the same character at the same time.

You can share love life with your group, but things are slightly different when it comes to experiences. Experiences and quests are kept at a highly individual level. And, that is great, because the thrill of the game is in overcoming the challenges. Although, if the going gets tough, players can help each other with the quests.

Finally, when we speak about luck, rules are a bit bland. Therefore, you and your friends will have different levels of luck daily. In the multiplayer mode, luck will be averaged out between all of you for calculation. So, all we can say is, good luck!

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