Stardew Valley Golden Pumpkin

If you are interested in increasing some profit or creating some clothes maybe this rare item can help you with that. Let’s see how you can get the most out of the Stardew Valley Golden Pumpkin.

Stardew Valley Golden Pumpkin use

The pumpkin has two purposes:

  • It is a Universally Loved gift
  • It can be turned into a Witch Hat at Emily’s house

As a Universally Loved Gift, you can give it to any character in Pelican Town. It’s also worth 2,500 gold, so you can profit from selling it. However, the most creative way to play with the Golden Pumpkin is by using it to create clothes. For example, you can create a Witch Hat from it. Combine some cloth and the Golden Pumpkin at Emily’s sewing machine and create a cool Witch Hat.

Stardew Valley Golden Pumpkin – where to get one?

You can get your Golden Pumpkin during the Spirit’s Eve Festival.

This festival is Stardew Valley’s version of Halloween. It takes place on the 27th of Fall each year. During the festival, Pelican Town comes to life thanks to various activities and spooky decorations. On Spirit’s Eve, players can buy a rare crow, a Jack-O-Lantern, and the Jack-O-Lantern recipe from Pierre’s booth.

Spirit’s Eve is unique among other Stardew Valley’s festivals, as there are no contests to be won. However, there is a maze created by the Wizard. This maze plays an important role for those who are looking to obtain the Golden Pumpkin.

Stardew Valley Golden Pumpkin – how to get one?

There are two ways you can obtain the Golden Pumpkin. 

One way is by completing the haunted maze. To do that you can use a Glow Ring to enhance visibility or simply keep going left until you come across a sign with a question mark. It might seem like a dead-end, while in fact, it is a secret passage. Go straight through the bushes and up into the mine shaft. Follow the path and at the end of the tunnel, you will find a chest containing a Golden Pumpkin.

The second way to obtain a Golden Pumpkin is by opening up an Artifact Trove, a container with rare items in it. Artifact Trove can be unlocked like a geode at the Blacksmith’s. 

Furthermore, in the latest Stardew Valley 1.5 update you can find it in supply crates on the Beach Farm, or dug up from Artifact Spots.

Stardew Valley Golden Pumpkin ID

The code for the Golden Pumpkin is 373. Go to Marnie’s ranch, buy an animal and name it with a code in a bracket. That is the easiest way you can get the Golden Pumpkin in Stardew Valley. Afterward, you can sell it and earn a profit, as the Golden Pumpkin is worth 2,500 gold.

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