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Jodi is one of the NPCs in Stardew Valley. She’s the wife of Kent, a military serviceman whose duty was up for 2 years during the initial start of the game. Both of them have two wonderful kids, named Sam and Vincent.

Jodi considers Caroline as her best friend and they’re fond of each other.

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Stardew Valley Jodi Schedule (Spring)

9:00 AMKitchen, HouseHouse KitchenKitchen
10:00 AMPierre’s General StoreHouse Kitchen
11:00 AMPierre’s Shop
11:20 AMLiving Room
11:40 AMLiving Room, House
12:00 PMPierre’s General StoreJoja Mart
12:50 PMJoja Mart
1:00 PMCommunity Center (Repaired)
2:00 PMOutside her houseGone home
4:00 PMKitchen, House
4:30 PMHome
6:00 PMAt home
6:30 PMAt her house
6:40 PMHome
7:30 PMLiving Room, House
9:00 PMVincent’s Room, House

Jodi Schedule (Summer)

9:00 AMKitchenDishwashingKitchenHouse kitchen
9:40 AMMoves around the kitchenSame as Monday
10:10 AMHeads to PGS
10:40 AMWashing dishes
11:00 AMArrives at PGSJoja MartChurch
11:20 AMPGS’s back area
11:30 AMLiving RoomFireplace of PGSLiving Room
12:50 PM
1:00 PMExercises with Caroline and others
1:30 PMTown SquareTown Square
2:00 PMLower left of Town Square
4:00 PMHeads homePGS FireplaceHome
4:20 PMHome
4:30 PMKitchenKitchen
5:00 PMWent back homeHome
6:00 PMBack inside PGS
6:20 PMHeads home
6:30 PMFridge, Home
7:00 PMDishwashing
7:10 PMHouse
7:20 PMLower left of living room
7:30 PMLiving RoomLiving Room
9:00 PMTakes her son to bedVincent’s nap timeNaptime for Vincent
9:10 PMPut Vincent to sleep
10:00 PMBedroomHeads to her bedroomWent to sleepHer nap time
10:20 PMSleepingSleeps

Stardew Valley Jodi’s Schedule (Fall and Winter)


9:00 AMKitchenKitchen
10:00 AMLiving RoomHeads to PGS
11:00 AMChapel
11:30 AM
1:30 PMTown Square
2:00 PMPGS again
4:00 PMWent back to her homeArrives at her home
5:00 PMBack to her homeCouch, Home
6:00 PMHer house
6:30 PMKitchen
7:00 PMArrives at her houseHome
7:30 PMKitchenBack to the living room
9:00 PMVincent’s RoomHeads for Vincent’s Room
10:00 PMWent back to her room
10:20 PMSleeping


9:40 AMLiving RoomKitchenWent to Joja Mart
11:00 AMPierre’s General StoreChurch
12:00 PMJoja Mart
12:20 PM
1:30 PMTown SquareEither Town Square or Community Center (restored)
2:00 PMTown Square
4:00 PMOTW back to her homeWent back to her homeGoes back to her home
4:10 PMHome
5:00 PMBack at her homeArrives at her home
5:10 PMLeaves the place (TQ or CC)
6:20 PMHeads back to her house
7:00 PMKitchen
7:10 PMKitchen
7:20 PMArrives at her house
9:00 PMVincent’s sleep time
10:20 PMHer sleep time

What does Jodi like as gifts in Stardew Valley?

If you’re wondering what Jodi would LIKE to receive as a gift, it’s pretty simple. There are items called Universal Likes (eg. artisan goods, cooking, flowers, etc.) and a lot of these would be a good gift for Jodi.

She’s not picky, except if you give her garlic as a gift, she’ll probably be mad as hell. I mean, who in the right mind would give someone garlic as a gift in the first place.

You can also try giving her all types of eggs, except the voided ones, fruits, and milk.

You might want to check this guide for the best greenhouse layout for all your planting needs!

Jodi’s Request for Cauliflower

Waifu Simulator via YT

If you managed to get your hands on some cauliflowers, giving them to Jodi will net you some ample 350 gold. This is a pretty nice amount especially when you’re just starting.

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