Stardew Valley Character Guide: Kent

If we were to give out the title of the most mysterious character in this game, then Stardew Valley Kent would definitely be in the top 3. He might not be the most popular NPC, but he definitely has some tricks up his sleeve.

That’s why this guide will go through everything you need to know about him and why you should pay attention to his background story!

Take a look at everything below and learn more about this particular character:

Stardew Valley Kent: A Villager with a Secret

If you’re new to the game and wondering why this is the first time you’re hearing about this character, then don’t be surprised. Kent usually lives in Pelican town, but he is serving in the local army during the first year. Meaning, it will take some time until you get the chance to meet him.

Sadly, you will have to wait until the next spring (year 2) to chat with him more about his life.

Before meeting him, you can mostly just find out that he exists through his stuff around his wife Jodi’s place and when Sam and Vincent are talking about him (they are his sons).

Gift Giving Time

If you’d like to get on his good side, there are a few things he loves more than anything else. That would be roasted hazelnuts and fiddlehead risotto. Sounds fancy, right? Speaking of which, his birthday is Spring 4, so definitely give him a gift on that special day!

However, better stay away from such items as algae soup, holly, tortilla, sashimi, or even quartz. He will take the gift, but he won’t really appreciate it as much as you would want to.

You can give Kent up to two gifts per week, so there are plenty of opportunities to improve your friendship. Of course, simple gifts are great, but don’t forget his birthday because the effect is 8 times stronger on that day!

Stardew Valley Kent’s PTSD

If there’s one thing many players have noticed, it’s that Kent is slightly different from characters. A lot of interactions with him are connected to his time in the war, so it’s an interesting addition to the game.

For example, he has a strong reaction to the popcorn popping sound and he dislikes open fields in the Flower Dance because that reminds him of the war fields. 

There are some aspects of the game that could indicate that he was a corporal, so he definitely knows a lot about wars. It’s quite interesting to know that before that he was a Garbage Man in Zuzu City, so his career took quite a turn.

Stardew Valley Kent’s Quests for the Players

If you have been wondering about where you will get to meet Stardew Valley Kent and exchange some words here and there, then take a look at all the quests that he will give you at some point of the game:

A Soldier’s Star

If you’re planning to become friends with this Stardew Valley soldier, then this quest is the right one for you.

On the 15th of Summer you will receive a letter from Kent asking to bring him a Starfruit. To be fair, it’s a simple task, but you will get 500 Gold and 1 Friendship heart with Kent.

Help Wanted

Stardew Valley Kent is one of the NPCs who sometimes post a note on the Help Wanted board. This board is right next to the General Store.

If you bring him what he needs, your reward will be three times as much as the item costs. Also, you will get some Friendship points, so it’s definitely a great deal!

Pirate’s Wife

Pirate’s Wife is one of the most interesting quests of this game. It’s about an old lady who was married to a soldier and is now looking for things that belonged to her late husband. During the quest, you will have to give a War Memento to Kent.

It’s a lovely quest, and you will receive Golden Walnuts and a Fairy Dust recipe once you complete it.

Stardew Valley Kent is a great character with a difficult past. Give him some time and you two will become great friends!

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