How to farm Solar Essence in Stardew Valley

The Solar Essence is a type of loot that you can get by farming monsters in Stardew Valley. These items are drops from the monsters in the Mines.

Here’s a list of monsters you need to kill to get Solar Essence from:

  • Blue Squid
  • Ghost (10%, 95%)
  • Haunted Skull (1.3%)
  • Hot Head
  • Iridium Bat (50%)
  • Metal Head and the dangerous version (65%)
  • Mummy (99%)
  • Squid Kid and the dangerous version (75%)

You can also buy 10x of Solar Essence from Krobus for 80g every day or from the Sunfish during the Spring or Summer.

Solar Essence Farming in Stardew Valley

I think we’re clear here when we’ve listed the Mummy with the best drop rate possible. With a 99% of chance to drop, killing mummies is a lot faster than waiting every day to buy worth 800g of Solar Essence from Krobus.

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But if you’re just starting out, the Mines isn’t really for you. As we’ve mentioned above, the Sunfish can also drop Solar Essence, but it seems like the drop rate isn’t consistent. The best overall farming method is to farm either the mummies, the metalhead, or the squid kid.

We have a guide on how to kill a squid kid here, check it out.

Solar Essence Code

The Solar Essence’s code is 768. And in order to spawn and get the Solar Essence, you need to spawn and name your animal with 768. You can also use mods, like a spawner mod or something to get the item quickly without using the hard way. Check out our latest mods and best picks here.

If you want to know how to take care of your animals, you can check this guide. Also, if you wanna know how to add mods on your devices, check this guide right here.

I hope this guide was helpful. If you want to see more guides like this one, be sure to check our latest posts. We cover everything from guides, mods, and everything that’ll make your life easier in Stardew Valley. Happy farming.

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