How to Win Against the Stardew Valley Squid Kid

There are definitely a lot of interesting characters in the game, and the Stardew Valley Squid Kid is probably in the top 3 list of the weirdest “people” you will encounter.

Let’s take a look at what/who this actually is, where you can find the Squid Kid, and much more. 

What is the Squid Kid in Stardew Valley?

If this question has been bugging you for a while, then here it is. Basically, the Squid Kid is a small creature that wants to fight you for one or another reason. The Squid Kid is just one of many enemies you might encounter in the Mines. You will meet him in the lower parts of the Mines, so definitely no worries if you choose to stay a bit above. Yet, keep in mind that better treasures are waiting for you in the lower parts of the Mines!

Also, as far as enemies go, this one is not as strong as the others. The Squid Kid only has 1 Health, so it’s not the worst enemy that you will encounter throughout the game of Stardew Valley.

Where Can You Find the Stardew Valley Squid Kid?

Just as other slightly weird things, you can find the Squid Kid in the Mines. If you’ve been down there, you might already be used to such enemies as Bats, Bugs, Rock Crabs, Slimes, and many more. These enemies can be way more dangerous than the Squid Kid, so don’t be afraid if you see one or two of them coming your way.

Why Would You Go to the Mines?

After thinking about the danger and the possible enemies, you might be wondering about going to the Mines in the first place. Yet, there are some good reasons! For example, you can find various treasures in the Mines. Have you ever wanted to own Space Boots or a Crystal Dagger? Well, in that case, you’ll have to visit the Mines.

Also, you can find a lot of valuable building materials in the Mines. For example, if you find yourself lacking Stone, Coal, or Ore, this is a good place to find some. 

How to Defeat The Squid Kid?

Due to its extremely low health, you can basically defeat the Squid Kid with one simple hit. It doesn’t even matter that much which weapon you choose

Also, keep in mind that they might drop such items as a Bomb, Dwarf Scrolls, Gold Bars, and even a Diamond if you reach low enough in the Mines. Of course, the possibility of getting a Diamond is very low, but it’s still better than nothing if there is a chance!

Now you know who or what the Squid Kid is, and you’re ready for a fight! As long as you have any type of weapon in your inventory, you will be alright. Just don’t get scared once you see various enemies coming towards you and stay brave if you want to get your hands on some treasures!

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