Fighter Or Scout? Stardew Valley Combat Tips

How To Unlock Fighter Or Scout In Stardew Valley

Fighter or scout? This is a question that most Stardew Valley players will have to ask themselves sooner or later. Stardew Valley has several skills that you can level up. For each of these skills, players can select from two different professions at level 5 and a further two options at level 10. For players looking to maximize their combat efficiency, this can prove to be a difficult choice.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Leveling up your skills in Stardew Valley is as easy as playing the game. To level up your combat skill, all you need to do is kill monsters. Easy right? The first step is to actually find the monsters. If you selected the Wilderness Farm at the beginning of the game, then monsters will spawn on your farm every night, allowing you to quickly gain combat experience. However, for players on any of the other farm types, things are slightly different.

Where Can I Find Monsters?

When you begin a game, the entrance to the Mines will be blocked by a landslide. After 5 days, though, you will receive a letter from the Joja Corporation informing you that the way has been cleared. At this point, you will be able to enter the Mines and you will unlock the Combat skill tree.

How Do I Level Up My Combat Skill?

Killing monsters. It’s really just that simple! Each monster you kill will reward you with experience based on its strength; the amount of experience to level up increases with each level gained. After you have gained enough experience to progress to level 5, you are greeted with your first choice of combat professions.

Fighter or Scout? What’s The Difference?

At combat level 5 you have to choose between the profession of Fighter or Scout. What do they offer? Let’s take a look at each in a bit more detail.


As the name suggests, this profession is geared towards hitting things as hard as possible. When you select the fighter profession you will instantly receive the following bonuses:

  • +10% Attack Damage on all attacks
  • +15 HP

These may not be the flashiest perks, but a flat bonus to all attacks is quite nice. An extra +15 HP is OK…certainly not bad, but also not great. Overall, Fighter isn’t especially interesting, but it works.


If the Fighter is meant to hit harder, the Scout is meant to hit smarter. Once you select the Scout at level 5 you will instantly receive:

  • Critical Hit chance increased by 50%

At first, this might look like an amazing boost. Hitting crits on more than half of your attacks is great, right? Sadly, that’s not how this works. The 50% bonus is multiplicative as opposed to additive. What does this mean? Let’s look at the math.

The maximum base critical hit rate in Stardew Valley is 2%. With an additive bonus, 2%+50%=52% which sounds amazing. However, this is a multiplicative bonus which means that 2%+(2%*50%)=3% crit chance. A 1% extra chance of landing a critical strike is nice and all, but pretty underwhelming.

Fighter Or Scout Options At Level 10

At level 10, you will have another chance to level up your profession. Which options you have depend on what profession you chose at level 5. 

Fighter At Level 10

If you selected Fighter at level 5 you can choose from either Brute or Defender.


Damage increased by 15% – This is easily the best option for a Fighter. This bonus stacks additively with your first bonus,m giving a total of +25% extra damage. Just more of the same.


Increase HP by 25 – Not 25%, just 25 HP. That is not a lot, and compared to the extra damage is really not worth it.

Scout At Level 10

For players who selected Scout at level 5, you have the following options.


Cooldown on special moves reduced by 50% – If you are constantly using your weapons special moves, then this is definitely the best choice, If you’re not, then skip it.


Your Critical Hits are deadly – Your critical hits now do an exceptionally large amount of damage, meaning that they are now capable of instantly killing nearly anything in the game.

Should I Choose FIghter Or Scout?

Overall, the best choice for your Combat profession is typically to choose Fighter – > Brute to maximize how quickly you can despatch monsters. However, like any other choice in Stardew Valley, the right choice for you, is whichever seems the most fun.

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