How to Raise a Dinosaur in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Dinosaur Guide

Even though you can’t see a dinosaur in the real world, would you like to have a Dinosaur in Stardew Valley? Let’s take a look at how you can actually own a Dinosaur in the game, how to deal with Dinosaur Eggs, where to keep them, and much more. Owning a dinosaur might seem complicated and mysterious, but you just need to have a little bit of help in the game.

Whether you’re just looking for another farm animal or for a possibility to make Dinosaur Mayonnaise, this is your guide to get all the answers you would ever need.

How to Raise a Dinosaur in Stardew Valley

Let’s get this straight, raising a Dinosaur is not a regular task. Many players might not even know where to get the Egg for that! Also, Dinosaur Eggs might be harder to find than some imagine. Sadly, you might not find the Egg the first time you go looking for it, but that’s no reason to give up!

If you want to raise a Dinosaur, you’ll need to get a Big Coop and an Incubator. Simply place the Dinosaur Eggs in the Incubator and wait a bit more than 12 days. It’s true that this takes a while, but it’s definitely worth it if you are patient enough.

Where Can You Find The Egg

If you’re looking for a Dinosaur, there are a few options you should look into. The best way to find a Dinosaur egg is either by digging it up in an Artifact Spot, finding it from a Pepper Rex, fishing it up in a Treasure Chest, or winning it in the Movie Theater through the Crane Game prize.  

It’s great that you have a lot of alternatives, but don’t think that it will be so easy! In some cases, it can be quite rare to find such an Egg. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible!

Selling a Dinosaur

It’s no surprise that many people want to become rich in Stardew Valley. Yet, it’s not as easy as it might seem. However, Dinosaurs can be quite beneficial.

You have two options: you can either sell the Eggs or sell the Dinosaur. A Dinosaur will make one Egg every 7 days, so it might actually be more beneficial to keep the Dinosaur for longer. An Egg can be worth up to 700 Gold in some cases, and the Dinosaur itself can sell for 1.3k Gold.

However, there is one more way for you to make money.

Dinosaur Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley

Hear us out, put the Dinosaur Egg in the Mayonnaise Machine. It will take a few hours, but you will have Dinosaur Mayonnaise which you can sell for up to almost 1.2k Gold. Some villagers even like it as a gift, so it’s definitely a good item to keep in your inventory!

Even if finding a Dinosaur Egg might be slightly complicated, it’s still very much worth the effort because there are so many great ways to use it! 

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