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Stardew Valley is not only amazing for its beautiful art style, ambiance, and everything that revolves around this so-called farming simulator. It has all the relaxing features needed in a game, for example, the pets. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the best pets in Stardew Valley and how to get them.

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Best Stardew Valley Pets

There are a lot of animals in Stardew Valley, it’s not just pets and all. Since we’re playing a country-themed game, a lot of things you’ll see in real life will be here. For example, the farm animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and all that.

But you see, these animals, while you can have them as your “pets”, they aren’t close to being as good as real pets. In real life, you can have them as pets, but in this game, they’re just there to be used as something you can profit from.

Pets, on the other hand, allow you to form a friendship, which strengthens your bonds with them with each level and progress you’ve made.

How to Take Care of Your Animals

In the game, there are a lot of features that were introduced. For example, there’s the Friendship, which you can form with your pets.

There’s also the Mood, and Produce, both of which are important, especially if you’re taking care of farmable animals.

I’ll quickly explain what Friendship, Mood, and Produce are.

Friendship – A buildable gauge (in the form of hearts) that you can create and progress with your pets and animals. Petting, milking/shearing, and eating grass can greatly increase their friendship with you. The mood is also affected by these actions.

Mood – A vital factor that plays a role in the type and quality of the product it can produce, especially for farming animals.

Produce – The product produced by the animals.

It’s important to take care of your animals and your pets to greatly increase their production quality. A low mood can result in a poor quality product or no yield at all. It’s important that as you take care of your farm, you also take care of the animals that help you build your bank.

Quick Reminders

It’s important to take care of your animals. One of the best ways to take good care of them is to get them their own house to live in. I mean, you have your own house, so why not them as well, right?

Housing – You need to build one of these bad boys for your good boys and girls. Just like how you need a house to live, animals, also need to have their comfort. Check your Carpenter’s Shop to get the buildings you need.

Food – This is self-explanatory. Nobody wants to starve, even animals.

Animals Trapped Outside – It’s important to let your animals inside their own houses after the sun has set. No one wants to get their houses locked before them.

Wild Animal Attacks – Sometimes, nature just wanna screw you for screwing her land. Be careful of wild animal attacks as they can affect your babies’ mental health.

Animal Births – Just like the cycle of life. Perfect if you’re gonna sell them for easy money.

Stardew Valley Pets – Choosing Your Pet

There are a lot of animals in Stardew Valley, but only a certain few can be your ACTUAL pet in the game. You can choose between either a cat or a dog, but there are 3 types of them, ranging from the kittens, and puppies, to the adult pets.

You can also have a horse, which will act as your mount and allows you faster travel. But for the rest of the animals, you can just browse the Coop’s menu. Remember, Coops are important if you want to have your poultry and livestock farm.

In the end, you’ll have to choose between a cat or a dog. Choosing, either way, doesn’t affect the gameplay. I’d like to have both, that’s why I use this “cheat“.

Remember, in the game, you’re only allowed to have ONE pet at a time. You might need to cheat your way into the game by following the link above.

Important Reminders:

Always remember that Petting your pets and animals will help you create bonds faster. Take good care of their Mood and let them have their rest inside their houses to let them have the best night’s sleep.

That’s it for now. Also, if you like to see more guides and mods, check out this link. We have the best Stardew Valley guides and mods, and set-ups tailored just for you!

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