The Best Farms in Stardew Valley | Ideas and Setups

Getting some decent farm setup is one of the things that you need to have in Stardew Valley. Farms are the “main” feature of Stardew Valley. Of course, Stardew Valley isn’t necessarily all about farming or whatnot.

It’s an RPG game mixed with elements of a dating sim and a dungeon-crawler game. It’s a pretty interesting concept, especially with the questing part. But in reality, you’ll spend most of your time taking care of your animals and plants or crops.

It’s really up to you how you’ll gonna do that yourself. But if this is your second or third playthrough, you might as well opt for an optimized farming setup.

And if you want the most profitable crops around, you need to take a look at this guide.

Stardew Valley Farms Layout and Planner

Dedicated fans of the series made several farming layouts. Some have different setups for their greenhouses, trellis, and even combine them with junimos.

SharkyGames via YT

But the most helpful setup, in my opinion, is what you have in mind. This farm layout planner will be your best guide and tool whenever the creativity bullet strikes your head. There are already pre-made setups, popular, and useful layouts that were made by the community. Go ahead and take your pick.

Keep in mind that these tools are for planning and setups only. They won’t reflect in your game unless you mod it to make it work.

You can also check out our best Stardew Valley mods!

Types of Farms in Stardew Valley

There are five “standard” farms in Stardew Valley. These farms have their own uses and one of the reasons why you can’t have all of them is their purpose and difficulty.

Most of these farms are catered toward a specific type of gameplay. It’s important to understand that whatever type of farm you start with, has its own pros and cons.

  • Forest Farm

The forest farm is the standard when it comes to beginner farming. It is so easy to navigate around your farm and the reason is that all the basic resources you need are here.

Peach ink via YT

Wood, hardwood, and other basic building materials are here. You can also level up your foraging skills here pretty easily, which makes it the ideal starter farm type.

  • Standard Farm

The standard farm offers a pretty niche and basic experience of the game. It’s the most “okay” setup with little to no hassle, like animal attacks and such.

sapphic farmer via YT

As vanilla as it sounds, the standard farm type can be used by both beginners and returning players. Although it’s a pretty decent setup, it doesn’t have a lot going on for it. You could say that it’s pretty stale on its own.

  • Wilderness Farm

Probably one of my favorites, the Wilderness Farm is the best farm for raising animals, while fighting animals.

LifebyLacey via YT

You will be regularly attacked by monsters at night, but you can always farm them for their drops. Not really recommended for beginners.

  • Hilltop Farm

The best place for farming ores. Its close proximity to the Mines is the perfect opportunity to rack up your skill in either Mining or Geology.

sapphic farmer via YT

The farm’s small quarry is a good source of ores and geodes, albeit the amount is poor. You can also fish here.

  • Riverland Farm

The Riverland Farm is the least I’m gonna recommend due to the fact that you’re gonna be fishing here most of the time.

SharkyGames via YT

Although the area is pretty nice and refreshing, you’re limiting a lot of features of the game by setting up here.

Also, if you’re interested in checking more farming guides, you can check this guide out. We cover a lot of Stardew Valley content, so we would appreciate it if you could visit some of the latest posts here. We also offer mods, tips, tricks, and the best Stardew Valley guides out there. Happy farming!

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