Top 10 Most Profitable Crops in Stardew Valley for 2021

If you’re looking for the best and the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley, look no further. We have everything covered for you.

The huge amount of profit you’ll be able to gain as a tiller in Stardew Valley is really incredible. As someone whose path lies within tending the plants, you’ll never lose in terms of ROI ratio.

Compared to the average setup of ranchers, when you choose to be a tiller, you’ll have more returns once you get into level 10 of farming skills.

One of the good things about optimizing and min-maxing your skills and setups as a farmer is the better your layout, the richer you’ll be.

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The Most Profitable Crops in Stardew Valley

PlantBuying PriceSelling PriceNet Profit MarginMaturity (in days)
Ancient Fruit100-1000g550-4620g78.35%28
Sweet Gem Berry1000g; 600-1000g3000-6000g83.33%24
Pumpkin100g; 125g; 100-1000g320-1007g90.07%13
Cranberry240g; 300g; 180-1000g693g74.03%7
In terms of overall Net Margin Profit, Hops stand out with an outstanding 92.86% ROI compared to most crops.

Most Profitable Crops in Summer

There are a lot of crops in Stardew Valley, but none of them are always available at the start of Summer. Here are our top recommendations for the must-have summer crops:

  1. Blueberries – Best overall Summer crop. Yields up to 650+ gold for just a price of 80g per seed.
  2. Starfruit – Can be the second best, but it’s costly due to being 400g at buying price, but you’ll get a 25.51% return at a selling price of 537g.
  3. Corn – The best multi-seasonal crop. Buying price at 150g and you can get up to 535g, with a net profit margin of ~72%.
  4. Hops – Honestly, a very underrated crop. With just 60g, you can get up to 840g for its maximum selling price.
  5. Hot Pepper – You can get up to 336g at a 5-day growth rate with this bad boy. Definitely, something you’d like as a replacement for hops.

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Most Profitable Greenhouse Crops in Stardew Valley

The best crops for the best greenhouse farming is definitely one with this post on Reddit. In one of the subreddits for Stardew Valley, a user asked which are the most profitable crops for a greenhouse setup.

As stated by r/user/ndstumme, pomegranates, hops, and ancient fruits are one of the best profit generators, especially for someone who chose to be an Artisan. With this setup, you can get up to 400,000 gold per week, which is a pretty huge amount.

We also agreed that having these crops will generate more than enough to overtake most of the mediocre crop setups in the game.

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