Stardew Valley Caroline: Schedule, Gifts, And More

Have you met Caroline in Stardew Valley? She’s a non-marriage candidate, but there are some rumors about her. To befriend her, knowing her preferred gifts, schedules, and other details about her may help you. Read further to learn more!

A player conversing with Caroline in Stardew Valley.
She looks very youthful and kind!

Some players may not be interested in getting close with non-marriageable candidates in Pelican Town. However, if you want to know more about the uncanny rumor of Caroline’s assumed relationship with the Wizard, you might want to check this guide. 

Here we’ll talk about her schedule, best gifts, and other details to help you unlock her heart events!

Who is Caroline?

A dialogue with Caroline in her Sunroom in Stardew Valley.
Her sunroom is surely her comfort space.

She’s a villager in Pelican Town who also lives at Pierre’s General Store. She doesn’t have a lot of plans in her time in the village, but there are juicy tattle-tales about her that may interest you. Moreover, you can’t marry her despite establishing a good relationship, but you may occasionally receive gifts from her.

Family and Relationships

Caroline is Pierre’s spouse and Abigail’s mother. Aside from her filial relationships, she’s also known to be close with Jodi since she can tell her anything and takes aerobics classes with her. 

Additionally, there are theories about her cheating on Pierre with the Wizard. This speculation came to view after Caroline’s comment about Abigail’s hair color and the Wizard’s 10-Heart Event wherein he reveals that he suspects he has a daughter in town.

While on Caroline’s 8-Friendship Hearts Event, she’ll tell you that she used to take a stroll around the Wizard’s Tower. What’s unusual about this was she asked you to keep it a secret from Pierre since he gets jealous easily.

She also mentions that she gave birth to her daughter a year after they moved in. In Pierre’s eight hearts dialogue, he hints at his doubts about being Abigail’s father. However, aside from these details, there aren’t other pieces of evidence to prove the speculation.


Like every villager, Caroline also have plans throughout the game. However, she’s not as busy as other townsmen. Here’s her full schedule from each season in Stardew Valley:

Fall 25

8:00 AMStays in the kitchen of the General Store.
10:00 AMExits the kitchen and goes to her bedroom.
12:00 PMMakes her way to Harvey’s Clinic and stands in the waiting room.
1:30 PMGoes to the clinic’s left examination room.
4:00 PMHeads home and spend time in the living room
9:00 PMGoes to sleep

Winter 16

8:00 AMSpending time in the General Store’s kitchen.
12:00 PMStrolls along the aisles of the General Store.
1:30 PMShe stands in the Town Square.
4:00 PMExits the Town Square to visit the Night Market.
11:30 PMLeaves the Night Market and return to their place to sleep.

Rainy Days

8:00 AMShe kills time in the General Store’s kitchen.
12:00 PMShe walks to a certain aisle in the store.
1:30 PMGoes to their bedroom and reads something from the bookshelf.
4:00 PMExits the bedroom and stands in the living room.
.9:00 PMHeads to bed.


Time Location
8:00 AMStays in the living room near the uppermost dresser.
10:30 AMTakes some steps to the middle of the living room.
1:00 PMSpends time exercising with her Aerobics class in the living room.
4:00 PMThe aerobics session ends, and she takes time to chat with other villagers in the class.
6:10 PMGoes to the kitchen and eats some cookies.
9:00 PMGoes to her bed.


8:00 PMStarts the day in the kitchen of Pierre’s General Store
10:00 PMStands in her sunroom near a tea sapling.
12:00 PMTakes a walk to the fountain near the Community Center.
5:00 PMGoes home and stands in their living room.
9:00 PMHeads to their bed.


8:00 PMKills time in the kitchen at the General Store.
10:00 PMGoes to her sunroom and stands near her tea sapling.
12:00 PMVisits the Museum and reads some books on the shelves.
5:00 PMMakes her way home and stands in their living room.
9:00 PMHeads over to the bed.

Saturday, After the Restoration of the Community Center

8:00 AMBegins her day in the kitchen of the General Store.
11:00 AMGoes to the Community Center and spends time in the reading area of the main room.
5:00 PMMakes her way home and stands in the living room.
9:00 PMGoes to bed.


Time Location
9:00 AMStarts the day standing in their bedroom.
10:40 AMTakes a few steps and moves in front of the bookshelf
1:30 PMTakes a walk in the aisle of the General Store.
2:40 PMExits their residence to stand below the tree located south of the Community Center.
6:30 PMGoes home and stands in their bedroom.
9:00 PMGoes to bed and rests.


8:00 AMStays in the General Store’s kitchen.
10:00 AMGoes to her sunroom and stays near the tea sapling.
12:00 PMMakes her way to an aisle in the General Store.
1:30 PMExits their house and goes to the Town Square to hang out with Jodi.
4:00 PMGoes back home and stands in the living room.
9:00 PMGoes to bed and takes a rest.


A player giving caroline her loved gift in Stardew Valley.
Do you see that sweet motherly smile? Give her something she loves to see that grin!

Encountering interesting heart events requires you to build a bond with Caroline. You need to earn enough Friendship Hearts with her to know more about her. And giving her two gifts every week is one way to boost your points. Don’t forget to offer an extra gift on her birthday in Winter 7 since it affect your scores 8x.

Here are some gifts you may provide to her in Stardew Valley:

All Universal LovesAll Universal Likes excluding:

• Amaranth
• Duck Mayonnaise
• Mayonnaise
All Universal Neutrals aside from Tea LeavesAll Universal Dislikes.All Universal Hates
Fish TacoDaffodilAll Eggs except Void Egg.AmaranthQuartz
Summer SpangleTea LeavesAll Fruits excluding pre-1.5 Fruit Tree Fruits and Salmon Berry.ChanterelleSalmonberry
Tropical CurryAll Milk.Common Mushroom
Green TeaDandelion
Duck Mayonnaise
Magma Cap
Purple Mushroom
Snow Yam
Wild Horseradish
Winter Root

Movies and Concessions

Despite not being suitable for marriage, you can always invite Caroline to watch a good film. Here are the movies she loves, likes, and dislikes from the Movie Theater:


  • Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
  • The Brave Little Sapling.


  • It Howls in the Rain.
  • Mysterium.
  •  Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World.
  • The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch.
  • The Zuzu City Express.


  • Wumbus.

While if you have some extra gold, you may get her something to eat before the film starts. Caroline likes most concessions, but there are some goods that she prefers and finds unlikable.


  • Jasmine Tea.
  • Stardrop Sorbet.
  • Truffle Popcorn.


  • Black Licorice.
  • Cotton Candy.
  • Fries.
  • Jawbreaker.
  • Joja Cola.
  • JojaCorn.
  • Nachos.
  • Personal Pizza.
  • Rock Candy.
  • Sour Slimes.

Heart Events

A player's friendship hearts with Caroline.
You have fewer hearts to fill. It’ll be a little easier to befriend her.

Unlike marriageable candidates, Caroline may occasionally send you the following gifts via mail if you have more than zero friendship points with her:

  • Cauliflower.
  • Potato.
  • Parsnip.
No. Of HeartsEvents
2Entering Caroline’s sunroom through their kitchen door around 9 AM to 5 PM on a day where it’s not raining triggers a cutscene. She’ll show you around her new private room and asks what you think about it. You may answer in four ways:

• Tell her it’s beautiful.
• Say that it’s relaxing.
• Comment it’s too hot there.
• Tell her your farm’s still better.

Whatever response you choose, neither positively nor negatively affect your friendship with her.

Caroline offers you some Green Tea, and you may refuse or accept the offer without penalty. She also tells you that you may visit the sunroom any time. After seeing this room, she’ll send you the Tea Sapling Recipe through the mail.

Moreover, you may also harvest some Green Tea leaves here daily, but this area’s only accessible if their house is open.
3Caroline sends you the Parsnip Soup recipe with a message telling you it’s rewarding to cook meals from fresh vegetables in your garden. She also tells you that she sent the recipe to help you out and reminds you to take care.
6You’ll find Caroline and Abigail intensely arguing about her clothing style. They won’t see you since you’re hiding. You scram away, but you’ll see her daughter note their house as a spooky place.
7Caroline sends you a Vegetable Stew recipe to make a Vegetable Medley with a letter saying it’s satisfying to cook with fresh vegetables from your personal garden.


Caroline doesn’t participate in many quests, but you may encounter her in the following:

  • Carving Pumpkins. During Fall 19, Caroline may request a Pumpkin. Completing this order gives you 500g and one Friendship Heart with her.
  • Help Wanted Board at Pierre’s General Store. She may ask for a random item giving you 3x of the item’s regular price as a reward and 150 Friendship Points.

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