What Does Pierre Like in Stardew Valley? GiFts, Schedule, And All Info for 2022


What does Pierre Like in Stardew Valley? Have you met Pierre from Pelican Town? The merchant runs a General Store too, which has a different inventory! Read this FULL guide if you want to know more about him and his shop!

Pierre sells a wide variety of items that you can purchase to help you get a head start in farming, especially when you’re just starting out up until the mid-game.

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Stardew Valley Pierre Store | Pierre’s General Store Location

Pierre’s General Store is the Walmart of Stardew Valley. It’s a one-stop-shop for most of your farming needs.

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Most of the items in his store are good enough for when you’re just starting out. You can’t always get the best items in the game due to the fact that it takes a while for you to get some bread. And one of the best ways to skip the farming scheme is to buy fertilizers, saplings, and seeds from our main guy.

His store is highly antagonized by Joja Mart. And to be honest with you guys, even Pierre himself is afraid of being overtaken by the greedy corporate bastards.

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Pierre’s Schedule

Pierre’s schedule isn’t as complicated as any of the NPCs in the game. His is probably one of the easiest to track out of all the NPCs. What’s more, you can see how his schedule flows in this simple table we’ve made.

TimeRegular ScheduleFriday (Sunny)
7:00 AMAisle, StoreAisle, Store
8:30 AMCounter, StoreCounter, Store
5:00 PMAisle, StoreThe Stardrop Saloon
7:00 PMKitchen, House
9:00 PMRoom, House
10:50 PMSleeping
11:00 PMSleeping

You can always refer to this schedule if you visit the store. He’s most inside his store anyway. If you managed to restore the Community Center, he’ll be always open all the days of the week.

You can also check on Caroline’s schedule here. She’s a bit busier than Pierre himself.

Pierre’s Secret Stash in Stardew Valley

One of the most sought items in Stardew Valley is Pierre’s “secret stash”. If you want to check Pierre’s stash, you’ll need to do a quick check on his house around 9:00 in the evening.

A cutscene will follow and you’ll enter his house, heading straight to the bedroom. On the left side of the bookshelf, you’ll find a “secret stash” of some sort. Pierre will then appear and will confront you.

Two options will be available for you. Choosing “Your secret is safe with me” will net you a large sum of Friendship points with him. Some speculated that the secret stash is opera music. Some find it to be either porn or drugs.

Stardew Valley Pierre Favourite Gifts

If you’re trying to befriend Pierre, one of the best things you can give him is a Fried Calamari. This food is exceptional and will definitely raise your friendship level with him by giving him some of the Universal Likes like artisan goods, dishes, foraged materials, and many more.

Pierre’s Prime Produce

The rewards for Pierre’s Prime Produce are substantially low compared to what you’ll be getting if you sell 25 gold quality vegetables. You can also refer to this Reddit post to know more about it.

And that’s about it for now. If you’d like to see more guides like this, be sure to check out our latest blog posts. We always aim to bring you the best Stardew Valley guides and mods for your overall enjoyment. Happy farming!

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