Stardew Valley Marlon: Schedule, Item Recovery

Have you already met Marlon in Stardew Valley? Do you know where and when to find him in the game? Read this Stardew guide and learn more about this particular NPC to get the most out of your Stardew Valley friendships! Marlon is definitely one of the most interesting villagers, so let’s take a look at what information we can get about him!

Stardew Valley Marlon (Source: Reddit)

Who is Marlon in Stardew Valley?

First thing first, Marlon is one of the villagers in Stardew Valley. You might end up meeting him a little bit later because he lives in the Adventurer’s Guild, so he spends more time there.

Even though it will (or might) take more time to meet him, he will be a great addition to the NPCs you know. You will actually meet him when you enter the mines in Stardew Valley. That’s when you will get a sword as a gift from him, he will also explain a bit more about what you can do in the mines before disappearing.

While we already know that Marlon can be found in the Guild, you have to complete a quest before you will be allowed to enter the Guild building. However, once you can go there, you can sell all types of monster drops to Marlon. Just go to the Adventurer’s Guild to sell it.

P.S he will also come to you once you buy the Slime Hutch. Once that is done, this NPC will give you a slime egg and you will be able to make more slimes.

Stardew Valley Marlon’s Schedule

When it comes to Stardew Marlon’s schedule, there are a few things we know.

While it might be difficult to find Marlon in the town, you can find him during the Guild’s working hours. The Adventurer’s Guild is open from 2pm until 10pm. Whenever that place is open, you will be able to find him inside.

In all fairness, Marlon will only make the exception on those days when there is a festival in Stardew Valley. That’s when the Guild will just be closed.

How does item recovery work?

Have you ever lost any items, weapons, and tools in the Mines? Well, Marlon might help you out with that!

Basically, you might pass out in the Mines if you run out of health (also works in the Skull Cavern, the Quarry Mine, and the Volcano Dungeon), and your items will disappear. That’s when you will have to visit Marlon to check the “Item Recovery Service” in the Guild’s Menu.

Once you find the thing you lost, you will be able to buy it for the price it would be sold for through the shipping box. This process changes once you complete the task called Monster Eradication Goal. This requires you to kill 150 Magma Sprites in the game. Do that and you will get Marlon’s number. This way, you can just call him whenever you lose an item and make this go much faster. This will take you a while, but it will be worth it in the long run.

P.S If the day ends at 2am, the items won’t be lost, you will just lose some gold in the Mines.

Why is marlon’s adventurer’s guild important?

We have already slightly touched upon the Adventurer’s Guild where Marlon works, but let’s take a look at why players need to know this place.

First of all, it’s in the east of the Mines (that’s where Marlon lives with Gil).

This is one of the most important places later in the game because of its shop. That’s where you can buy weapons, boots, and various rings.

If you would like to gain access to this building, you will have to complete the “Initiation” quest. Once you finish that, you can go to the guild anytime during the working hours.

The Guild will also help to keep track of how many monsters you killed in the game. There will be certain slots for that on Marlon’s desk. You will also get a reward once all those slots are full.

Are you ready to meet Marlon in Stardew Valley? Just finish the required task to enter the Adventurer’s Guild and continue your journeys!

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