How to upgrade tools in Stardew Valley? An In-Depth Guide For 2022


Stardew Valley Upgrade Tools Guide will walk you through some of the main ways of tool upgrade along with the new ones. As you probably know, with the recent 1.5 update, there are even more ways to enhance some of your tools. So, let’s find out how to make the most out of farming!

How to upgrade tools in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Upgrade Tools: The Blacksmith

Upgrading tools in Stardew Valley must start at the Blacksmith. So, by visiting Clint, you can upgrade the following tools: your pickaxeaxetrash canwatering can, and hoe

The upgrades happen in the following order: basic to copper, copper to steel, steel to gold, and gold to iridium

Note: each level cannot be skipped.

Here is how it works in practice:

  • Copper upgrades will cost you 2,000 gold and five copper bars 
  • Steel upgrades cost 5,000g and five iron bars
  • Gold upgrades cost 10,000g and five gold bars
  • Iridium upgrades cost 25,000g and five iridium bars.

The trash can upgrade needs the same metal bars, and half the gold for every level.

Upgrades help with the efficiency of the tool, meaning it’ll require less energy. More additional effects apply to some tools and that will be explained for each tool section.

Stardew Valley Upgrade Tools: The Volcano Forge

In the latest 1.5 Stardew Valley update, there’s another cool area called Ginger Island. You can uncover Ginger Island’s mysteries after completing the Community Center or Joja Community Development

There, you’ll find a large volcano. On the tenth level of the volcano, there is a forge that can be used to enchant your tools and it costs Cinder Shards.

For 20 Cinder Shards and a Prismatic Shard, you can choose a random enchantment for a tool. Some of the enchantments improve the effect of these tools, others make them faster. There are even some that remove the energy cost of using them, and some have super special effects.


Your pickaxe is the tool you spend the most time with throughout the journey. Therefore, make it useful long into the later years. The pickaxe is used to break rocks, mainly in the various mines in the game. What is cool is that with each upgrade, it takes fewer hits to break rocks.

At some levels, the pickaxe can break more materials than before. The steel pickaxe can take care of those large boulders on the farm. Or, the large rock blocking your access to the Dwarf on the first floor of the mines. The gold one can break the meteorites that mysteriously land on your farm.

Furthermore, at the volcano forge, there are a couple of cool enchantments waiting for your pickaxe. Wonderful “Efficient” enchantment helps your pickaxe use no energy, while the “Powerful” adds an extra power level to it. Lastly, “Swift” skyrockets the speed of your dear pickaxe.


The axe can chop trees and stumps. It also removes crops and placed objects. With each axe upgrade, it takes fewer hits to break stumps or chop trees down.

At the copper level, you can chop large stumps around your farm. However, to chop those large logs, you’ll need the steel axe. Steel axe allows you to chop the log blocking access to the Secret Woods. The Forest and Riverlands farms also hide the bushes that can be cut down with a copper axe.

Moreover, at the volcano forge, you can add these enchantments to your axe:

  • “Efficient” removes energy usage from use of your axe 
  • “Powerful” gives it two power levels
  • “Swift” increases speed of use
  • “Shaving” is a special enchantment reserved only for axes 

Furthermore, it grants you three extra kinds of wood from oakmaplepinepalm, and mahogany trees.

Interestingly, it will give you three pieces of wood when chopping down mushroom trees! It also allows you to get some extra hardwood from stumps.

Trash Can

This one is quite a mystery until you visit a Blacksmith and realize that it is fully upgradable. With the upgrade, it becomes visible in the inventory section

So, when you upgrade your trash can, it will “reclaim” some of the value of the item. Basically, you’ll sell it for a part of its value instead of just deleting it. And of course, the rules are pretty much the same, each upgraded level reclaims more of the value of the item.

So this is how it goes: for copper, you’ll reclaim 15%, and for steel 30%. As you move further and upgrade to gold, you’ll reclaim 45%, and for iridium 60% of an item’s value.

Watering Can

The watering can, well, is not our favorite tool. It burns up way too much energy, requires constant trips to refill, until you upgrade it, or get some sprinklers. It has various purposes, for example, you can use it to water crops, or fill your pet’s water bowl, or solidify lava

The upgrades for the watering can improve its range at the same pace as the hoe – up to a 6×3 grid at iridium level. Moreover, each upgrade also increases the amount of water it can hold, meaning you need to refill it less frequently. What a relief!

Another great news is that the amount of water per tile also decreases with each upgrade. At the standard level, it requires one “unit” of water to take care of one tile. On the other hand, at the iridium level, it only uses five “units” of water from the can to water the 6×3 grid (18 total tiles).

Extra tip: upgrade your watering can the night before it rains. The rain will take care of the crops, so you can pick up your watering can the day after. 

Onto enchantments, so, at the volcano forge, you can add three different enchantments to a watering can. “Efficient”  removes stamina drain. “Reaching” is the identical as it is for the hoe.

Reaching increases the range of the watering can to a 5×5 grid. “Bottomless” is superbly valuable. Your watering can will hold an infinite amount of water, so there will be no need to refill it.


The hoe is mainly used to till soil, so you can plant seeds to grow crops. However, you can also dig up Artifact Spots, or till random sand anywhere to find things like clay, mixed seeds, or Cave Carrots.

When you upgrade your hoe it increases the range it will till. In the beginning the standard hoe tills one tile. However, the next copper hoe can hoe three tiles in front of you. The steel hoe has the capacity to till five lines in front of you, while the golden one can till a 3×3 square. 

The peak of its efficacy comes with the iridium hoe, as it can till a 6×3 area. To increase its range, hold the action button longer…you are welcome!

There are five possible enchantments for the hoe at the volcano forge:

  • Archaeologist” doubles your chance of finding artifacts
  • Generous” gives you a 50% chance of finding double the items
  • Efficient” removes stamina drain
  • Swift” increases the speed at which you can use your hoe
  • Reaching” increases tiling to 5×5 tiles

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