How to a Get Prismatic Shard | Full Guide 2022

How far have you gone through the Mines? If you’ve found a rainbow-colored gem, it’s your lucky day! That’s a Prismatic Shard, and here’s everything you need to know about it in Stardew Valley.

A player holding a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley.
It looks like candy, don’t you think?

If you think that Diamonds are the most expensive gem, you’ve got it wrong. Among the eight gemstones in Stardew Valley, the Prismatic Shard holds the most value. Interestingly, it won’t only give you a hefty amount of gold, but you can also unlock various mysteries with this stone.

In this guide, you’ll learn about this item’s benefits and the best locations to find it!

Important Questions

What is a Prismatic Shard?

It’s a mineral known for its rarity and usefulness in various game parts. You can sell it for 2000g. But if you have the Gemologist Profession, its price increases by 30%, turning its value to 2600g. This stone can also be donated to the Museum to complete its collection.

How to Find a Prismatic Shard?

This shard is quite tricky to find. But you can increase your chances of getting it by using the Lucky Ring, Lucky Lunch, and other luck-increasing meals or accessories. With enough fortune and perseverance, you may occasionally discover it on these sites:

  • Level 100+ of the Mines, Skull Cavern, and Quarry. These places hold a Mystic Stone that may contain a Prismatic Shard (25%). However, it may also give you one to three pieces of Iridium Ore or one to four chunks of Gold Ore.
  • Skull Cavern, Quarry, and Volcano Dungeon. You may find an Iridium Node from different areas, but these three spots have a 4% probability of spawning this gem.
  • Breaking Omni Geodes. You’ll get it in various regions of Stardew Valley, and it’s also purchasable at Krobus’ Shop every Tuesday or Oasis on Wednesdays. You may visit Clint and pay him 25g or use your Geode Crusher to open it. Nonetheless, it only has a 0.4% probability of generating this shard.
  • Fishing Treasure Chests. It’s possible to obtain it by fishing randomly, but you only have a 0.012% chance. You should also be at Fishing Level 6 or above to get it.
  • Killing Mobs. You can obtain it by slaying monsters like Mummies (0.1%), Serpents (0.1%), Shadow Brutes (0.05%), and Shadow Shamans (0.05%).
  • Reaching the Bottom of the Mines. Upon making it to the 120th floor, you’ll gain more chances of receiving this loot from slaying other monsters (0.05%).
  • Rainbow Trout Fish Pond. They have a 0.09% chance of producing it if they have a population of nine and above.
  • Skull Cavern. You can drop by its Treasure Rooms (4%) and occasionally find this rare stone.
  • Volcano Dungeon. Upon your first visit to this huge new area in Ginger Island, you’ll discover a chest containing one Prismatic Shard.
  • Statue of True Perfection. After getting this piece of furniture by interacting with the Perfection Tracker and reaching 100% perfection. You may now get these shards once a day. It’s the easiest way to get these rare items daily.

Facts and Information


A list of tradeable items from the Desert Trader in Stardew Valley.
Is it worth the exchange?

Your three excess Prismatic Shards can be bartered for a Magic Rock Candy on Thursdays with the Desert Trader. This trade may sound absurd, but it’s quite a win-win since this special treat offers decent healing effects and buffs.

Moreover, you can also sell it for 5000g. But if we do the math here: 3 Prismatic Shards x 2000g= 6000g. You’d still have more profit if you sold the gem instead.


After getting the Wedding Ring Recipe from the Traveling Cart for 500g, you’ll need to collect a Prismatic Shard (1) and Iridium Bar (5). You can use this accessory in proposing to another farmer in multiplayer mode. Note that you can’t give it to NPCs.


A player enhancing their weapons in the Forge of Stardew Valley.
You only need one gem to enhance your weapons!

You can also use it in the Forge alongside 20 Cinder Shards to get random enchantments to your weapons and tools. However, it won’t work on Copper Pan, Golden Scythe, Return Scepter, and Scythe.

Moreover, you can re-randomize its enchantment with another Prismatic Shard if you’re not satisfied with the current enhancement. Don’t worry about having the former sorcery reselected because the tools record its two past charms, preventing it from getting picked again.


Five tailored clothes in Stardew Valley.
You won’t get just one, but five different color-changing clothes!

Placing this gem in the spool of a Sewing Machine creates five random prismatic clothes. After collecting all of them, you’ll eventually get duplicates. Unfortunately, you can’t use it as a dye for dye pots or clothes.

Here are the Prismatic (P.) clothes you can make:

  • P. Shirt with Dark Sleeves.
  • P. Shirt with White Sleeves.
  • P. Shirt
  • P. Pants.
  • P. Genie Pants


It’s a universally loved gift by the villagers. However, Haley is an exception to this as she hates it. But generally speaking, they’ll be delighted to receive this present.


This loot doesn’t play a part in many tasks, but Mr. Qi will ask for four pieces of it in the Four Precious Stones Quest. Remember, you have 28 days to complete it. And after placing them in Mr. Qi’s collection box, you’ll also get 40 Qi Gems as a reward.


This item is an option to complete the Missing Bundle in the Abandoned JojaMart. The movie theater becomes available upon accomplishing this donation. You can now ask villagers to join you for a movie!


What Else Can You Do with a Prismatic Shard?

Surprisingly, its rarity comes with loads of handiness. It’s not limited to crafting or selling, as you can also use this rock in acquiring new weapons and more. Here are other ways to use it:

1. Getting the Galaxy Sword

A player standing in the middle of three pillars while holding a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley.
New weapons to slay those nasty beasts!

If you’ve strolled around Pelican Town, you’ll find a headstone in the graveyard with incomprehensible writing. But upon obtaining the Dwarvish Translation Guide by donating four dwarf scrolls to the Museum, the message gets translated into a riddle-like instruction.

This guide leads you to the Calico Desert, and by standing in front of its three pillars, the shard gets engulfed, and you’ll have the sword in return. This weapon’s level is at 13, with damage ranging from 60 to 80, and it has a critical strike of 0.02. It also offers a +4 Speed stat.

2. Offer it to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness

A player standing in front the Dark Shrine of Selfishness in Stardew Valley.
Wait until you unlock these secrets.

Having a child in Stardew Valley is quite fun, but you can make them disappear by visiting the Witch’s Hut. You’ll find three shrines there. On the left side, you’ll see the Dark Shrine of Selfishness.

This sanctum will ask you to offer a Prismatic Shard to completely erase your child in Stardew Valley and turn them into doves. Doing this also triggers two secret events associated with the television and telephone.

3. Place it in the Junimo Hut

A player holding strawberry seeds while watching Junimos work.
These little workers are very productive.

Putting it in this hut gives you color-changing Junimos resembling the gem. It doesn’t affect the function of these creatures, but it does make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, you can get the hut from the Wizard for 20,000g. You’ll also need to collect Starfruit (9), Stone (200), and Fiber (100) to construct it.

Can You Duplicate a Prismatic Shard?

Unfortunately, you can’t reproduce it in the Crystalarium. The lost book containing the Technology Report! says these gems’ Electromagnetic Field interacts negatively with the equipment. Attempting to place it won’t result in anything.

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