Stardew Valley Forge: Weapon Enchantments and Forging Guide

Are you looking for extra power for your tools and weapons? Already have the Infinity Blade, but it’s not potent against Royal Serpents? You’ll need the Forge, and we’ll help you reach and use it.

A Forge in the middle of a Volcano Caldera with the player standing near it.
The Forge on top of the Volcano in Ginger Island.

It’s never been enough for advanced players to have Infinity weapons at their disposal. New updates bring stronger monsters matching every tool’s high attack speed, damage, or critical strikes. That’s why there are new challenges to take in, and completing Qi’s Special Orders take lots of time.

In Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island update, you can unlock a new feature with several surprises. At the Volcano’s Caldera is a Forge – the ultimate answer for enhancing, enchanting, and combining the strongest of arms. We’ll talk about how you can access the area and all things weapon enchanting and forging.

How to Reach the Forge?

A player's preparation to embark in the Volcano Dungeon and Forge.
It’ll take ten bloody floors to reach the Forge.

Have you unlocked Ginger Island yet? You’ll need to overcome different quests and storylines first before reaching the Forge. Speaking of which, you can find it on Level 10 Volcano Dungeon. However, you’ll need to visit Leo’s Hut first and interact with the Parrot by giving a Golden Walnut.

After the cutscene, get back to the Beach, go North, and you’ll see a Magma Sprite. It’ll guide you to the Volcano’s Entrance, leading to a Dungeon with breakable rocks, minerals, and Cinder Shards.

You may use bombs, but staircases are practically useless. Advancing to another floor is a matter of crossing lava with a Watering Can and sometimes activating buttons to unlock passageways.

Make sure to have enough food items and warp totems if you’re racing against time. 

Gems and Weapon Forging

A quick look at the Forge with Infinity Dagger and Three Emeralds.
Also known as weapon upgrading, forging weapons with gems adds extra firepower.

Every melee weapon in Stardew Valley can be forged up to three times. The initial forge cost is ten Cinder Shards and adds another five for every level. However, the shards required will have the same value as Diamonds.

Talk about gems. Each has random upgrades per level. These are:

GemWeapon Buff
Amethyst+Knockback (+1 every level)
Aquamarine+Critical Hit Chance (+4.6% every level)
DiamondRandom buffs based on the table
Emerald+Weapon Speed (+2 on first and third and +3 on the second level)
Jade+Critical Hit Damage (+10% every level)
Ruby+Damage (+10 every level to both the weapon’s lowest or highest damages)
Topaz+Defense (+1 every level)

Forge Enchantment with Prismatic Shards

An in-game screen of the weapon getting an Enchantment.
Great surprises happen with a Prismatic Shard – literally.

The latest Stardew Valley update introduces permanent tools and weapons perks for an advantageous combat experience. Whether it’s anti-reviving Mummies or extra hay for your farm animals, the Forge has everything.

After placing a tool or weapon, a random permanent stat will be added for 20 Cinder Shards and a Prismatic Shard. Since it’s randomized, you may offer another PS until you get your desired buff. Restarting the day will still randomize what you’ll get, but the previous two stats you get won’t be used again.

The beauty and convenience of forging and enchanting weapons come with the new value it offers. It takes Prismatic and Cinder Shards to upgrade your arsenal without removing existing gem buffs. Here’s a complete table for tools and weapons and the possible perks:

EnchantmentAdded StatsTools/WeaponsBest For
ArchaeologistTwice the chance of finding artifacts from digging Artifact Spots.HoeCompleting the Museum Collection faster.
ArtfulHalved cooldown for special moves.Swords, Hammers, DaggersReducing the waiting time to perform a weapon’s special moves.
Auto-HookAutomatically hooks the fishing rod after the bite and sound cue. The fishing mini-game will remain player-controlled.Fishing RodInitiating the fishing mini-game without the player’s full attention to the sound cue (a more chill Stardew Valley experience).
BottomlessLimitless water supply.Watering CanDoing Volcano Dungeon speedruns and watering tons of crops.
Bug KillerArmored Bugs will be vulnerable to attack. Twice damage to bugs, flies, grubs, spiders, and rock crabs.Swords, Hammers, DaggersInflicting more damage to all Bugs and making Armored Bugs susceptible to damage.
CrusaderPrevents mummies from reviving and adds 50% more weapon damage to ghosts, mummies, skeletons, and void spirits.Swords, Hammers, DaggersPutting down Mummies without having to place Bombs and dealing more damage to certain monsters.
EfficientZero energy cost for casting or using tools.Axe, Fishing Rod, Hoe, Pickaxe, Watering CanEvery activity that involves energy-draining Tools.
GenerousTwice the chance of finding items when digging.HoeMaking more potential profit or completing the Museum Collection.
HaymakerTwice the chance for Fiber and 33% for Hay drops from cutting weeds.Swords, Hammers, DaggersMaximizing yields from Weeds for animal feed and crafting.
Master+1 in Fishing.Fishing RodImproving a Fishing Rod’s efficiency for better fishes.
Powerful+1 Pickaxe and +2 Axe power.Axe, PickaxeImproving an Axe and a Pickaxe’s efficiency in chopping down trees and mining ores and stones.
Preserving+50% chance of saving baits or a tackle’s durability upon usage.Fishing RodProlonging a Tackle’s lifespan or saving Baits for future use.
ReachingMaximum tiles range of tools is 5×5.Hoe, Watering CanDigging soil and watering crops more efficient (more work done).
Shaving+3 pieces of wood from trees (Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Mushroom, Palm, and Pine), hardwood from stumps, and crops from giant crops.AxeGetting more drops from Trees, Stumps, and Giant Crops.
Swift+33% faster tool.Axe, Hoe, PickaxeChopping down trees, tilling soil, and digging stones and ores faster.
Vampiric+9% chance to lifesteal a monster’s 10% max health upon killing. Great for Qi’s Hungry Challenge.Swords, Hammers, DaggersStaying a little longer in combat.

It’s easy to miss which effects to choose from since there are different possibilities with the Forge.

For chopping trees and giant crops, Shaving is best for beginning Stardew Valley players. However, Efficient or Swift will become helpful during late-game once you have a better axe upgrade.

Hoe benefits the most with Reaching as it can speed up farming, especially when a new season starts. On the other hand, you may opt for Generous if you’re getting short on clay and artifacts.

On the other hand, Swift will be extra beneficial for Pickaxe for faster mining. But if you’re the type who uses Bombs to reach the Forge, Powerful can give you an extra boost for breaking hard rocks.

Unfortunately, Auto-Hook isn’t the best for Fishing Rods. It may provide convenience, but aren’t you willing to save your tackles and baits with Preserving? Meanwhile, you can avoid the hassle of going back to a water source to fill your Watering Can with Bottomless.

If you’re wary of Mummies, consider the Crusader enchantment. You may avoid all bugs, but a group of bandaged monstrosities can overwhelm and corner you. Better kill them without a bomb’s final blow before they get you.

How to Unforge Weapons or Tools?

In-game Forge screen unforging a weapon.
Either retrieve resources by undoing changes or stick with your item.

For some reason, you’re not content with your weapons or looking to waste Cinder Shards. Don’t worry. You’re free to remove a weapon’s gem buffs without ruining the Prismatic Shard’s effect in the Forge. It costs nothing and will salvage a handful of the Cinder resources.

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