9 Amazing Ways To Use Paths in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is full of customization opportunities. You can rework how you want to lay your paths and match them with your farm’s aesthetics. But if you’re unaware of its extra uses, this guide will help you!

The player stands on a mix of paths outside of the greenhouse.
The player standing over the cobblestone path outside the Greenhouse

Although pathing is widely known for decoration, some players may be unaware of its extra uses and functionality. Mixing different paths can paint a brand-new look over ordinary floorings. While tinkering with them is fascinating, there’s a functional use to this piece of décor. Using this guide, you’ll learn how paths aren’t limited as they appear.

Paths In A Nutshell

A path is a piece of decor item available for purchase and crafting. It provides the player with a 0.1% speed advantage but only when placed outside the farm.

Overall, there are five different paths: Wood, Gravel, Cobblestone, Steppingstone, and Crystal path–each with its unique shape and style.  

They’re an excellent addition to upscale your farm’s appearance, but there’s more to its use. 

Some players prefer having simple paths, while others choose lavish-looking ones. There are multiple options and designs to choose from, but it boils down to how and where you want to use it. 

Randomize Paths Layout

Have you ever considered detailed decorating? With the inclusion of decors, it’s possible to get a bit intricate in-game. Pickaxing and re-laying a path produces a new random assortment. In total, you’ll get up to six random patterns if you keep re-laying it.

The player standing in the crystal path while fishing.
A fantastic crystal path pattern near the fish pond

Although finding the perfect pattern is laborious, it’ll help you achieve your detailed aesthetic. But take note, lightning storms and bombs can knock off paths. Among its five types, the crystal path is the most resilient.

Outside Placements

Paths can be laid anywhere except in places with roadblocks. You can also use them to improve Pelican town, Cindersap woodland, the beach, and even the incomplete cobblestone walkway of Elliot’s beach house! 

The player completes Elliot's unfinished cobblestone walkway.
Pathing enables players to freely personalize their environment with an artistic style. 

Moreover, it’ll result in a 0.1% speed boost when laid outside, which is helpful while exploring the map. 

Place Paths In-Between Areas

Add a bit of flair to your grove of fruit trees by pathing in between them. However, this only works once your trees have matured.

You can build walkways across your farm buildings if you want to be extra.

Make trails along your crops’ perimeter.

While pathing won’t prevent your mushrooms from spreading, it’ll prevent bushes, random logs, stone, and trees from spawning. It also protects your strawberries from random debris appearing! 

The player demonstrates how paths keep grass and other debris from spawning
Place walkways around the borders of all your crops for extra security.

Unfortunately, weeds can uproot your paths, but a gold clock may keep them at bay as long as you have money to purchase one.


Mix cobblestones and stepping stones in random patterns to create a nice walkway. Together you’ll get a more refined appearance.

You can mess with different path options, but these combinations are among the popular ones:

Wood and Cobblestone Path
The player displays the wooden-cobblestone path combo.
A unique mix to create an earthy look

This combination brings a natural spin to your floorings than using only one type. Wooden and stone trails can line areas near your pond and fruit trees. 

Gravel and Stepping Stone Path
The player shows the use of stepping stones and gravel paths in combination.
The addition of stepping stones subtly disguises the uninteresting gravel flooring

Individually, the gravel type is the ugliest and lamest-looking surface decor. However, when combined with the stepping stone path, it creates a textured and earthy effect.

Crystal path and Stepping stone path
The player demonstrates the crystal and stepping stone path combination.
Combining these two is costly.

This combination has everything: the colors, visuals, and a nice texture appearance. An instant way to bring a refreshing and layered look to your farm is to combine these two and place them spatially near your garden, apiary, grove, crops, or the inside of your buildings! It’s your choice for the taking.

Farm Cave

Unfortunately, you should leave the farm cave bare of any pathing. Bats won’t leave fruits if there are covers on the surface.

However, if you don’t intend to use this cave, it can be kept as a spare room, a storage house, or a lair with a bit of creativity.

The player recreates the farm cave using paths as decor
An inside-look of a transformed farm cave

Changing color paths

The player shows the difference between a crystal path and a crystal floor.
Don’t confuse the crystal path (Right) with the crystal floors (Left) that Krobus sells. 

If you want floors that change tones throughout the season, the go-to decor is the crystal path. Its color turns into varying colors during winter, faint brown in summer, and a combination of subtle green and brown during spring and fall.

Before crafting this decor item, you must obtain the recipe from Robin, which costs 200g. Installing this flooring spruces up the farm’s surface at a high resource cost. It takes one piece of refined quartz to make five, so if you don’t have a spare, this may not be the best decorative path for you.

Holding A Path

Holding a path in makes it easier to see obstructed or untillable terrain. This is useful if you’re unsure whether there are any fruit tree blockers.

In addition, finding hidden passageways will be simpler using the green indicator tile.

The player is trying to navigate through the trees using a path.
Tip: Placing a path trail can help you mark hidden areas.


Before placing sprinklers, consider laying them over a path/tile. It’ll make hoeing through sprinklers easy without knocking them off.

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