Mushroom Trees are More Useful Than You Think

Did you know that Mushroom Trees in Stardew Valley can be profitable? However, getting them can be a long and tricky process. Read this FULL guide to increase your chances of getting them early-game and discover what you can do with its produce.

The player standing in the middle of Mushroom Trees in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a fully-grown Mushroom Tree looks like in Stardew Valley.

Tree farming is a great way to hoard natural materials for crafting handy items on your farm in the game. They’re profitable if you sell the fruits and loots you get, and It comes with the bonus of helping you maintain energy and health too!

Getting these benefits from growing common and fruit trees is impressive, but what if there’s a better way to upscale your profit and health?

You may not know, but Mushroom Tree Farming doesn’t just give loots for nothing. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of cultivating this tree and its benefits!

How to Grow a Mushroom Tree

A Mushroom Tree is a unique tree you can get by luck at the beginning of the Fall 2 season’s rare event in Stardew Valley.

You have a five percent chance to trigger this scenario. Basically, the game engine chooses ten random tiles on your farm with an untapped, fully grown uncommon tree or stump. The selected tile will transform into a mushroom tree/stump. If you got the latter, you’d have to wait for it to grow in the following Spring.

Nonetheless, you can still get its seeds for five Qi Gems in the Walnut Room.

Planting it doesn’t take a lot of time. You only need to place the seed on either tilled or untilled soil and wait for it to grow.

However, Fall is the best time to plant them since they can’t survive during Winter. Even if they’re fully grown, they become stumps in this season.

These stumps also leave some seeds which gain a 20% chance of maturation during Spring and Summer. If they remain unobstructed, their growth is possible.

The urge to speed up its development is tempting but don’t put Tree Fertilizers on it. You wouldn’t want to see it half its size the next day. Once it matures, you can get loots by cutting it with your axe, and you’ll get red, purple, or common mushrooms. 

They may seem useless, but what if you turn them into something useful?

How to Farm Mushroom Trees?

The player standing the middle of Tapped Mushroom Trees in Stardew Valley.
Useful fact: Tappers are enough to farm Mushroom Trees.

Before making Mushroom Trees nifty, you’ll want to increase the amount produced first. 

Like other regular trees, you can attach a tapper to them! It yields the same products but prevents you from cutting the tree. Adding this equipment helps collect foraged goods continuously. However, it’s useless during Winter since it turns into a stub this season.

In crafting a tapper, you’ll need 40 pieces of wood and two copper bars. You can get its recipe by reaching Level 3 in Foraging. 

The harvest time depends on the season you placed the tapper. It’ll take two nights in Spring or Summer, while it only takes a night in Fall if you haven’t harvested a purple mushroom.

The forages’ harvesting sequence relies on the combination of the earlier collection’s type, date, and season.

Here’s a detailed look at a Tapper’s Forage Production after harvest:

Dates of Previous HarvesCommon Mushroom (CM)Red Mushroom (RM)Purple Mushroom (PR)
10th or 20th of a season.PMPMRM
Other dates in Fall.CMRMRM
Other dates in Spring or Summer.CmCMRM

Adding a tapper on Mushroom Trees produces CMs by default, while the purple one only happens after harvest on the 10th and 20th.

Consequently, removing and replacing the tapper in the ongoing fall season will give you RMs every day until the harvest-year ends. However, this doesn’t include the 11th and 21st.

Moreover, you can also use a Heavy Tapper, but this doesn’t increase the spawning of goods. You’ll need to purchase its recipe from the Walnut Room for 20 Qi Gems and gather 30 pieces of hardwood and one radioactive bar.

Now that you’ve spawned more of its loots, we’ll proceed on how you can make them handy!

How Can Mushroom Trees Be Useful?

The player standing near a Cookout Kit and Mushroom Trees with Stir Fry, Tom Kha Soup, Fried Mushrooms, and Life Elixir on top.
You can get helpful consumables with mushrooms if you use them right.

Many beginning Stardew Valley players can easily miss the advantages of collecting the Mushroom Trees’ drops. However, here are ideas that you can use to maximize the benefits of growing it.

Common Mushrooms

A common mushroom in Stardew Valley.
A Common Mushroom’s in-game sprite.

These are brown-colored caps you can forage in other areas during Fall. You can sell them for 40g to 80g. However, making more profit is possible by turning them into cuisines that increase your health and energy. 

Here are the dishes, their selling price, healing effects, ingredients, and perks:

DishIngredientsRestoresBuffsSelling Price
Fried MushroomCM (1), Morel (1), Oil (1)+135 Energy
+60 Health
Attack (+2)200g
Stir FryCM (1), Cave Carrot (1), Kale (1), Oil (1)+200 Energy
+90 Health
Tom Kha SoupCM (1), Coconut (1), Shrimp (1)+175 Energy
+80 Health
Farming (+2)
Max Energy (+30)

Upon reaching Level 6 in Foraging, you can turn CMs into Wild Seeds and sell them for 45g. To craft it, you’ll need one blackberry, CM, wild plum, and hazelnut.

Purple Mushrooms

A purple mushroom inside the Mines.
Purple Mushroom’s in-game sprite.

It also spawns purple-shaded goods found in areas like The Mines. Unlike CMs, it’s available in all seasons with a selling price of 250g to 500g. However, you can’t use it in cooking, but it creates purple dyes and serves as an ingredient to make Life Elixir.

Red Mushroom

A Red Mushroom's Stardew Valley sprite.
A Red Mushroom’s in-game appearance.

Meanwhile, RMs are red-spotted forages that decrease energy. You can only find them in Summer, and it comes at the selling price of 75g to 150g. Like PMs, you can’t use them in recipes, but they can craft Spotted Headscarves and red dyes.

PMs and RMs are both used to prepare Life Elixirs. These elixirs are great for restoring your maximum health.

The ingredients to this concoction are:

ItemIngredientsRestoresRecipe SourcePrice
Life ElixirRM, PM, Morel, Chanterelle (1)+200 Energy
+89 Health
Combat Level 2500g

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