Pumpkin Soup: Cooking, Selling, Benefits and More

Some foods fit your taste in every season. If you’re looking for a new dish, you should try making Pumpkin Soup. Here’s a guide that’ll help you learn all the benefits you’ll get from it!

A Pumpkin Soup placed on a table with a player looking at it in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a Pumpkin Soup looks like in Stardew Valley.

Fall is almost synonymous with pumpkins, and you know that. With these crops being available during the Autumn Season, you might be wondering what you can do with them. Luckily, Stardew Valley has some recipes for different crops like these crunchy vegetables.  

You can make a seasonal Pumpkin Soup with it to get more gold. You’ll also get to regain your energy and health by eating it.

If you’re interested in making it, here’s a guide that’ll help you learn how to make it and its benefits!

What’s a Pumpkin Soup?

A Pumpkin Soup is a cooked dish that you can make in your upgraded farmhouse or cookout kit. Consuming it gives you +200 Energy and +90 Health.

Aside from these advantages, you’ll also receive buffs like +2 Defense and +2 Luck for seven minutes and 41 seconds.

The Defense Buff allows you to receive minor damage from mobs like Green Slimes or Mummies. And the latter enhancement increases the chance of getting good items in Stardew Valley.

Where Can You Get It?

You can either cook or buy it from the Traveling Merchant’s Booth at the Festival of Ice for 250g every 8th of Winter. There’s also a 2% for you to find five of it at Krobus’ shop on Saturdays, with its price ranging from 50g to 500g. 

Additionally, you’ll sometimes see it at the Stardrop Saloon for 600g, which is quite expensive. But to get this for a low price, you can cook it yourself!


A player beside a yield of pumpkin and holding a jar filled with Milk in Stardew Valley.
These are the ingredients you need to make this soup!

You’ll receive its recipe via mail from Robin once you get seven Friendship Hearts with her. Upon obtaining it, you’ll only need two items which are Milk and Pumpkin.

You can get the first ingredient from your cow or randomly receive one from Sandy. And you’ll get the other item by growing it on your farm for 13 days during Fall,


Crafting meals means getting profits too. If you sell this item without any Qi Seasoning, you’ll get 300g for it. But if you add it to your cooked dish, you’ll get more gold and perks from it. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of this dish with and without Qi Seasoning:

Pumpkin SoupWithout Qi SeasoningWith Qi Seasoning


Aside from selling it, you can also give it to NPCs. Sebastian would find this as a great gift, while others would appreciate receiving it. However, offering it to Krobus, Leo, and Willy wouldn’t make sense since they dislike it.


A player wearing a pale orange shirt in Stardew Valley.
A Plain Shirt for your Daily Clothing!

You can make a shirt from this soup and some yellow dyes for pots.

Bundles and Quests

Sadly, this cooked dish won’t complete any quests or bundles,

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