How to Get Ancient Seeds in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022

After getting the Ancient Seeds recipe, you can now cultivate its precious yields in Stardew Valley. But how and where else can you get this item? Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about it.

A player holding a pack of ancient seeds in Stardew Valley.
You’ll earn a fortune by growing these fruits!

The trouble acquiring Ancient Seed relics involved killing bugs alongside other mobs, digging artifact spots, and more compelling ways. After getting and donating it to the Museum, all you have is a pack of viable seeds that grows actual fruits.

Like other crops, there are some things that you need to take note of before cultivating it on your Farm. Here’s a guide to walk you through how you can get it and its benefits!

Important Questions

What are Ancient Seeds?

These are a type of seed that grows into Ancient Fruits during Summer, Fall, and Spring. They take 28 days to fully mature and seven days to yield new bearings. You can grow it on your Farm in Pelican Town or at Ginger Island, but don’t forget to add some scarecrows to prevent crows from feasting on it! 

However, placing it in Garden Pots wouldn’t be a great idea. Attempting this would flash a message saying that its roots grow deep and it’ll make it unhappy if placed on the container.

Selling them via the Shipping Bin gives you 30g. You can also put it on the Deconstructor if you haven’t donated its artifact counterpart.

FertilizerGrowth Percentage (%)No. of DaysGrowth Percentage with AgriculturistNo. of Days with Agriculturist
Deluxe Speed-Gro25%2235%19
Hyper Speed-Gro33%1943%16

While Agriculturist helps in growth speed, the Tiller profession boosts the raw fruit’s selling price. The same goes for the Artisan profession that helps artisan goods once you process them in Preserves Jar and Kegs. 

A player holding an ancient fruit in Stardew Valley.
What else can you do with it?

Here are the full prices:

QualityNormalWith TillerWineWine with ArtisanJamJam with Artisan

How to Get Ancient Seeds?

Unlike most in-game crop sources, this item can be tricky to acquire since it’s neither sold in JojaMart nor Pierre’s General Store. You’ll need tons of patience and gold if you want to purchase it instead. Below are the methods you can use to get it:

  • Traveling Cart. There’s only a 1.26% chance for the Traveling Merchant to sell it for 100g to 1000g. You’ll find this store at the Cindersap Forest every Friday and Sunday. 
  • Reward from Gunther. After using its artifact version to contribute to the Museum, he’ll give you a plantable packet.
  • Seed Maker. You can directly place its fruit in this equipment and get its origins. But there’s also a 0.5% probability of spawning this item despite putting in a different crop.

How to Craft Ancient Seeds?

A player crafting viable ancient seeds in Stardew Valley.
Producing the viable seeds won’t take you a lot of time!

The fastest and easiest way to get Ancient Seeds is through crafting, which requires one Ancient Seed artifact to produce its plantable version of it. But before successfully constructing it, you’ll need to donate the seed artifact to the Museum first.

Facts and Information


Like other seed packets, you can’t place them in the spool of the Sewing Machine to make new clothes. And it’s neither in dyeing dye pots nor dyeable clothes. It may not add new wearables to your collection, but its fruits’ can. 


Ancient Seeds belong to the universally disliked items by NPCs. Instead of giving these precious seeds away, you can cultivate and earn profits with them. But its fruits make an excellent gift for most villagers except Haley, Abigail, Vincent, and Jas.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t help finish any tasks in Stardew Valley. But it can help increase your Farming XP once you grow it on your Farm. Reaching certain levels of experiences lets you explore more professions in-game.


You can’t use Ancient Seeds in any bundles. But its other in-game uses outweigh this limitation. Since acquiring them allows you to expand your Farm’s crops and build relationships with NPCs.

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