Red Mushroom: Selling, Benefits, and More

Who knew that lethal goods could be helpful in Stardew Valley? Here’s a big no-no for starters, don’t eat Red Mushrooms! Before you dare consume it, try reading this guide to know more about its uses and benefits.

A player holding a red mushroom while being surrounded by the same item in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a Red Mushroom looks like in Stardew Valley.

If you have a Farm Cave or often visit the Mines, you must be familiar with the red mushrooms with white spots. These are Red Mushrooms that diminish your health when consumed.

It’s pretty different from other foraged items in Stardew Valley, but it can still be useful. Did that pique your interest? Read further to learn more about this item’s uses and benefits.

What’s a Red Mushroom?

A Red Mushroom is a seasonal foraged item that you’ll get from tapped Mushroom Trees or simply chopping them down. It’s only available during Summer, but you’ll rarely get it at the Forest Farm Map and Secret Woods in the fall season. 

Moreover, it’s consumable, but it doesn’t have the expected benefits since it’ll decrease your energy by 50. Note that the better its quality, the greater the damage.

Where Can You Find It?

A player standing in different locations in Stardew Valley.
These are a few of the places where you can find them.

Aside from getting it from Mushroom Trees, you may randomly find them in these locations:

  • The Farm’s Mushroom Cave
  • Secret Woods
  • The Mines
  • Ginger Island’s Mushroom Cave
  • Garbage Can
  • Forest Farm Map (occasionally)

Unlike most items, you won’t receive a Red Mushroom as a gift from any villager or event. But you can purchase it from the Traveling Cart with its price ranging from 225g to 1000g.


Despite its lethal effect, it’s still a sellable good which is quite handy if you have plenty of this kind of mushroom in your inventory. Its selling price depends on its quality.

Here’s the list of its Base to Iridium quality prices alongside its effect:

QualityEffect on EnergyPrice
Base -5075g
Silver Star-7093g
Gold Star-90112g
Iridium Star-130150g

However, you may want to think twice before selling it. Perhaps, this loot alone cannot heal you, but you can use it in making a concoction that brings your health back to full.


A player looking at a Life Elixir on a table in Stardew Valley.
Need something that can heal you quickly? Here’s a Life Elixir!

You can’t use it in food recipes, but you’ll need it in making Life Elixirs. It’s a consumable item that completely restores your health and energy in just one drink.

Here are the items that you’ll need to make it:

ItemIngredientsHealing EffectSelling PriceRecipe Source
Life Elixir1 Morel+200 Energy+89 Health500gCombat Level 2
1 Chanterelle
1 Red Mushroom
1 Purple Mushroom


It’s useless to give this item to NPCs since everyone dislikes it, especially Penny because she hates it.


A player wearing a pink spotted headscarf in Stardew Valley.
A Spotted Headscarf gives of a Little Red Riding Hood vibe!

If you’re in for a unique updo, you can make a Spotted Headscarf with this loot. You can also produce red dyes from it for your pots.

Bundles and Quests

A Red Mushroom helps complete the following bundles:

  • Dye Bundle in the Bulletin Board
  • Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room (Option)

While you can also accomplish quests with it like:

  • Random request from Pierre’s “Help Wanted” Sign.
    •  Reward 225g and 150 Friendship Points
  • 2 to 3 of it is requested in the Fish Pond Quest to increase the pond’s capacity from three to five.

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