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Every occasion in Stardew Valley needs a stunning outfit. But where and how can you get pieces of cloth to make an item of unique clothing? In this guide, you’ll learn how to get and produce them!

A player holding a cloth in Stardew Valley.
What can we make with it?

You have two ways to make clothes in-game. You can use Emily’s sewing machine or obtain yours upon accomplishing the “Rock Rejuvenation” Quest. Whichever method you choose, you still need an essential item to make the base outfit– a cloth. But how do you get them?

We’ll walk you through the process of getting and producing them on your farm in Stardew Valley!

Important Questions

What is Cloth?

It’s an Artisan Good used to make clothes of different styles and colors. Placing it in a sewing machine with any foraged, mined, or harvested item gives you dyeable and non-dyeable shirts, hats, and pants. 

However, the wearable products of this fabric can neither be gifted nor sold. 

How to Get Cloth?

There are several ways to acquire this material, including:

  • Recycling Machine. Placing a soggy newspaper in this equipment may spawn this good (10%).
  • Mummies. Slaying these mobs from the Skull Cavern has a 5 to 20% chance of dropping this loot.
  • Emily. She may randomly give this to you if your friendship level with her is not less than zero.
  • Desert Trader from Calico Desert. You can barter three pieces of Aquamarine to get a single fabric on Wednesdays.

Unfortunately, you won’t find it in the Traveling Cart, JojaMart, and Pierre’s General Store

How to Make Cloth?

You’ll need a Loom and Wool to manufacture your own piece of cloth. You may get the Loom recipe upon reaching Farming Level 7. And to assemble it, you’d need Fiber (30), Wood (60), and Pine Tar (1).

If you have a herd of Rabbit or Sheep in your deluxe barn, you can shear their fur to get the second item. These farm animals are the best source of Wool – a cloth’s primary ingredient.

Placing this animal product on a Loom creates a piece of fabric. It approximately takes four in-game hours to finish its production. Moreover, the silver to iridium quality of the wool may spawn two of this loot.


Facts and Information

Selling Price

You may market it for 470g. But if you have a Rancher Profession, its value significantly increases by 20% (564g). Choosing the Artisan Profession would boost its price by 40%, making it worth 658g.


Aside from its handiness in making chic garments, you can also use it to make a Dressed Spinner. You’ll only need some Iron Bars (2) and Cloth (1) to craft one., but its recipe only becomes available once you reach Fishing Level 8. Vending it gives you 500g.


Produce more goods with this building!

If you’re planning to get a Mill from the Carpenter’s Shop, prepare Cloth (4), Wood (150), and Stones (50). Constructing it only costs you 2,500g. So, don’t miss the chance to produce more goods on your farm! 


Cloth in a Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
Get ready to make new outfits!

It helps make every clothing item. You’ll need to place any item in the spool of the Sewing Machine to get the best output for shirts and hats. Sadly, you can’t use it in dying clothes or dye pots.


Many townsfolk would like to receive it as a gift, but Emily’s the one who’ll adore it the most. But giving it to Jas, Vincent, and Sebastian won’t be a brilliant idea since they hate it. Perhaps, clothes don’t interest these NPCs.


You can’t use it in any quests, but indulging yourself with various clothing items won’t hurt. Dressing up may satisfy your preferences too! But if you’re not a fan of this method, you can give it away, sell it, and use it for crafting or making buildings. 


It’s an option in completing the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry. After making this donation, you’ll receive a Keg as a reward. You may not know, but this artisan equipment can do wonders in producing other goods!

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