Wool: Uses, Crafting, and More

It’s great to have different clothes in Stardew Valley. But aren’t you curious about its primary materials like wool? Here’s a complete guide to help you fully understand its uses and benefits!

A player holding wool in Stardew Valley.
Shear that thick and fluffy wool!

Having animals on your farm is a great way to earn extra profit in Stardew Valley. And if you own a Rabbit or Sheep from Marnie’s Ranch, you must’ve collected some wool already. Do you know how to use this product effectively? 

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran player, we’d still walk you through the benefits of owning this animal product!

What is Wool?

It’s a soft and fluffy animal product from a Rabbit or Sheep. Aside from collecting it on your farm, you can also acquire it from:

  • Traveling Cart. You’ll get it for 1020g to 1700g.
  • The Mail. You may receive it as a gift from Emily.

Collecting a good amount of it allows you to sell them reasonably, especially if you collect high-quality ones. It also benefits from the Rancher Profession by adding 20% to its base price. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of it with and without the profession:

QualityWithout ProfessionWith Rancher Profession


A piece of cloth produced in Stardew Valley.
Now you know where to get those fabrics!

Besides selling it, you can make a piece of cloth by placing it on a Loom. Note that using Silver (10%), Gold (25%), and Iridium (50%) graded wool may give you two pieces of fabric. This process takes four in-game hours to complete.

Moreover, this handicraft also benefits from the Rancher and Artisan professions. Wherein the latter occupation increases its costs by 40%. 



A plain shirt from the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
Nothing beats plain, yet elegant clothing.

You can use it as a spool in the Sewing Machine to make a Plain Shirt. It also serves as a white dye for dyeable clothing items.


Emily adores this good, while Sandy appreciates it. Other NPCs feel neutral on receiving it, except for Penny.


You can use it in one task: 

Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store. Randomly requested by a villager at any season, you’ll receive 1020g and 150 Friendship Points in return. 

Nonetheless, it’s never asked if you don’t own the required farm animals.


It serves as an option to complete the Animal Bundle in the Pantry.

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