How to Craft an Oil Maker in Stardew Valley?

Before getting your hands on one of the most profitable artisan goods, you first need an Oil Maker. What is it, and how can you use it in Stardew Valley? We’ll answer these questions in this guide!

A player holding an Oil Maker in Stardew Valley.
Oil Maker is the secret to making lucrative products.

Getting a new equipment recipe makes you excited because who knows what new useful item you can make? Upon achieving enough points to increase your Farming Level, you must’ve received the Oil Maker recipe.

How’s it relevant to your gameplay? Here’s a guide to answering your questions about this equipment!

Important Questions

WhIt’ss an Oil Maker?

It’s an Artisan Equipment that makes Artisan Goods by turning certain products into various Oils that you could use as a crafting or cooking ingredient. 

Moreover, having this machinery helps you save some gold from buPierre’sic oil from Pierre’s for 200g. Making them also gives you a lot of gold, especially if you produce your own Truffle Oil using iridium-quality truffles. 

How to Get its Recipe?

A player surrounded by animals and trees in StardewValley.
Raise that farming experience now!

You’ll get its recipe by reaching Farming Level 8. You need to earn enough experience points by doing chores on the Farm to do this. Here are methods you should consider to boost your farming skills:

  • Harvesting crops.
  • Milking Goats and Cows.
  • Taking care and increasing animal friendship with Farm Animals.
  • Help your livestock reach their maximum happiness.
  • Shearing Sheeps.
  • Collecting Animal Products.

How to Craft it?

You’ll need the following resources to assemble this piece of equipment: 50 Slime, 20 Hardwood, and one Gold Bar. Collecting these materials requires your Mining, Foraging, and Combat Skills.

What Products Does it Make?

A player standing in front of equipment in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what you should look forward to!

Using the Oil Maker produces new goods. You only need to choose one amongst the raw ingredients in making all-purpose cooking oils. Each of its components has a varying processing time which requires some patience.

Note that these products may range from basic cooking oils to gourmet goods. Here are the different kinds of oil you can make alongside their sell price and stamina rejuvenation:

ItemsIngredientsDuration of ProductionEnergyHealthPricePrice with Artisan Profession
Truffle OilTruffle (1)6hrs+38+171,065g1,491g
OilCorn (1)16hrs+13+5100g100g
Sunflower (1)1hr
Sunflower Seeds (1)2d

Despite having the second item classified as an Artisan Good, it doesn’t benefit from the profession. But there are tons of different ways to increase your profit with this product, including cooking.

Nonetheless, you can use these products in a spool of the sewing machine, quests, bundles, gifts, and crafting valuable items. It may even sway you to fill your Standard Barn or Deluxe Barn with pigs from Marnie’s Ranch to collect truffles and earn a lot of money.

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