Apricot: Sources, Uses, and More

What fruit are you looking forward to harvesting as Spring approaches in Stardew Valley? If you thought of an Apricot, you’d find out more about it with this guide!

A player holding an Apricot in Stardew Valley.
Take your time to admire this sweet fruit!

Your efforts in cultivating crops in-game don’t go in vain when the harvesting season comes in. After waiting for 28 days for an Apricot Sapling to mature, you’re supposed to collect its fruits.

However, what can you do with it? Here’s a guide to help extract its benefits.

Important Questions

What is an Apricot?

It’s a fruit from an Apricot Tree that becomes available every Spring. Aside from harvesting it on your farm, you may acquire it by:

  • Traveling Cart. You may purchase it here for 150g to 1000g.
  • The Farm Cave. Choosing the Fruit Bat option allows you to collect this good without planting them.

It doesn’t give hundreds of healing effects, but consuming higher-quality goods offer a proper restoration. Here are its healing benefits based on its grade:


Facts and Information

Selling Price

Besides consuming them, they also make a decent amount of profit. While having the Tiller profession boosts their value by 10%.

Moreover, you can also make some wine and jelly with Keg and Preserves Jar. And if you have the Artisan Profession, the value of these goods increases by 40%. Below are the listed prices of each item:

QualityNormalWith TillerJuice/WineJuice/Wine with ArtisanJelly Jelly with Artisan


A player holding a Fruit Salad in Stardew Valley.
Take this sweet treat before you leave your farmhouse.

You can use it to prepare a simplistic desert. Mixing a Qi Seasoning increases the restoration effects by 80% alongside its price by 50%. Here’s everything you need to make it:

ItemIngredientsEnergy Energy with QSHealthHealth with QSPricePrice with QSRecipe Source
Fruit Salad• Apricot (1)
• Blueberry (1)
• Melon (1)
+263+473+118+212450g675g• The Queen of Sauce on the 7th of Fall, Year 2.


A relaxed fit pants produced in the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
A comfy pants for an adventurous farmer!

An Apricot can be placed in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create dyeable Relaxed Fit Pants. It also produces orange dyes for dye pots in Stardew Valley.


This fruit serves as one of the most decent gifts for NPCs since everyone likes it. It’ll help you increase your bond with them little by little.


You can use it to complete one quest:

  • Fresh Fruit. Emily will request this good through mail on the 6th of Spring, Year 2. You’ll get 600g and one Friendship Heart as a reward.


It’s a probable option to complete the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry.

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