How to Get a Gold Bar in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022

Several mining areas in Stardew Valley give you Gold Ores. Upon finding tons of them, you’ll get to make a Gold Bar. What can you do with this newly discovered resource? Find out everything in this guide!

A player holding a Gold Bar in Stardew Valley.
Give us those shiny bars!

After getting the Furnace blueprint from Clint, you can now smelt resources and make an item like a Gold Bar. This newly found product makes a decent amount of profit, and it’s also helpful in crafting or getting tool upgrades.

In this guide, you’ll discover the things you can make with it and the best locations to get its bases!

Important Questions

What is a Gold Bar?

It’s an item made from five melted Gold Ores and one Coal serving as fuel in the Furnace. Its process takes five in-game hours to produce the bar successfully. You can also transmute two Iron Bars and make a Gold Bar if you don’t find any ores. But this recipe only becomes available once you reach Mining Level 7.

Marketing this item gives you 250g, but having the Blacksmith Profession boosts its value by 50%, turning its selling price to 375g.

How to Get a Gold Bar?

There are various methods of getting this loot in Stardew Valley, including:

  • Scavenging the Blacksmith’s Garbage Can. You’ll rarely find it here, but it is the easiest way to get a Gold Bar. This chance only gets unlocked once you receive the Furnace blueprint.
  • Feast of the Winter Star. Clint will give you five of this loot if he’s your Secret Gift-Giver in the event.
  • The Mines. Occasionally, you may find them on floors 41 to 80 (0.1%).
  • Killing Mobs. Squid Kids (5%), Dust Sprites (0.1%), Shadow Brutes (1%), and Shadow Shamans (1%) may drop this item.

Facts and Information


A list of crafted items in Stardew Valley,
Collect more gold to make these items!

You can make a lot of items you can use on your farm with a Gold Bar (G.B). They make your tasks easier and help you discover more products by constructing new pieces of equipment. Here are the things you can create with it:

ItemsIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Quality SprinklerG.B. (1)
•Iron Bar (1)
•Refined •Quartz (1)
Farming Lvl. 6• It waters an area of 3×3 tiles every morning.
Iridium SprinklerG.B. (1)
•Iridium Bar (1)
•Battery Pack (1)
Farming Lvl. 9• It can water an area of 5×5 daily.
Oil MakerG.B. (1)
•Hardwood (20)
•Slime (50)
Farming Lvl. 8• Turns certain items into Oil.
Ring of YobaG.B. (5)
•Iron Bar (5)
•Diamond (1)
Combat Lvl. 7• Provides immunity against monsters’ damage for five seconds.
Worm BinG.B. (1)
•Hardwood (25)
•Iron Bar (1)
•Fiber (50)
Fishing Lvl. 8• Create baits used in fishing.
CrystalariumG.B. (5)
•Stone (99)
•Iridium Bar (2)
•Battery Pack (1)
Mining Lvl. 9• Replicates minerals except for Prismatic Shards.
Seed MakerG.B. (1)
•Coal (10)
•Wood (25)
Farming Lvl. 9• Reproduces specific seeds.
Treasure HunterG.B. (2)Fishing Lvl. 7• A tackle that helps prevent fishes from escaping while getting the Treasure Chest.
Barbed HookG.B (1)
•Copper Bar (1)
•Iron Bar (1)
Fishing Lvl. 8• Maintains the fishing bar connected to the haul.
Gold BrazierG.B (1)
•Coal (1)
•Fiber (5)
Carpenter’s Shop (1,000g)• It provides a decent amount of light in the evening.
Thorns RingG.B (1)
•Bone Fragment (50)
•Stone (50)
Combat Lvl. 7• Reciprocates the damage you receive from monsters.
Solar PanelG.B (5)
•Iron Bar (5)
•Refined Quartz (10)
Caroline (Special Order)• Generates a Battery Pack after seven days under the sun.
Geode CrusherG.B (2)
•Diamond (1)
•Stone (50)
Clint (Special Order)• Crushes Geodes.
Mini-ObeliskG.B (3)
•Hardwood (30)
•Solar Essence (20)
Wizard(Special Order)• Teleports you anywhere within the boundaries of your farm.

Tool Upgrades

Tools in Gold Upgrades in Stardew Valley.
New tools mean a better farming experience!

A Gold Bar helps upgrade tools to their Gold (G.) counterpart. You can ask Clint to enhance them, but prepare enough bars and coins for this service. Here’s all you need to know about these improvements:

G. Axe10000gG.B. (5)• Chops down a matured tree in four hits.
• It breaks small stumps in two hits.
• Cuts Stage 3 tree and below in one blow.
• It breaks Stage 4 tree in two hits.
G. Hoe10000gG.B. (5)• It covers a maximum area of 3×3.
G. Pickaxe10000gG.B. (5)• Break meteorite.
• Destroy rocks from level 80 to 120 in one hit.
• 1 hit to break Copper and Iron Nodes.
• 2 blows to destroy Gold Nodes.
• 4 clicks to break Iridium Nodes.
G. Watering Can10000gG.B. (5)• Charges are increased by 85. 
• Cover a 3×3 area.
G. Trash Can5000gG.B. (5)• Retrieves 45% of deleted item’s value.


A gold breastplate made in the Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
What a great way to style yourself for combat, ey?

Aside from using it in crafting and upgrades, you may place it in the spool of a sewing machine and make a Gold Breastplate. You can also use it as a gold dye for dyeable clothing and yellow coloring for dye pots.


Clint and Maru love this item, while Krobus and Willy would appreciate it. However, other villagers won’t be pleased to get it. Note that Sam’s the only one who hates it.


You may need it in accomplishing tasks including the following:

  • Help Wanted Board at Pierre’s General Store. A random villager may request it, and you’ll receive 150 Friendship Points and 750g as a reward upon delivering it. Remember, a Gold Bar won’t get asked for unless you earned the Furnace blueprint.
  • Fish Pond Quests. Supercucumber, Rainbow Trout, and Spook Fish may ask for three pieces of Gold Bar at a population of seven.


You can use it to complete the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room. After accomplishing it, you’ll receive a Furnace as a reward. While achieving the Enchanter’s Bundle in the Bulletin Board gives you five pieces of this item.


Are gold bars hard to sell?

Selling them won’t be difficult since you can immediately ship them through the Shipping Box. You can also directly sell it to Clint by visiting his place.

Is it worth it to own Gold Bars?

It’s a must-have item in Stardew Valley, especially for starters who want to upgrade their tools. Before getting the Iridium variation of tools, you’ll first need to avail their Copper, Iron, and Gold upgrades.

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