Iron Bar: Crafting, Gifting, and More

Do you have some iron bars in your inventory? You can try to craft plenty of items with this bar. Check this guide to learn more about its uses and benefits!

An iron found in the Mines.
Here’s what an Iron Bar looks like in Stardew Valley.

Having limited Iron Bars in your inventory makes you consider which item you should craft first. Considering that you must’ve spent time collecting them, you’d want to make good use of them too. In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft and efficiently use it in Stardew Valley!

What’s an Iron Bar?

An Iron Bar comes from five melted Iron Ores in a furnace with one coal. But it’ll take two hours to complete this process. You can also use a “Transmute (Fe)” recipe when you reach Mining Leve 4l. This method uses three copper bars to make this item.

You may sometimes get these bars from Garbage Cans upon receiving the Furnace blueprint from Clint. While there’s also this 2% chance for Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans to drop them.

Additionally, it can upgrade your tools to Tier 3. But if you want to sell them, you’ll get 120g each. But if you have the Blacksmith Profession, its price goes to 180g.

Tool Upgrades

Upgraded tools in Stardew Valley found in your farm in Stardew Valley.
Upgraded Tools make Everything Easier!

If you’re tired of your rusty old tools, you can upgrade them with an Iron Bar by visiting Clint. Although you need to pay him a hefty amount of gold, it’ll be worth it since these advancements have benefits. Here’s the price list and materials you’ll need for each tool:

ToolsPricesIngredient (Iron Bars)Improvements
Steel Hoe5,000g5• Increases the maximum effect area to 5 tiles in front of you.
Steel Pickaxe5,000g5• 1 hit to break rock in levels 40-79 in the Mines.
• 2 hits to bust Quarry Mine rocks.
• 1 strike to break Copper Nodes.
• 2 hits to smash Iron Nodes.
• 3 hits to split Gold Nodes, and 6 for Iridium Nodes.
• Destroy large rocks with four hits.
• Break the barrier in the mine that hinders the player from speaking with the Dwarf
Steel Axe5,000g5• Break massive logs.
• 6 hits to cut a fully-grown tree.
• 3 hits for a small stump.
• 3 hits for a stage 4 tree.
• 2 hits for a stage 3 tree, and below.
Steel Watering Can5,000g5• Volume expanded to 70 charges.
• Increase the maximum area of effect to 5 tiles in a straight line.
Steel Trash Can2,500g5• Upon deleting items. You can retrieve 30% of their monetary value.


An Iron Bar (IB) is not just handy in tool upgrades. You can use them to make a variety of items for your farm.

ItemsIngredientsRecipe Source (Level Based)
Glowstone Ring5 Solar Essence
5 IB
Mining 4
Warrior Ring10 IB
25 Coal
10 Frozen Tear
Combat 4
Ring of Yoba5 IB
1 Diamond
5 Gold Bar
Combat 7
Explosive Ammo1 IB
2 Coal
Combat 8
Bee House1 IB
8 Coal
40 Wood
1 Maple Syrup
Farming 3
Sprinkler1 IB
1 Copper Bar
Farming 3
Iron Fence1 IBFarming 4
Quality Sprinkler1 IB
1 Gold Bar
1 Refined Quartz
Farming 6
Keg1 IB
40 Wood
1 Copper Bar
1 Oak Resin
Farming 8
Crab Pot3 IB
40 Wood
Fishing 3
Spinner2 IBFishing 6
Recycling Machine1 IB 
25 Stone
25 Wood
Fishing 4
Barbed Hook1 IB
1 Copper Bar
1 Gold Bar
Fishing 8
Dressed Spinner2 IB
1 Cloth
Fishing 8
Worm Bin1 IB
50 Fiber
1 Gold Bar
25 Hardwood
Fishing 8
Magnet4 IBFishing 9
Lightning Rod1 Refined Quartz
1 IB
5 Bat Wing
Foraging 6
Warp Totem: Mountains1 IB
1 Hardwood
25 Stone
Foraging 7
Transmute (Au)2 IBMining. 7
Iron Lamp-post1 IB
1 Battery Pack
Carpenter’s Shop(1000g)


A Stable placed in the middle of a stone floor in Stardew Valley.
A Simple Stable from the Carpenter’s Shop.

If you’re planning to get a horse, you can make a stable to keep them in. You may purchase it from Robin’s Carpenter Shop, wherein you’ll need 10,000g, 100 pieces of Hardwood, and five Iron Bars. 


You may give an Iron Bar to Clint and Maru. However, offering it to other NPCs is a no-no, especially Sam. He hates it.


A player wearing a steel Breastplate in Stardew Valley.
A Steel Breastplate adds Class to your Adventure Outfit.

You can also make a decorative Steel Breastplate with it.

Bundles and Quests

An Iron Bar helps complete bundles like:

  • Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room

It’s also helpful in accomplishing the following Quests:

  • “A Favor for Clint’s” Quest
    • Reward 500g and a Friendship Heart.
  • “Help Wanted” Board at Pierre’s General Store (It will be requested once you obtain the Furnace Blueprints).
    • 360g and 150 Friendship Points.
  • “Fish Pond” Quests, you’re requested with four Iron Bars by Catfish, Ice Pip, or Spook Fish.

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