Green Strange Doll in Stardew Valley: Location and More

Finding the Green Stardew Valley Strange Doll can be quite a hassle if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where you should look.

Also, you need to follow very specific directions, complete a task, and much more. It is possible to find the strange doll without additional help, but hey, this way is much easier and less complicated both for experienced players and beginners!

That’s why this guide will give you all the information you need to have fun but still make the process easier.

Let’s take a look together at everything you need to know about the green doll in the game.

Finding the Dolls Through The Secret Notes

First things first, you will need to get yourself a magnifying glass and start collecting secret notes! That is the only way to find the strange doll in Stardew Valley. It might not be very easy at first, but it’s so worth it if you decide that finding the secret notes is going to be your next goal.

Once you have the glass, you will start your journey. The secret notes can be found in various places, but some might be more lucky than others.

For example, take a look at giant crops. Those will always have a secret note somewhere. Of course, you can also find them in other places, but this is just a guaranteed spot which is safe to try for beginners as well.

Feel free to explore the whole map because this will help you to find every note you need. This will also be very beneficial for any beginner who just wants to get used to the town and everything around it.

Where is The Green Strange Doll in Stardew Valley

If you’re wondering which note you need to find for this item, it’s note 17! Yes, this will lead you straight to the rare item!

You’ll have to go to the northern part of JojaMart and dig there until you find the strange doll. The doll will be under one of the tiles, so you can’t miss it.

If you get your hands on the secret note, finding everything should be a piece of cake.

How to Use the Green Stardew Valley Doll?

You don’t get the green strange doll everyday, so might as well use it! There are a few things you can do with this item.

For example, you can head over to the museum and donate it to them. It will be a great gift to the whole town, so why not do a nice thing? Just be sure that this is the first time you are trying to give the museum the green doll. They only accept each colour once. That’s why some players might think that there is a bug in the game when it doesn’t allow to give the same doll twice.

Also, you can create a nice shirt if you use a sewing machine! If you have been waiting for a new wardrobe, then this might be exactly what you needed.

Fun fact, there are only two characters in the whole game who will like this as a gift: Penny and Dwarf! If you have been searching for a perfect gift for either of them, then might as well choose this rare one! Not everyone can say that they have received a strange doll as a gift from a friend! This will definitely make your friendship stronger with these two NPCs.

P.S this was added quite recently as a new feature to the game. Before that, no character was happy about receiving a strange doll as a gift! It’s not clear why the game developers chose to make this change, but it’s quite nice, right?

When it comes to rare items and artifacts (for example, ancient swords, glass shards, dinosaur eggs, golden masks, and more), locating them is a part of a mystery. That’s why all the secret notes come in handy, so don’t forget to grab your magnifying glass when you can and start looking around!

Have fun finding all the artifacts and don’t forget to note down which note you need for the green strange doll in Stardew Valley.

P.S it’s the secret note number 17 you need.

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