Stardew Valley Secret Notes: What Are They

Have you already started collecting the Secret Notes, or do you simply have questions about what they’re for? You’re in the right place! Well, have you ever wanted to know as much as possible about the Stardew Valley game and its characters? If yes, this is your chance to learn various secrets!

In this article, you can find information not only about the most popular Stardew Valley Secret Notes (hello to numbers 11, 19, 20, and 21, we are looking at you and your solutions), but will also talk about their location and other important information!

Stardew Valley Secret Notes: Locations

So, where and how can you find these Notes? If you know the process, then it’s not that complicated!

Once Winter arrives, walk to the Bus Stop because this is where you will get the quest “A Winter Mystery” (what a fitting title). That’s also where you will see a Shadow Guy getting startled and running away. If you follow him to the bush next to the Community Center, you will get a Magnifying Glass from the mysterious character. 

With this Magnifying Glass, you can find Stardew Valley Secret Notes while digging, fishing, or chopping trees! 

Why Do You Need These Secret Notes in Stardew Valley?

If we skip over the fact that collecting them is fun, you also get valuable information. These Secret Notes can tell you about what various characters like when it comes to gifts (very useful for birthdays!). 

Also, who wouldn’t want to uncover mysteries about other villagers? These Notes can tell you what someone likes or hates, and it also even gives your information about where to find artifacts.

The Most Popular Stardew Valley Secret Notes

It’s safe to say that many players are trying to get all the Secret Notes in Stardew Valley. However, there are some of them that require additional solutions to uncover. Here we will discuss the most popular ones.

Secret Note #11

Would you like to find some interesting items? Then this is the note for you. It informs the players about the possibility to get some food behind the Saloon, cookies in the Mullners’ can, and treasures in the cans by the Blacksmith and the Museum. 

Everyone loves free things, so definitely use this information wisely!

Secret Note #19

Once you get this Note, you’ll see a bunch of arrows and a house. What does this picture mean? Well, the house is 1 Willow Lane, and if you start from there, you will reach something rather nice! Follow each arrow until you can’t walk anymore (there is an obstacle).

This path will lead you to where you can find the Solid Gold Lewis statue. Cool, right? 

Secret Note #20

Do you consider yourself lucky? Then this mystery is for you! It also shows a bunch of arrows and the Town Square. If you follow the directions in the same way as in the previous Note, you will talk to a truck driver behind JojaMart. The driver will ask you for a Rabbit’s Foot. If you happen to have it, you can get a Special Charm for daily luck in exchange for that.

Secret Note #21

This Note will just simply show you a mysterious moon, clock, and a bush. What could this mean? Well, if you head over to not far away from the Beach at 12:40pm and move a big bush, Lewis and Marnie will jump out!

It’s hard to say what they were doing there, though.

It might take some time until you collect all of the Notes, but it’s definitely fun! So many mysteries are waiting for you in the game. 

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