Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Theories

Are you wondering “what’s so important about Stardew Valley secret note 11“, then you’re in the right place! A lot of players might be confused about this particular secret note because even the game creators haven’t explained what it all means! This has created plenty of controversy in the game because everyone is coming up with their own ideas.

We will go over the main theories about this item because it has become one of the most common Stardew Valley discussion topics.

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What are Secret Notes in Stardew Valley

If you’re new to the game, you might not yet know what the whole secret notes thing is about. You might have already been seeing random notes hiding in random places of Pelican town.

Of course, don’t worry if you haven’t seen them yet in Stardew Valley. This means you haven’t completed the Winter Mystery quest to be able to find them. Once you have a magnifying glass, you can start walking around the map and collecting the secret notes.

If you’re wondering what the notes show, it really depends on each number of the note. For example, some contain just a photo or a picture, and others can be a bit more mysterious with random pieces of text that can help you solve a mini mystery.

Some players are actually trying to find as many of them as possible. Mostly just because it’s fun.

Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Explanations

While the current official thought is that this note doesn’t mean anything, some players are coming up with various theories.

The note itself contains an old photo of a woman with a small girl. They are surrounded by various farm animals. There’s no text, so this is where the information ends and we have a lot of questions.

Theory 1

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is that this secret note show Marnie’s sister and Jas‘ mom. Meaning, this would make Jas and Marnie related. This creates a lot of loopholes that sometimes make it hard to believe this theory.

For example, that would make Shane and Jas also related (cousins). Then again, it is said throughout the game that Shane is a friend of her parents. It never says that they are related. Of course, it’s hard to say what is true since no one really knows the true answer about Stardew Valley’s secret note number 11.

There are some possibilities for this theory to be the right one due to their hair, but again, it’s hard to say for sure!

This is where we’re going to the second theory about Stardew Valley’s secret note 11.

Theory 2

This is a complicated one. Basically, some players are saying that Shane could be Jas’ father. Why would people think so? Well, since he is her godfather, it is believed that her mom did that on purpose. Meaning, Shane and Jas are already quite close, so would it not make sense that they are even closer thanks to this mystery? This could also be one of the reasons why Stardew Valley Shane struggles so much in life if he feels guilty.

This theory could explain a lot of loopholes in the game, however, there is one thing that could ruin this belief.

If your character gets married to Shane and has a child, Shane pretty much says that he has never had a child before. He says that “It’s weird, when I was younger I swore I’d never have a kid. I wonder what happened to me?”. Meaning, Jas is probably not his daughter. Then again, this could be an interesting way to solve this mystery.

Theory 3

The third theory for the Stardew Valley secret note 11 says that Jas is Marnie’s daughter. Now that’s an interesting theory. This would pretty much explain why Marnie spend time with Jas at her ranch when Jas was younger.

Also, this would probably make Jas Lewis‘ child. These two characters are trying to keep their relationship secret, so it would make sense that their child is also kept as a secret.

It’s hard to say whether any of this is true, but finding all these secret notes is still exciting!

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