Stardew Valley SDV Strange Capsule Guide 2021

Stardew Valley (SDV) Strange Capsule event is one of the most interesting features in the game, due to its rarity and surprising nature. Therefore, in the newest update of the game players who haven’t been fortunate enough to see it before, will be far more likely to see it now.

Stardew Valley (SDV) Strange Capsule Explained

The beloved event is completely randomized, but keep in mind that it can only happen after year 1. So, as always, patience is the key.

It seems there is not much to do to encourage the event to happen, except to leave a tile open on the farm. Luckily, the latest update has raised the daily chance of it happening from 0.8 percent to an undisclosed, but much higher probability. 

Compared to other events in the Stardew Valley, the Strange Capsule Event can only happen once per save the file.

Stardew Valley (SDV) Strange Capsule Event: What Does It Do?

Maybe the most obvious clue to the event is the sound. You will definitely hear the UFO sounds while sleeping. And, the morning will unveil night’s secrets – you will find something quite unexpected on your farm.

No, not an alien…You will find a mysterious container.

sdv strange capsule
Stardew Valley Strange Capsule

That container is popularly known as a Stardew Valley Strange Capsule. Yes, wooooohoo, but what’s in there?

Inside of it, there is goo and something alive, you are able to see it through the murky liquid on occasion. Furthermore, you can now move, place, or pick up the Strange Capsule with a pickaxe. 

The special event will happen only if players set the capsule down and leave it alone for about three-to-four in-game days. Those of you who lack patience, well, you will find this message There’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid…

Stardew Valley Capsule Creature

Once the Strange Capsule is empty, you will get to see a strange creature that wanders around at night. 

The creature might look a lot like a person dressed in black, but it only appears at the Bus Station or occasionally in town. However, the alien appears on the screen only for a few seconds, so you have to be sharp-eyed in order to spot it.

You should visit the Bus Station more frequently as there seems to be the highest possibility to get a glimpse of the alien.

Before Update 1.5, the chances of seeing the capsule creature were less than 1 percent, but this has improved with the latest update.

Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Not Breaking?

In case you get to hear UFO and receive this magnificent container, but you don’t get to the point where the capsule actually releases the alien – don’t panic.

People have shared your experience and there is a solution. It is not a super fun solution, but it is hopeful, at least. So – you should wait for a couple of weeks.

After that time, you will get to enjoy chasing the creature on the Bus Station, or wherever you please. Just, take it a bit more slowly.

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