Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Event Explained

The world of Stardew Valley is full of surprises and rare events. Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Event falls into both of these categories. Before the newest 1.5 Update, the chance to see the Strange Capsule was somewhere around 0,8%. However, after the latest update, the event can happen slightly more often.

Stardew Valley Strange Capsule 1.5

Strange Capsule event in the 1.5 update is far more accessible to anyone. However, there are certain things you should know if you want to increase your chances of experiencing the Strange Capsule Event first-hand.

First, the event can’t happen before year one in the Stardew Valley. There is no shortcut to this event, so be patient and wait 4 seasons to get the opportunity to enjoy this ultra-rare event. Next, when the first year passes by, make sure you have one tile open on your farm. 

When the event happens, you will simply know it. 

The UFO sound will occur while you peacefully sleep in your bed at the farm. The next morning, when you wake up and leave the house, you will notice something quite unusual.

A weird container will wait for you on the open tile of your Stardew Valley farm.

Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Easter Egg

Once the Strange Capsule finally arrives, you can try to move it with your pick-axe. When you move it, expect to see this message: “There’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid…”

So, if you haven’t noticed immediately, after this message you will see that the capsule pulsates. It is because the capsule hides a mysterious creature inside. 

To trigger the Easter Egg attached to the Strange Capsule you will want to leave it on your farm. Typically, you will need somewhere around 3 days to see the results. Soon after, the Strange Capsule will transform into the Empty Capsule. 

This unlocks the next step. To see what the Empty Capsule can bring move it. When you move it, you will see this message: “Part of the glass is shattered..”

Once the creature leaves the capsule, you can either keep the rest of the capsule or remove it. If you are into extra-terrestrial vibes, then you should definitely keep the capsule. It will be a super cool addition to your farm.

Stardew Valley Strange Capsule Creature

Just when you think there is nothing more to this, the creature comes back. From time to time, you can see this strange creature wandering around during the night. It is hard to notice it, as it is all black, but if you pay attention, you can see it at the Bus Station or occasionally in town. The mysterious creature is only on the screen for a few seconds, so you should be focused to catch a glimpse of it.

For those of you who are yet to experience the 1.5 update of Stardew Valley, you can enjoy its new features both on console and on PC. However, mobile users may have to wait for the chance to experience it a little bit longer.

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