Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley Explanation


If you’re on a mission to crack all the mysteries in the game, then the Stardew Valley secret note 19 is probably on the top of your list! What does this mean? What will you find? These questions will be answered in this guide.

Collecting these secret notes can be a very interesting part of the game because it adds an additional layer of mystery to Stardew Valley. You might even learn new things about the town’s history through them or find various clues that lead to nice trivia facts about other characters.

Let’s take a look at what this particular note means and how you can even get your hands on an additional secret!

Here’s everything you need to know:

What Are The Secret Notes?

Once you get your hands on a magnifying glass in the game, you can start collecting various secret notes. They can be either pictures or various mysteries for you to solve.

Some of them give you information about other characters. Some of them have a random puzzle. It depends on the number of the note, but they are all quite fun to find! it might take some time, but it’s definitely worth the hassle.

Just don’t try to give these notes away as gifts to NPCs… They won’t thank you for the gesture!

What is on Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley?

The note in question shows a house on the top of the picture and a bunch of arrows. Does that sound familiar?

If you think that you have seen that house somewhere, then you’re not wrong! It shows 1 Willow Lane, and the small green dot below the house is where you should start.

As long as you start in the right place, you should have no issues when it comes to solving this puzzle. Find the house that represents what you see in the photo and start there.

Following The Arrows

You will have to stand in front of the house and start following the arrows until you simply can’t walk anymore.

Meaning, you walk left until you reach something that doesn’t allow you to walk left anymore. Seems simple enough, right?

If you succeed, you should find a solid gold Lewis statue. Yes, you read that right. You will find a gold statue of Mayor Lewis. Once you have completed the secret note 19 mission in Stardew Valley, it doesn’t just end there.

There is an additional secret for all those who love mysteries.

An Additional Secret Note Mission in Stardew Valley

If you’re in the mood for some fun, then feel free to take the statue with you and have some fun. There are a few ways this can turn out.

For example, you can place it anywhere in the city and see an interesting turn of events. Of course, some villager might destroy it, but we’re hoping that won’t happen to you!

If the statue is not destroyed, the next day you will find something interesting. Instead of the statue, there is now a rotten plant in its place, and you have a letter in your mail! The letter is not signed, but we’re quite sure that it’s the mayor himself!

You will receive 750g as a request to never speak of this situation again. It’s not a secret that Mayor Lewis is not a fan of his “dirty laundry” being aired out to everyone! This reminds us of his purple shorts situation where he also paid the player to keep everything quiet! Of course, choosing the mischievous way can always be more entertaining.

Fun fact, you can actually keep putting the statue all around the city and seeing the rotten plants the next day. This process can pretty much be repeated for as long as you want. Sadly, you will only get the letter from Lewis once. However, it’s still quite fun even if you don’t get any additional items from this quest anymore.

Feel free to go on the secret notes mission and have fun with the solid gold statue! What could be better than pranking the mayor, right?

Just don’t forget to bring Lewis a gift or two later to still continue being good friends with him!

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