Stardew Valley Leeks: Are They Worth Picking Up?

Struggling to find a leek for the Spring Foraging bundle? Or do you want a unique clothing item only available using this simple onion? Read this guide to solve all your leek-related problems, and know everything there is to know about leeks in Stardew Valley.

A Leek on the backwoods trail to the mountain area.
A Leek on the backwoods trail to the mountain area.


Leeks are described as being a tasty relative of the onion. In addition, they are classified as forageables and are only found/plantable during the spring season. These vegetables are an essential part of the first season of the year. Gathering a fair amount of them is key to setting yourself up in the first year.

Leek.pngA Leek

Leeks can be sold at a base price of 60 gold. As you increase in quality, the gold per leek increases as well with silver leeks selling for 75 gold. Gold quality leeks are 90 gold, and iridium quality leeks are 120 gold per leek. Moreover, they are affected by the Botanist Profession, where once you reach level 10 foraging skill every leek gathered will be of the highest quality.

Compared to other forageable items, leeks are the second most valuable (only beaten by the morel mushroom). Due to their value, leeks are always worth picking up when you see them in the wild.

How to get leeks in stardew valley

Leeks can be gathered through foraging or they can be grown from spring seeds.

Foraging for Leeks

When you are looking for leeks specifically, there are two areas of the Pelican Town map to search. In both the Mountain and Backwoods maps 58% of all forage found will be leeks. In the other locations around Pelican Town, you can still find leeks just it will be less likely. At the Bus Stop and in the Railroad Area, leeks are 20% of all forage found. Also, if you have a Forest Farm leeks are 25% of all forage found.

Mountain Area

This exterior region is found in the northeastern corner of the Stardew Valley map, encompassing the Mines, the Adventurer’s Guild, the Quarry, the Lake, Robin/Demetrius/Maru/Sebastian’s house, Leo’s Treehouse, and Linus’ camp. When looking for forageables, they can spawn in grassy areas off of the trail.

The Pelican Town Mountain Area
The Pelican Town Mountain Area

Backwoods Area

This exterior region is located in the opposite upper-hand corner of the Stardew Valley map, the northwestern area right above the Player’s farm. The north exit from the farm leads directly to the Mountain and forageables are found in grassy areas off the trail. They respawn at a rate of .4 per night in most seasons and .25 per night in winter.

The Pelican Town Backwoods Area
The Pelican Town Backwoods Area

Planting Leeks

You can farm leeks through the use of spring seeds. These seeds are unique from most crop seeds you can farm, where normally the Farming skill increases the chance to grow quality crops. Instead, the Foraging skill replaces the Farming skill. Furthermore, the Botanist profession ensures that iridium-quality products are always harvested. One final difference is that crows do not attack crops grown from spring seeds.

Spring Seeds

The recipe for wild spring seeds unlocks when you reach Foraging level 1. It requires a wild horseradish, a daffodil, a leek, and a dandelion to produce 10 seeds. If you are trying to only farm leeks, keep in mind that spring seeds only have a 25% chance of yielding a leek. There is also just as equal a chance to yield dandelions, daffodils, and wild horseradish.

To obtain spring seeds, you can craft them with the recipe mentioned above. Or you can place wild horseradish into a seed maker producing 1-3 spring seeds. Also, by completing the Spring Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room you will get the reward of 30 seeds. You can buy spring seeds from either the Traveling Cart or the Desert Trader. Lastly, loot them from Treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern.

Spring Seeds.pngSpring Seeds

Growth Stages of Leeks

There are two stages of growth for spring seeds before they are mature and harvestable. When they are first planted on tilled soil that is their day one or first growth stage. From the day that you plant leeks, you will have to wait 7 days in total for them to be harvestable. Read the table below to learn more about the stages in greater detail.

Wild Seeds Stage 1.png Growth Stage One (planted seeds)3 days in stage
Wild Seeds Stage 2.png Growth Stage Two4 days in stage
Leek.png Mature Leeks

If you want to know the most effective use of your farming time, check out our definitive farming guide here.

What to do with Leeks in Stardew valley

Since leeks are crops, there is a multitude of different uses for this spring onion.


Consuming a raw leek will give you between 40-104 energy points and 18-46 health points, depending on quality.


As mentioned previously, you can use leeks to craft spring wild seeds but this is not the only thing leeks are good for.

Cooked Dishes

You can use leeks to craft one cooked dish recipe. This dish is a healthy garden salad, which is a phenomenal stackable dish for keeping your energy up. Salad restores 113 energy points and 50 health points and does not add any buffs. Its recipe includes a leek, a dandelion, and vinegar to craft.



Lastly, you can use leeks to craft a lime green tunic using the sewing machine, or as white dye in the dye pots. Both of these are located inside Emily and Haley’s Home inside Pelican Town, 2 Willow Lane.

Shirt042.pngThe Lime Green Tunic crafted using a leek.


Only one villager loves receiving leeks as a gift, Pelican Town’s resident grumpy old grandpa: George. This crop is an excellent way to quickly level up his friendship in the first month of the year.

There are four villagers that like getting leeks as a gift. These residents are Harvey, Leah, Linus, and Penny. Everyone else is either neutral or dislikes receiving this vegetable as a present so to give it to anyone other than the ones already mentioned wastes the leek.


Leeks are a mandatory item for one bundle in the Community Center.

In the Crafts Room, a leek of any quality is used in the Spring Foraging bundle. Completing this bundle gives 30 Spring Seeds as a reward, a perfect prize to help you boost your spring season sales. Though, the real prize occurs after you complete all the Crafts Room bundles. This repairs the broken bridge in the Mountain Area, unlocking the Quarry.


Throughout Stardew Valley, you need leeks for many different quests. Evelyn requests a leek through the mail on spring 15th in the second year. The quest, “Granny’s Gift”, rewards 500 gold and 1 whole friendship heart. This is not the only time Evelyn will want one of George’s loved items.

She will also request 12 leeks in the special order called “Gifts for George”. Gifting her the leeks will reward you with 2,000 gold and a coffee maker machine.

The only other quests leeks are used for are Help Wanted quests. They can be requested during the spring season from the Help Wanted board. This board is located on the front of Pierre’s General Store, next to the calendar. Completing requests for leeks give 180 gold and 150 friendship points to the villager who requests the crop.

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