Why Salad in Stardew Valley Should Not Be Overlooked

Want to know how to get the recipe to craft salad? Or exactly what you can do with it? Read this detailed guide to learn everything you need to know about salad in Stardew Valley and why you should not sleep on this simple dish.

A healthy garden salad.
A healthy garden salad.


Stardew Valley salad is classified as a cooked dish. Salad is not a profitable dish to cook, as selling its ingredients separately sells for more gold than the individual dish. This being said, salad is not a dish to ignore. It serves several important purposes. Salad is a loved dish by Pelican Town’s resident starving artist, and offers a large boost of energy when eaten.

How to get a Stardew Valley Salad

There are only two ways you can obtain this healthy dish: through preparing it yourself using the salad recipe, or by buying the dish from Gus. Each of these methods will be described in more detail below.

Preparing Salad yourself

To be able to craft this dish for yourself, you need to be able to cook, you need to have the recipe, and you need to have the correct ingredients. These three barriers are relatively easy to overcome, they just require some time to gather and unlock.

Cooking Skill

The ability to cook in Stardew Valley unlocks once you upgrade your farmhouse for the first time. Upgrading your farmhouse requires a trip to Robin. Pelican Town’s resident carpenter lives and works in the Carpenter’s Shop.

The easiest path to take to the Carpenter’s Shop is the path northwest of your farmhouse. Taking this small path will lead you north over Pelican town. It takes you directly to Robin’s house with the added bonus of foraging along the way.

The Carpenter’s Shop is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day except Tuesday (closed) and Friday (closes early at 4 PM). As you enter the building, Robin is straight ahead behind a wooden counter. Just walk up to her and start a dialogue, then select Upgrade House.

The first house upgrade costs 10,000 gold and 450 wood, and adds a kitchen to your humble abode. After three days of construction, your house upgrade is complete and you are now able to cook!

The farmhouse after the first upgrade showing an added bedroom and kitchen.
The farmhouse after the first upgrade showing an added bedroom and kitchen.

Alternatively, after you become a level 9 forager you unlock the ability to craft a cookout kit. These small cooking campfires to-go allow you to cook anywhere on the map, not just in your farmhouse’s kitchen. The downsides are that each cookout kit costs 15 wood, 10 fiber, and 3 coal to craft. Also, they only last for the day, as any campfires will disappear overnight.

Obtaining the Salad Recipe

This recipe is relatively easy to obtain. After you achieve three hearts of friendship with Emily, she will send you the salad recipe in the mail the following day.

Emily is one of the easier villagers to boost friendship with as she loves many gems and stones that are easily found in the Pelican Town Mines. These include: amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, jade, ruby, and topaz. Just give her a few of these items, and do not forget her birthday on the 27th of spring, and you should quickly have your salad recipe before the first month is over!

Emily Portrait from Stardew Valley

Gathering Ingredients

There are three simple ingredients that go into making a Stardew Valley salad: a leek, a dandelion, and a vinegar.

You can find leeks through spring foraging (most commonly in the mountain and backwoods areas) and by growing them from wild spring seeds during the spring season. They sell for 60 to 120 gold, depending on quality, by itself.

You can find dandelions also from spring foraging, and by growing wild spring seeds. They also can be bought from Pierre during the Flower Dance festival that takes place on the 24th of spring. You can buy up to 10 for 50 gold a piece for a normal quality dandelion. They sell for 40 to 80 gold, depending on quality, by itself.

Lastly, vinegar is classified as a cooking ingredient that can only be bought, and only from one place. This place is of course Pierre’s General Store. He holds the monopoly and sells vinegar for 200 gold per bottle. Selling vinegar yourself yields only 100 gold in return.

Buying Salad

This route of obtaining salad is a lot easier, and cheaper than crafting salad yourself. It is available for sale everyday at The Stardrop Saloon. Gus’ welcoming restaurant and bar is located directly in the center of Pelican Town. You can find the Saloon above Mayor Lewis’ house and to the left of Evelyn, George, and Alex’s home.

The Saloon is open from 12 PM to 12 AM every day. Once you enter the building, Gus can be found behind the wooden bar in front of the door. Interacting with him allows you to buy a variety of different food, drink, and recipes, including salad. It can be bought for 220 gold per dish.

The Stardrop Saloon
The Stardrop Saloon

What to do with Stardew valley salad

Since salad is classified as a cooked dish it can of course be sold or eaten, but these are not the only uses for the dish.

If you do choose to eat it, it gives a meager 50 health points, but also 113 energy points. This is what makes salad the perfect stackable dish. Carrying just a few in your inventory during the day will keep you going even through the hardest tasks like mining or chopping down trees. If you add Qi’s seasoning it will help you even more by giving 203 energy points and 91 health points.

Selling salad is not profitable, as it only sells for 110 gold normally and 165 gold if you add Qi’s seasoning.

Crafting with a stardew valley salad

Salad can be used in the sewing machine located in Emily and Haley’s house to craft a green shirt. Alternatively it can be placed in the dye pots to craft green dye.

The green shirt crafted using salad.
The green shirt crafted using salad.


Leah is the only villager that loves salad.

Everyone else likes receiving salad as a gift, other than Krobus, Leo, and Willy who all dislike salad.

None of the Pelican Town residents hate salad.


Salad is not used in any quests or bundles in Stardew Valley.

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