Stardew Valley Egg Incubator: All You Need To Know

Welcome to our post on the Stardew Valley egg incubator! Here is everything a small-town farmer needs to know about the Stardew Valley egg incubator. After reading this detailed guide, you will know exactly what an egg incubator is, and how to use it to count your chickens before they hatch!

An incubator inside a deluxe coop.
An incubator inside a deluxe coop.


The egg incubator is a tool in which you can hatch eggs into baby chickens, ducks, and even dinosaurs! It does not cost any gold (itself) to get on your farm, and is an incredibly useful tool that any farmer should know about!

A Stardew Valley egg incubator.
An incubator

How to get a Stardew Valley incubator

To get an egg incubator, you will need to upgrade your coop to either a big coop or a deluxe coop. Once your building upgrade is completed, an egg incubator comes with it free of charge!

To upgrade your buildings, you need to go to the same person who built your tier one coop: Robin. Pelican Town’s resident carpenter lives and works in the Carpenter’s Shop. She lives there with her husband (Demetrius), daughter (Maru), and son (Sebastian). This building is located in the upper righthand corner of Pelican Town, right below Linus’ camp and the Spa.

The easiest path to take to the Carpenter’s Shop is the path northwest of your farmhouse. Taking this small path will lead you north over Pelican town. It takes you directly to Robin’s house with the added bonus of foraging along the way.

The Carpenter’s Shop is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day except Tuesday (closed) and Friday (closes early at 4 PM). Once you enter the building, Robin is straight ahead behind a wooden counter. Just walk up to her and start a dialogue, then select Construct Farm Buildings. Big coops house 8 animals and cost 10,000 gold, 400 wood, and 150 stone. Meanwhile, deluxe coops house 12 animals and cost 20,000 gold, 500 wood, and 200 stone.

After selecting your big or deluxe coop, you can then choose a corresponding normal or big coop to upgrade. Robin will then be seen on your farm the next day, building your coop. Once it is complete then you will have your incubator! It can be found in the upper left-hand corner inside the coop’s interior.

Incubator in a big coop. It is left of the hay chute, and right of the wooden pillar.
Incubator in a big coop. It is left of the hay chute, and right of the wooden pillar.

How to use a Stardew Valley incubator

Using an incubator is luckily a simple process. You just need to have the egg you wish to incubate in your hand and right click on the incubator! This will immediately take the egg from your inventory and begin the incubation process.

Keep in mind though that once you have placed your egg inside, you cannot remove it. Also, if your coop is at max capacity, then your egg will not hatch until there is space inside for the baby animal. Lastly, there is no way to speed up incubation timing except for choosing the Coopmaster profession. If you choose this profession it cuts all incubation times in half. Applying fairy dust to an incubator does not make your baby animals hatch immediately.

Incubation times

Incubation TimingEgg TypeBaby Hatched
9,000 minutes real-time (5 days, 16 hours, and 40 minutes in-game time)Egg.pngEgg/ Large EggChicken
Golden Egg.pngGolden EggGolden Chicken
Void Egg.pngVoid Egg Void Chicken
Duck Egg.pngDuck EggDuck
18,000 minutes real-time (11 days, 6 hours, and 40 minutes in-game time) Dinosaur Egg.png Dinosaur EggDinosaur

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