Mixed Seeds are More Important Than What You’ve Thought!

Do you have spare mixed seeds lying on your chest? It may seem useless at first glance, but don’t throw it away yet. This guide will teach you two efficient ways to use them!

A chest halfway full of seeds including Mixed Seeds.
Mixed Seeds on a chest.

With the proper execution, farming can be one of the easiest and most lucrative income sources in Stardew Valley. All it takes is planting a seed, watering the sprout, and harvesting crops when they reach full maturity. Mixed Seeds, unlike any regular seeds, however, are the opposite. Or is it?

The early days of Stardew Valley defined Mixed Seeds as junk, backup profit, and much more. However, the newer updates give new meaning to the once-useless item in the game. We’ll talk about everything unique and valuable about it.

What Exactly is a Mixed Seed

Mixed Seeds are everywhere, and you can plant them, which produces a random crop depending on the season. The produce is even more randomized during Winter, where you’ll have to resort to the Greenhouse, pots, and Ginger Island.

Gathering a Mixed Seed is far easier than digging rare artifacts. Here are the easy ways to get it:

  • Cutting Weeds
  • Tilling Dirt or Sand
  • Tilling Artifact Spots
  • Random Loot from Treasure Chests
  • Purchasable Good from Krobus (30g)
  • Loading Crops to a Seedmaker

Alternative Purposes

(Left) The player planting Mixed Seeds (Right) The player planting fiber seeds.
Mixed Seeds can be cultivated for crops or fiber seeds.

Profiting by selling an assortment of random crop seeds to Pierre or Lewis won’t give you a penny. Since the townspeople can’t distinguish what crop it will produce, it’s best to keep it in your storage. Instead, how about we try these different approaches to your advantage?

Extra Crop for Extra Cash

If it’s your first day playing Stardew Valley and stumble across a Mixed Seed while tidying up the farm, don’t throw it away. You can turn it into an extra for decent money that you can reinvest for a higher profit. 

Please note that you can’t plant them during the Winter when most plants wilt under extreme temperatures. However, using the Greenhouse or Ginger Island farm would be your best choice.

Self-Sustaining Fiber Seeds

Believe it or not, fibers are one of the scarcest resources in the game. You’ll have to venture below the Sewers, risk your life with the annoying bugs, and craft Oil of Garlic to stay alive. It’s not something you may want because it’s not cost-efficient.

A Fiber seed comes into play in this part, but you’ll need to finish the “Community Cleanup” quest. This mission requires you to catch 20 trash items from fishing and dump them in the train station bin. 

Once you have the crafting recipe, you’ll need sap, clay, and a mixed seed to craft four pieces of Fiber Seeds. You can plant it anytime, it needs no watering, and you only have to wait for seven days.

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