Stardew Valley Void Egg: All You Need to Know

Welcome to our post on the Stardew Valley void egg! Here is everything a small-town farmer needs to know about the unique animal product called a void egg in Stardew Valley. After reading this detailed guide, you will know exactly how to get a void egg, how to hatch it, who to gift it to, what quests it is used in, and what artisan goods it can be crafted into.

Two Stardew Valley void eggs in a deluxe coop.
Two Stardew Valley void eggs in a deluxe coop.


Void eggs are described as being jet-black eggs with red flecks that are warm to the touch. It is classified as an animal product. Void eggs can be sold at a base price of 65 gold, 15 gold more than your standard small egg. They cannot be found in the large egg variety, but they can change in quality. A silver quality egg is 81 gold, and gold quality eggs are 97 gold. Lastly, iridium quality void eggs sell for 130 gold. If you chose the Rancher Profession you add 20% to all sell prices.

How to get stardew valley void eggs

Normally, animals (and subsequently their animal products) are obtained first through Marnie’s Shop in the Cindersap Forest. However, you cannot purchase void chickens from Marnie. Thus, you have to find your void chickens a little differently than with most of your farm animals.

There are 5 ways to get void eggs in total. Each of which will be described in more detail below.

  • Through a random event involving a witch flying over your farm
  • Purchase a void egg from Krobus
  • As a post-marriage gift from Shane
  • From a void salmon fish pond
  • As a product from a void chicken

From the Witch

During this random event, a witch on a broomstick will fly over your farm during the night. She will briefly stop over either a coop or a slime hutch and cast a green magic spell over the building. If it was a coop, it will leave you a void egg. If it was a slime hutch, it will turn your slimes into black slimes.

What you want is to have the witch choose your coop. To do this, you will need to upgrade your coop to either big or deluxe. This increases your chance of said coop being chosen to 80%. You also need to make sure that the coop has less than 50 placed objects inside of it.

Even after doing everything you can to ensure this event occurs, there is only a 1% chance of this random event being chosen.

The witch flying over a coop.

From Krobus

To buy a void egg from Krobus, you need to travel to his shop in the Sewers. After you obtain the rusty key from Gunther, you can enter the Sewers through two ways. One way is through the sewer cover in the south of Pelican Town. The other way is through the metal grates located in the south area of Cindersap Forest.

After entering the Sewers, Krobus’ shop is located in the right-hand side of the are. His shop is open all hours every single day (even during festivals). Krobus has both a fixed stock and a rotating stock of items for sale. Luckily, void eggs are part of his fixed stock and you can find them selling for 5,000 gold per egg. Though they are rather expensive, he does have unlimited stock of void eggs.

From Shane

This method of obtaining void eggs is a little tricky, but if you were already planning on marrying Shane it can be very convenient. His loved items are beer, hot peppers, pepper poppers, and pizza (as well as all universal loves). After leveling his friendship and progressing through dating to marriage, he will start giving you post-marriage gifts once he moves into the farm.

Though, even after marriage, you can only obtain void eggs on rainy days from Shane. Also on these days you have a chance of receiving either beer, large eggs, pale ale, or pepper poppers instead of a void egg.

From Fish Pond

Void salmon are a rather rare fish, only found in the Witch’s Swamp, and can be hard to catch with a difficulty score of 80. That being said, once you do catch them they can produce some very expensive items in a fish pond. These items can quickly make all your effort worth it.

If you want a complete guide on void salmons and other items their ponds produce, click here.

These ponds produce what we are after, void eggs, once they reach a population of 9 fish. Though each day there is only a 4-5% chance per day of producing a void egg.

From a Void chicken

This method only works if you already have at least one void egg, since you cannot purchase void chickens from Marnie. Once you have a void chicken, and feed them every day, they will mature after 3 nights. If your chicken continue to be fed, and is happy, they will then produce a single void egg every single day after maturing.

A void chicken.
A void chicken

What To Do With A Stardew Valley Void Egg

Since void eggs are classified as eggs, there are a wide variety of uses for them. This includes just eating them. Eating a void egg will give you between 38-98 energy points and 17-44 health points, depending on the quality of the egg.

Hatching a Stardew Valley Void egg

If you obtain a single void egg, this is always what you should do with your first egg. Placing a void egg into a big or deluxe coop’s incubator will eventually produce a void chicken that will make you many more void eggs in the future. Once the egg begins to incubate, it will take 9,000 minutes or 5 days, 16 hours, and 40 minutes in-game time before it hatches. If you chose the Coopmaster profession, it will take half this time.

Then once you have a void chicken and its unlimited supply of void eggs, you can start thinking about other uses for your eggs! Or you could always hatch more void chickens.

A void chicken out on the lawn and void mayonnaise ready to be picked up.
A void chicken out on the lawn and void mayonnaise ready to be picked up.


There are only two Pelican Town residents that love receiving void eggs: Krobus and Sebastian. Void eggs are the cheapest item that Sebastian loves, so if you are trying to romance him, this is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to his heart.

They are alone in liking this item though, as Leah hates void eggs and everyone else dislikes them.


The only artisan good that void eggs can be crafted into is void mayonnaise. To craft this thick, black paste that smells like burnt hair you just need to put a void egg into the mayonnaise machine and wait three hours. This good then sells for 275 gold, more than doubling the price of the egg alone.

Void eggs can also be crafted into numerous cooked dishes because it is classified as an egg. These include blueberry tarts, chocolate cake, cookies, crab cakes, fried egg, omelet, pancakes, and pink cake. Though keep in mind most of these recipes sell for less than void mayonnaise, and can be crafted with any egg.

Void eggs can also be used to craft a shirt using the sewing machine located inside Emily and Haley’s Home, 2 Willow Lane.

The black shirt crafted using a void egg.
The black shirt crafted using a void egg.


A line of quests from The Wizard will lead you to the Witch’s Swamp and require you to have void mayonnaise. It will begin with a quest called “Dark Talisman” where you are tasked to retrieve the magic ink from his ex-wife’s house. After completing this quest you will gain access to the swamp only to find your path blocked yet again by a goblin!

This triggers a new quest called “Goblin Problem”. After seeking out more information about goblins, you will figure out that the perfect gift to give him so he will move is void mayonnaise. The goblin then moves out the way, and you can retrieve The Wizard’s magic ink!

This quest is incredibly important to complete because afterwards you will be able to construct wizard buildings on your farm. These include a Junimo Hut that will allow Junimos to harvest crops for you and 4 different obelisks that warp you to different areas around the map instantly.

Void eggs are not used in any bundles at the Community Center.

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