Best Profession in Stardew Valley: Botanist or Tracker?

Should I pick the Stardew Valley botanist or tracker profession” is a common question in our community.

Foraging is one of them most known Stardew Valley skills as it can be increased through so many simple tasks!

It is so often used in the game that players reach new levels without any problems. However, once your level goes up, you’ll have to make a decision about various foraging professions.

That’s why many players keep wondering if they should choose to be a botanist or a tracker in Stardew Valley!

We will take a look at the differences between these two professions and dive deeper into the foraging skill!

How to Gain Stardew Foraging Skill?

Before we jump into the botanist vs the tracker debate in Stardew Valley, let’s take a look at how you can even level up.

The easiest way to gain the foraging skill in Stardew Valley is either by gathering things from the ground (various crops) or cutting down trees.

You can find plenty of crops and trees during most of the seasons, so gathering enough experience for this skill shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Also, you will get interesting crafting or cooking recipes once your foraging level increases. For example, you can get a burger cooking recipe, wild seeds crafting recipe, and other great additions to the game.

However, level 5 and level 10 are different because that is where you will need to make a career decision!

Level 5 Foraging Choices in Stardew Valley

Players will get two options to choose from, and one will lead to the Stardew Valley botanist vs tracker decision.

Once you reach level 5 of foraging in Stardew, you can either become a forester or a gatherer.

The first option will allow you to get 25% more wood, so it’s quite good for your resources if you’re planning to build plenty of buildings on your farm.

The second option can give you a chance to receive a double harvest while foraging. This is where things get interesting because this option leads you to either the Tracker or the Botanist professions in Stardew Valley.

Level 10 Foraging Choices in Stardew Valley (Botanist or Tracker)

The choices you get in the game depend on what you picked in level 5! If you choice to be a forester in level 5, then you can pick between a lumberjack and a tapper this time.

The first choice will make it so that there is always a chance that a tree will have hardwood in it. Meanwhile, the second option makes the syrup 25% more worthy!

Now, let’s get to the main debate in Stardew Valley: botanist or tracker?

You have to make a decision like this if you have picked to be a gatherer.

So, should you be a botanist or a tracker? If you choose to be a botanist, then your items will always have the best quality possible. On the other hand, you can become a tracker and see where the foregeable items are.

Which is better?

Many players agree that it’s much better to be a botanist in Stardew Valley! High quality items are worth a lot in the game, and you can see the foregeable items quite easy on its own if you pay attention.

Also, some players even learn where the items should be! That’s why it’s sometimes said that botanist is the best choice out of all 4 professions!

Just think about all those gold and iridium quality items that you will have in your collection! Whether we are talking about regular profitable crops or wild seeds, they will always come out great.

The tracker option just seems a bit lackluster when compared to other options.

Which Profession Should You Choose in Stardew?

All in all, the best option does seem to be botanist! Work on your foraging skill and reach that decision!

Of course, you can choose either of them and have a great time in Stardew Valley! It’s all about finding what works the best for you in the game.

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