Bee House Guide: The Most Profitable Flowers and Layout!

Are you having difficulty getting rich by selling honey in Stardew Valley? Do you want to be more efficient when placing every Bee House on your farm? How about the flowers to use? Don’t worry. This complete guide will cover all your questions about beekeeping!

The player standing near flowers and bee houses at Ginger Island.
In Stardew Valley PC, you can get different honey depending on the flowers.

Sweet honey makes decent money in Stardew Valley. While it’s not the juiciest cash you’ll get from selling the sweet and thick syrup, we’ve got some crazy ideas to pitch. If you’re into the beekeeping business, chances are you’ve already started, but you’re not doing well. Let’s fix that.

Given their money-making capabilities, Bee Houses are always taken for granted. However, farmland spaces are an essential asset in the game, and we want to offer you tips for maximizing profits. We’ll share an optimal layout and most profitable flowers for each season to your apiaries in this guide.

Making a Bee House in Stardew Valley

Consider growing flowers a hobby for decorating the dullest sides of your farm. Selling them isn’t great, but they make the place full of life. It’s something we can use to our advantage at early-game.

After reaching Level 3 in Farming, you can start crafting the artisan equipment for 40 pieces of wood, eight coals, and one iron bar and maple syrup. For four nights, you’ll get wild or flavored honey. Although you can’t market this artisan equipment, their products range from 100g to 680g, so make sure to use the right flower.

You can’t just leave a Beehive overnight for four sunsets and expect huge profit. Doing so will give you a Wild Honey that sells for only 100g! It’s not a good return for all your resources, and 25g/night isn’t a good sign either.

The Best Flowers to Plant For Each Season

Poppy, Fair, and Jazz Seeds inside the Greenhouse.
These three are the best candidates out of many flower seeds in Stardew Valley.

Not many beginners know this method, but planting a flower near a Bee House will give them better gold. Each season in Stardew Valley has different plants to choose from. Some are fairly pretty but sell low, and some are ideal despite their looks.

Here are three flowers for every season you should plant near a Beehive:

Blue Jazz

Blue Jazz is the best candidate during Spring, where you can get the seeds from Pierre’s for 30g. Be careful not to mistake it as a sweet candy, but its flowers unsurprisingly give health and energy upon consumption. Although it’s not appealing to the eyes, a Blue Jazz doubles a Wild Honey’s selling value.

This flower grows for seven days and has a 40g difference from Tulips.


This bright, orange-colored flower grows on warm soil during Summer. Despite every villager except Penny hating it, its selling price is impressive when turned into honey. Compare it to Sunflower and Summer Spangle, and you’ll get a 100g to 120g difference.

Buying Poppy Seeds from Pierre’s is the best option as it costs only 100g. It grows for seven days like Blue Jazz, but you may use Hyper-Speed Gro fertilizers with Agriculturist to get the flower on the 4th day.

Fairy Rose

During Fall, Fairy Rose flowers bloom along with the dying leaves and cool weather. It’s perfect at every angle with light pink to dark purple-colored variants. On top of that, it sells for 680g! That’s a hefty 580g difference from Wild Honey, and it’s the best flower to plant near a Bee House.

Unfortunately, the growth rate falls short, taking 12 days before maturity. However, the Agriculturist profession and Hyper Speed-Gro fertilizers will help the rose bloom as early as Sunday. Fairy Rose seeds cost 200g each, and planting them on Fall 1 will give you the best results.

A Good Bee House Layout Matters

For beginning Stardew Valley players, take a look at the Bee House’s range.

The player showing the Bee House layout.
Here’s the accurate tile range for Bee Houses.

It’s essential to keep your flowers from going beyond those tiles, or you’ll lose their effects!

Here’s a perfect layout you should try for an optimal setup and better profitability. Note that it’s the community’s idea, and there are tons of useful Bee House layouts you can try.

The optimal Bee House layout for Stardew Valley.
Want a high-profiting Bee House layout? You can see the full instructions here.

Helpful and Game-Changing Tips to Remember

The player showing emotions of approval and disapproval while standing near a Bee House.
You should consider some do’s and don’ts if you want to grow your Bee House business.

Beekeeping in Stardew Valley isn’t just about placing Bee Houses anywhere you like and expecting a boom in your economy. One mistake can significantly slow down your process of farming honey, and you’ll lose gold potential. If you follow these tips, however, you’ll avoid some mistakes I made back when I started playing:

  • Placing Bee Houses inside the Greenhouse works. Unfortunately, you won’t get wild or flower honey.

  • It’s possible to place an apiary anywhere on Stardew Valley or Ginger Island. If it’s outside the farm, you’ll only get a Wild Honey that sells for 100g. Profits-wise, you shouldn’t invest in that project as you’ll get negative returns.

  • The best place to get the syrup is on your Ginger Island farm. Bees are active in this place all year-round because of the Tropical season. Also, planting Fairy Rose seeds can be the most profitable with its 680g selling price.

  • Make sure to study every villager’s path before placing Bee Houses outside the farm.

  • Be mindful of a flower’s tile range from a Beehive. You may want to keep at least five tiles in any direction to get the flower honey.

  • If you’re planning to harvest any flower during the 28th of any season (except Winter), get the goods first to save its value.

  • Garden Pots won’t help in producing flower honey.


The cost to create a Bee House in Stardew Valley might be hefty. However, it’s a one-time headache before you can profit well with the artisan goods it produces. It’s the fertilizers and seeds you’ll have to spend money on, although a proper layout can save you from a falling economy.

Don’t forget these tips to make the most of beekeeping. It may not be the most lucrative way of earning gold in the game, but it’s efficient in every way!

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